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Even Bob Schieffer Can’t Believe Obama’s ISIS Response

CBS’ Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer has seen a lot. And he’s no war hawk or cheerleader for the Republicans. But he seems pretty flummoxed at the casual attitude of President Obama toward ISIS:

We have another American hostage killed, and the president goes off to California to do a fundraiser and some other stuff, and the Congress goes on vacation, and they say, “yeah, we’ll debate what to do about all this, but we’re going to do it as long as it fits into the schedule.”

10 Responses to Even Bob Schieffer Can’t Believe Obama’s ISIS Response

  1. “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” — Barack Obama, 2/5/2015

    Seven days later, ISIS proudly beheads 21 people – on video – solely because they are Christians, as a taunt to the non-Muslim World. In the same video, they promise to conquer Rome.

    It’s all just a coincidence, right?

    I think we are, quite seriously, at the point where Obama’s words have become a dog whistle to people with whom he is religiously and ideologically aligned. How else can one explain this administration’s bewildering and inexcusable actions? Is this empowerment of those who hate Christians and Jews with equal fervor a sin of commission, or a sin of omission, on Obama’s part? What difference, at this point, does it make? Only Obama knows the truth.

    Consider the possibility that our president, his closest confidantes, and our “enemies” are all part of the same team. Under that scenario, don’t his actions make sense?

  2. Dear B.S.:

    “Some other stuff” is playing several rounds of One Per Center Golf on the private course of the third richest man in America with your friends flown in to help use up 17% of the water in the Coachella Valley, a place where golf courses get irrigated and farmers can’t get their water allocations to grow the things that Michelle likes to talk about.

  3. Really, Bob? You didn’t notice his aloof attitude to the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi as he flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser? huh.
    Were you out of town when the series of photos of him taking selfies with an attractive woman were aired while at the memorial for the late NelsonMandela?
    Well, never too late, or is it.

    • Am totally puzzled, I just read Gallop has O’s approval up to 50%, and yet 60% are against his ISIS handling. Add to it the 3 talking mouths at State and WH these past few days and their comments on this administration’s policies.. Then all the travel and ignoring the Middle East issues. Where the heck are they finding these approval numbers, what has he done?? Oh wait.. golf.

  4. “…the president goes off to California to do a fundraiser and some other stuff…”

    Uh, no, Bob. I’m sure that the Prez told his staff, “Find something for me in Palm Springs so I can play some golf.”

    Voila! Fundraiser.

    That’s what happened, Bob.

  5. I just heard Holder trying to mock Fox News over Islamic Extremism.
    He said we spend more time on what we call them, than what we do about it.
    Karl Rove made the point, that several Presidents dealt with the Cold War. He said: Can you imagine if they did not call it for what it was?
    By the way he also insulted American citizens with that comment as well.

  6. My Afghan friend was taught at a young age to hate Jews. He was taught that if you see a deadly snake and a Jew you kill the Jew first!
    That is what Obummer is all about. Hate America and Jews.
    The dems were so excited about getting a black president they did not vet him at all. No one did. Sealed records, fake birth cert, strange SS number. Its all there but they did not do there homework to find out.