In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Presidents Day Open Thread || February 16, 2015

19 thoughts on “Presidents Day Open Thread || February 16, 2015”

  1. Good morning everyone. Have a great day Keith.
    Fight your enemy while you can beat them, otherwise you will be fighting them your whole life.
    Winston Churchhill

  2. How is it that we don’t know where Michelle and the girls are? I know she slid into NYC recently with the older to look at colleges and I get that trip may be kept hush , but when the first family uses MY money for a ski trip, darn I feel I should know.

    1. I could not possibly care less about what either of these two do or don’t do.
      “We” the responsible, patriotic citizens of the USA – have some real, pressing, critical issues – and these two – well, really, I am just not that into them.

  3. Good leaders who can take people who have different agenda, and pull them together for a “good goal”.
    He places everything in a partisan arena. He has not learned much of anything. Dr. Carson hopes o thinks they are more than a JV team. Need to beat them in their adolesance. He than quoted Winstin Churchill. Use every resource: military, banking, sanctions to eliminate them. Make sure the military is not put in limited position. No such thing as a politcally correct war.
    Dr. Ben Carson spoke this morning on Fox.

    1. Wished I could have seen it, but was making my way to a place the Obama’s don’t know: WORK. Took four times as long over normal weather to make it in with the ice underneath the snow but made it in. Now I must get back to that thing the Obama’s never knew: WORK. lol

  4. We don’t see any goose-stepping troops or brown shirted goons, but the attacks on Jews in Europe (and here) are as frightening as if the Nazis were still in power. Reading Israel’s PMNetanyahu advising and coaxing fellow Jews to leave their homelands and come “home” to Isreal is one of the saddest things in today’s news.

    The Islamic systematic killing of Christians, destroying ancient edifices not related to Islam, and their constant tirades against everyone not like them should be the catalyst for all non-Islam countries to join the fight and smite them as our Bibles advise.
    How can we be involved in religious wars in the 21st century, how is that even possible?
    Civilized peoples are fighting human diseases, creating new ways to live, trying to make our world a better place for the new generation, and here we have thousands, maybe millions, of religious fanatics supporting the killing non-believers as if the future was theirs to decide.

  5. Thought of the day: This Presidents day I will fly my flag at half staff in memory of all past Presidents and for our nation which hasn’t had a President for the last six years. That piece of shit in our White House is NOT a president and deserves no respect from anyone do not use the phrase president or capitalize his name that would be a sign of respect and it did not earn either. When IT dies do not mourn but celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief for the world and this nation will be better off.

    Note: it wouldn’t make a pimple on a Presidents ass.

  6. Oh my gosh…just flipped on FOX by accident and almost had a brain hemorrhage. Jesse Jackson’s daughter and Hilary Rosen were both attacking the GOP! FOX is hitting new lows every day – Rosen and Jackson??? Puleeze.

  7. On Stuart Varney’s show, FBN this morning.
    Bill Clinton & Jeffery Epstein’s ‘friendship’? Traveling to pedophilia orgies on Epsteins jet.
    Will this be the final end to the lecherous lying legacy of Bill and Hillary?

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