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Federal Judge Blocks Obama Immigration Order

For today, at least, we return to being a nation of laws.

A federal judge in Texas Monday issued an injunction that would temporarily block President Obama’s unilateral immigration amnesty.

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen in Brownsville indicated that Obama had acted unconstitutionally by circumventing Congress, saying that no law permits illegal immigrants to stay.

Actually, “the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed,” Hanen wrote.

A portion of the amnesty, that which would expand non-deportability to more illegal aliens whose parents had brought them to the United States, was scheduled to go into effect Wednesday. It appears that will now be delayed.

This is pretty significant. Do I know that because I an immigration lawyer? No. But I can tell because the White House released a statement at 2:30 in the morning vowing to appeal the decision.

Order blocking Obama plan to defer deportation

17 Responses to Federal Judge Blocks Obama Immigration Order

    • Screech!!!! Let’s hope this comes to a halt. I am not looking forward to what they will pull out their grab bag of comments and excuses.
      After the build ecomomy and provide job comment that Harf rambled, we can only guess.

  1. I was south of San Antonio last August and September. Just sit down and visit with a local resident and hear some of the stories about how the illegals are changing the landscape.

  2. Now the question is, when the government appeals, will they ask for the Court to be en bank? And how many on the 5th are D’s and R’s? That is going to be the deciding factor.

  3. I do believe that EVERY Obama overreach so far has ultimately been struck down.
    His MO is to just do it and let the damage flow for as long as he can until a court forces him back in line.
    The critical part of this ruling is to halt implementation BEFORE the damage is done.
    A GREAT DAY for the rule of law!

  4. From the get-go, I don’t understand how any Court on the planet would allow the Coyote-in-Chief to pass out work permits, DL’s, and SS#’s to 5M illegals (for starters! He claims it’s ‘temporary’ – two years. How stupid does he think we are?

    It’s impossible to deport 20M illegals who have lived here for most of their lives, but they should be required to go to the back of the line and apply for a green card/and or citizenship before they are given ANY benefits. It’s the law.

  5. 1st good news in 6 years. Don’t think for a minute that Jeb Bush would not give amnesty too. He is an open border one world government guy just like Obummer.

    Jeb is more of the same. Immigrant wife and loves to speak Mexican.

    The last thing we need is more disease ridden 3rd worlders with no education.