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Obama on His Third Day of Golf

Preisdent Obama is playing golf today, once again with friends Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos, and Greg Orme. They’re at Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s private golf course, located at Porcupine Creek in Rancho Mirage. Have a look.

porcupine creek

Nice, right?

He’s playing in the morning and will be leaving California early this afternoon to return to Washington.

The three times he played this weekend bring Obama’s total golf to five times this year and 218 trips outings since Inauguration day, 2009.

39 thoughts on “Obama on His Third Day of Golf”

  1. After the murders of the Christians, the President of Egypt orders bombing of ISIS strongholds.
    Barry? He play’s golf.
    That will show ISIS we mean business.

    1. Obama is the best friend ISIS has in Washington, D.C. It’s obvious he has no intention taking full action when it comes to eliminating ISIS from the face of the earth. That’s just the way it is, and everyone knows it.

      1. With the thousands supposedly joining ISIS, I’d say that Egypt and Jordan are finding a “target rich environment”
        .Snake and nape beat hell outa’ pen & phone.

          1. One of the reasons other Muslim clans are ticked off at ISIS is that the leaders of these other tribes and clans were not advised by ISIS leaders of the ISIS plan to create a new caliphate. Apparently, that “coordination” of intentions among Muslim leaders is serious protocol. And, of course, ISIS kills Muslims as quickly as they do any other group.

        1. Look for it NOT to come to your nearest MSM platform. Too much “news” being broadcast by people like Jon Stewart. A great video shows Texas Tech students who couldn’t name the VP or who won the Civil War, but all new the right answers on Snooki and Brad Pitt.
          I fear for the future of this country.

          1. ….a wistful thought…Hopefully the Rapture will lift up us good people & leave the ignorant to sort out the bs.
            (I don’t wish to offend anyone, please.)

  2. Are “his people” watching the DC weather ? It’s going to get nasty icey snowy tonight, but wait, he doesn’t care. He’ll stay another day or two or just inconvenience the already delayed air traffic at DCA, BWI and Dulles. Kings can do that ;)

    1. Superb article, thanks for the link Sarah M.
      Makes the agenda of ISIS very clear.
      I can’t hit every blog every day, so I use the link’s that WHD reader’s provide. THANKS EVERYONE!

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  4. As the MSM continues to ramp up their “Destroy Scot Walker” machine, (no college degree??? Oh, no!) here’s a current American Thinker article by Jack Cashill which pulls back the magic curtain on Barry’s and Michelle’s college experience. We know that neither one will ever be members of the local Mensa club, and Cashill settles forever the question: “How in the world did these two morons ever graduate from college?” Enjoy.

  5. Nothing says “eco-friendly and renewable” like playing golf on a water gulping stretch of grass in the desert. Oh’ I forgot, that “renewable thingie” is for the rest of us….

    1. The 124 golf courses in the Coachella Valley use a whopping 17% of all the water there, and the Bureau of Reclamation announced that farmers there would receive no water allocations last year.

      At least Michelle’s garden has plenty of H20.

  6. I can honestly say I’ve read more than 218 books since his secret inaugural-whatever it was, in 2009.
    More bang for the buck than riding around trying to hit a tiny “White” ball around lush greenery.

  7. And with number 216, he has now played 9 times as much golf as President Bush did as president.

    Now, at 218, he needs only 22 rounds to hit 240.

    My over-under line for #240 is July 5, if anyone wants to bet…

  8. I think today might have been the 219th round of golf. As I posted the other day, Mark Knoller tweeted on Saturday that Obummer was playing his 217th round. So, after Sunday and Monday’s rounds he would be at 219 now.

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