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The Obama Morning News || February 17, 2015

Michelle’s secret Aspen ski trip uncovered . . . While President Obama flew to California for a few rounds of golf this weekend, his wife and daughters arrived in Aspen on Friday and would’ve stayed under the radar had it not been for a car crash and some eagle-eyed Instagrammers. The motorcade carrying Michelle Obama and her girls was forced to stop when it came across a two car collision. They were permitted to sneak around it. Daily Mail

Extraordinary cost to fly her out to Aspen every year when there’s plenty of great skiing near Washington in Virginia or the Poconos.

Obama seeks massive new spending on IRS . . . And not just because of Obamacare. Only 483 of the 9,245 new hires President Obama is seeking for the IRS in his 2016 budget proposal would be assigned to work on Obamacare programs, according to a budget summary published by the federal tax agency. Washington Examiner

Growing Obama-union divide . . . President Obama has long been a friend of organized labor, wholeheartedly supported by unions that helped boost him to victory in both his presidential campaigns. But the groups are pushing back and speaking out more publicly about things like the Keystone XL Pipeline, which they believe will benefit their members. Fox News

Obama on Mount Rushmore? . . . Leave the iconic national site “as is,” say most Americans. But 21 percent of Democrats – one in five- would like to see the face of President Obama join those presidents in the future. Meanwhile, 16 percent of Republicans say Ronald Reagan should be the next portrait to be added.  Washington Times

Islamic groups say White House overly focused on Muslims . . . Ahead of a three-day White House summit on “countering violent extremism,” some U.S. Islamic groups are expressing concern about the administration’s “CVE” initiative, claiming that it unfairly focuses on Muslims and is tantamount to racial profiling. CNS News

Majority thinks Obama handling ISIS poorly . . . Americans are increasingly unhappy with President Barack Obama’s handling of ISIS, and a growing share of the nation believes that fight is going badly, according to a new CNN/ORC survey released Monday. CNN

Republicans begin to rule out Obamacare rescues . . . Five Republican state governors say they will not rescue a crucial part of Obamacare if it is struck down by the Supreme Court, underlining the prospect for a chaotic aftermath to a ruling that could force millions of Americans to pay much more for coverage or lose their health insurance. Reuters

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 17, 2015

  1. What suck-up is promoting the idea of having MrO’s mug chiseled on MtRushmore? geez. Why not issue $1,000 bills again, but this time with a drawing of his face in the middle, how about erecting an obelisk in his honor and put it on the WhiteHouse lawn…

    Hire more IRS agents! good grief, can’t they mess up our lives with the personnel they have now?

    “racial profiling” of Muslims.
    The FL and the crew sneaking onto the elite skiing community like they’re ashamed of what they’re about to do.
    Unions now upset with their beloved hero?
    All of this sounds like something a satirist would devise to amuse us on a Tuesday.
    Not funny.

    • None of this is funny. I am terrified what is going to happen to us. Sounds to dramatic, so be it.
      I took two pages of notes, while getting caught up on the news, than find out additonal information from Keith’s morning news line up. He is having a joke Summit today, to be able or try to show good face, after his response (no show) in Paris. The words: Isamic terrorism will not be mentioned at the Summit. I believe I just heard the M. brotherhood will be there. Did I hear that correct, 5 mins. ago on Fox? God Help Us.

  2. Mchelle’s ‘secret’ trip to Aspen….
    For years I have referred to MOOCHIE as a ‘sneak’. She is the one everyone should be keeping tabs on.
    Aspen was predictable….it’s the other 364 days a year that we should have been worried about. She is a greedy, conniving grifter whose only priority is making sure every day is spend fulfilling her champagne wishes and caviar dreams.
    BTW, she is taking her entourage to Tokyo and Kyoto next month for Spring break. She’s gettin’ hers while the gettin’s good!

  3. Re Obama’s three-day White House summit on “countering violent extremism”, we have this headline from today’s NY Post:

    “‘Islamic extremism’ off limits at White House terrorism summit”

    It’s obvious that the level of political craziness at the White House has no bottom.

    We shouldn’t be surprised. Obama already told us in “Audacity of Hope” where his true allegiance lies. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'”

    It was one of the few times he told the truth about himself.

  4. Mooch doesn’t go to Aspen for the skiing, trust me; Aspen is where the rich and famous go to be seen. Why would she go where the little people go to ski? It’s all about high end shops and restaurants. I figured it was about time for her annual “ski” trip, where she doesn’t ski;) Even before I read it in the news, I expected she wouldn’t stay at “her” house while 0 was frolicking in Palm Springs, which is a gay Mecca for those that don’t know that;) I have a gay friend that loves the place…