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77 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || February 15, 2015

  1. Hillary, the smoke screen? While most predict Hillary to be the front runner of the Dems, the select choice of the left, I beg to differ. The Dems are a crafty bunch, and it would not surprise me to see an upstart Dem from the south take the lead. Lizzy Warren is not a viable candidate on the national scale. Let Hill take the heat while another to be named sits in the wings. Any guess who that will be?


  2. Violence in Denmark at a free speech event. How long will it take the left wing pretzel twisters to say the shooter was exercising his free speech?

  3. Just made the mistake of watching This Week on ABC news…….Martha Raddatz had a story about how great Iran is now and how we have a common enemy with them against ISS.

    Sorry …….Iran will always be the enemy after what they did n 1979. It amazes me how these reporters are to embrace this regime. Especially the female reporters………to go into Iran and cover the anniversary of what they call a victory over the U.S. is just amazing. Asking such great questions as…….what do you think of the U.S. . The Great Satan was the answer…….as Death to America chanted in the background.

    How about ask the women how do they enjoy sharia law? No…..Martha is shown smiling and telling people how you were treated with kindness …….really Martha?? Has ABC become the communications arm of Iran?

    I am starting to wonder if ISIS was formed to make Iran warm and fuzzy to the U.S. The enemy of my enemy will never work with Iran. If they want a nuke so bad I am sure Israeli will deliver one or two………

    • Gog and Magog were mentioned in Revelation as components of a collaboration resulting in the Armageddon.
      It has been suggested that that reference is to Russia and Persia,(Iran).

  4. While Obama is enjoying his golf weekend in sunny CA, there is a photo circulating twitter of children that ISIS has caged and speculation that they are going to be burned to death. It’s absolutely sickening to even type about. What is it going to take to get Obama off his “high horse” and get serious about ISIS?

  5. Surely Keith,….you can do better than this.
    This should be embarrassing as the format isn’t consistent with allowing a logical conversation.
    Not blaming you, but WordPress needs some fixin’.

  6. I continue to have AOL dial-up service and have no trouble with your website. Perhaps it is because it’s slow, but for $11.99/month I can live with that. No apologies, no complaints.

        • I have a Verizon FIOS TV/Phone/Internet “bundle” and I have absolutely no freakin’ clue what I pay for what except the bottom line. And I just changed bundles. Went local channels only, “digital phone” (I have NO idea, except now I don’t dial a one for long distance) and DOUBLED my internet speed to 50/50mbps (I see no diff). Bottom line went from $193 a month to $115. So far I’m happy!!

    • Just voted for the old version. So far the results are OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of the old version. (2 votes for the old, 0 for the new). But I’m willing to be patient and see if the new format improves. After all, even had a “few minor glitches at first!! (SARC)And I’ll wager Keith’s I.T. budget is a bitsmaller!!