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Obama Takes a Three-Day Golf Vacation in Palm Springs

I know what you’re thinking. Should he really be doing this given that the economy is just so-so and the world is in crisis? But look, it’s been six weeks since he had a vacation. I mean, give the guy a break.

President Obama is taking a three-day golf vacation in Palm Springs, California. Obama arrived there Saturday after a quick flight from San Francisco, where he a had two “official” events and a fundraiser.

While the events in San Francisco were legitimate, it is also legitimate to ask whether he schedules them out in California so he can get his golf vacation in without any bad PR.

He played Saturday at the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho Mirage, where he has visited now four times since 2013. At your expense.

Obama golfed with three old friends – Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme, who flew in from Hawaii, and Marty Nesbitt, who is from Chicago. Given the amount of time he spent on the links, it looks like he might have racked up 27 holes or so circling the nine-hole course. It was his third time golfing this year and the 216th of his presidency.

As he has before, Obama is staying at the home of his interior decorator, Michael Smith, and Smith’s partner, James Costos, who is the U.S. Ambassador to Spain.

Michelle Obama was reportedly expected in Aspen, where she usually skis Presidents’ Day Weekend, although I haven’t seen any confirmation that she arrived.

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  1. Ah but when he gets back to DC, he will immediately veto the Keystone Pipeline bill that was passed by both chambers.

    Guaranteed he will make a big stink about it.

    Congress needs to override his veto and begin the process of telling him that he is not a dictator.

  2. There’s a video of the manpower needed to get POTUS to PUTT-us. Something like two dozen vehicles, including a bus. That’s a lot of fossil fuels and forces for a golf outing. And we’re paying for it.

    Doesn’t Obama detest those one percenters who can fly thousands of miles for trivial stuff like golf?

    He’ll have plenty of time to consider that on his trip home aboard likely the world’s most expensive Party (air) Bus.

    1. Obama,…what do you mean Air Force ! is out of gas ?

      Mr. President, you vetoed the keystone pipeline and due to the economy in the US, we cannot provide you with the jet fuel it requires to take your lame ass all over the Country to conduct fund raisers and play freaking GOLF !

      AF1 has been grounded unless there is a National emergency and you sir are no longer allowed to us our jet for your entertainment.

      You may remain in our house.

    2. And don’t forget, there is always a backup AF1 with full crew following the real AF1 whenever His Majesty travels.

      As an aside, remember when the underwear bomber was trying to blow up the plane coming into Detroit in 2009? Obama was on vacation at the time and refused to come back to Washington to deal with the situation. That was a big heads up for what Obama was all about.

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    1. Danish Prime Minister lays flowers earlier outside of the synagogue in Copenhagen.
      What AFVet typed sounded good. Stay off the plane! My computer is running slow. Isn’t there some type of rule/law that can stop him from wasting the money. Every Congressman should speak out as one, if they care for this Country, regarding the traveling and the vacations own our dime.
      As far as what he has to say about the attack, again he is one step behind. He should have showed his face, showing compassion for this yesterday. Without a pre-written comment prepared for him. I do not want to hear from the click of people that run their mouth after each tragedy.

      1. that ceespool called Congress will not speak out against the Obama’s trips-vacations-etc. because they enjoy free travel too (all those “fact finding tours” with family & friends) and their work schedule is pathetic too…a few hours each day each week (look at all the vacations-time off Congress gets)

          1. Unfortunately, Obama has learned that he can get away with anything he wants. All thanks to the inert press who are terrified of being called “racists”.

    2. The events in Copenhagen are the furthest thing from Obama’s mind, whether he be in the White House or on vacation. It’s just not how his brain is wired up.

  4. I know Obama doesn’t work, but what about Titcomb, Orme and Nesbitt? Do they pay for their own transportation, food, greens fees and housing? Are the rest of us worker ants ponying up? Finally, is there no one in either political party willing to say, hey golf might not be a good idea? Especially with Marines surrounded by ISIS!

    1. He wouldn’t care if anyone said it doesn’t look so good to play so much golf when 21 people are beheaded on that day. He would then exact revenge on whoever would say it and ruin the person, when he is the one who should be ruined and one day he will be by impeachment or by the military. Nothing stops a welfare recipient from taking free stuff. We all have his number,no class, no shame, not presidential, not humble, no integrity, a sociopath that feels nothing for anyone but himself, a male Marie Antoinette, well, maybe not so male. He must be removed and soon!

  5. In response to your second sentence…he thinks the economy is great and doesn’t give a crap about the world in crisis. He lives in his own little bizarro universe.

  6. I am starting to wonder if Mooch gets nervous when Barack talks about shaving or getting rid of his beard………

    I love the photo of them exchanging Valentine’s Days cards……… really is disturbing …..

  7. Nothing unusual about the President of the United States spending his fourth Valentine’s week-end, sans wife and kids, with his three buddies in the luxury desert playground for the Gay community.

    Nope, nothing unusual. Not even when he celebrates the most romantic day of the year at the desert retreat of his gay decorator. Nope, nuthin’ to see here!

    Just man-up and come out of the closet, Barry! It’s okay to be the first Black/Gay President! This is the 21st century, remember?

    1. Oops, I was typing my comment below and didn’t see that.

      That link has one tweet that’s from February of 2014, the pic with the Mooch’s on the ski lift.

      But, there’s another tweet with an Instagram link from this year:

      21 hours ago · Aspen International Airport
      As we were departing Aspen Michelle Obama and the girls were coming in to ski the weekend for President’s Day. #crewsin #aspen15 Good vacation.

  8. Isn’t it odd that there’s absolutely zero news of Moochelle and the Moochettes being in Aspen this weekend? Last year, there were plenty of articles – Apen Daily News, Page 6 (NY Post), TMZ, etc., all about how the airport was shut down for them that Friday.

    There’s nothing this year other than a confirmation in the Aspen Daily News last Thursday that the Sheriff confirmed that she was expected there this weekend. Plus, a radio station said there were Secret Service members around Buttermilk last Tuesday (I posted those links somewhere).

    I can’t even find a sighting on Twitter, which is unusual.

    1. Good work, usually it takes a good citizen to notice and do us the favor of posting their photos :) Remember that’s how we caught her having a “spa” weekend at a ritzy Virginia country club. Except for her pretend-I-Care FLOTUS photo ops, the news has been scrubbed of her.

    2. The lack of publicity for Mooch and the Moochettes suggests that WH polling (and they poll constantly) has turned up negative numbers on taxpayer funded Moochelle adventures. She’s become even more of a liability than she was before, if that is possible. So, in the interest of transparency, the WH has thrown a cloak of silence around the girls. And the MSM is cooperating 100 percent, of course.

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  10. Putting aside the faux “official” trip that ended up in a CA resort, or three days of golf, it’s really creepy that the President is spending Valentine’s Day weekend sharing a home with a gay couple, and golfing with three guys while his wife is elsewhere.

    What wife would put up with the hubby spending Valentine’s day sharing a house with a gay couple?

    1. Eew, gross.
      Real love isn’t reserved for Valentines Day, we are happy Valentines every day of the year & would never separate on this ‘Special’ day. It says a lot about the state of their “marriage” just one big phony show…
      My husband would feel awkward, to say the least in a gay house full of men.

  11. He can golf until the end of time but he’ll never be good at it because he is a skinny little unathletic weenie in a fake marriage to a woman(?) who can barely tolerate his presence. Why be envious? Yes, our money pays for all of it but somebody tell me how to stop it.

  12. In more pressing news the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile got into a traffic dust up in PA and did some damage to the “bun” bumper. Now that’s bothersome.

  13. not only all that, but much of the nation is shivering under below-zero windchills (or actual temps; it’s -3 here in MI as I write this). just another small way to show he doesn’t care.

  14. Oh, the poor, poor, O’s. Don’t you feel so sorry for them? When they return to a cold DC tomorrow night, they will have to suffer through a whole four and a half weeks until their next vacation!

    Don’t forget, after last year’s his & hers separate long weekend trips to Palm Springs and Aspen in February, they went on a “family trip” to Key largo in March when the Moochettes were on Spring Break:

    Obama played golf all weekend with Cyrus Walker (ValJar’s cousin), Alonzo Mourning, and Ahmad Rashad, (ValJar’s boyfriend). ValJar joined then on the trip, of course.

    This year’s Spring Break begins on Friday, March 20th. Shall we take bets on whether some “official business” will be scheduled in Florida again this March, followed by a little vacation?

  15. More from last year:

    As Keith noted in that second link:

    “President Obama’s two recent golf excursions to Palm Springs, California and Key Largo, Florida cost taxpayers well north of $3 million, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

    And these trips were taken after his just-completed New Year’s vacation to Hawaii, which was largely devoted to golf.”


      RANCHO MIRAGE (AP) — President Barack Obama has moved his golf game to a private California course owned by a billionaire.

      Obama was playing Sunday at Porcupine Creek in Rancho Mirage. The owner is Oracle software company co-founder Larry Ellison.

      Ellison ranks third on the latest Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans, with a net worth of $50 billion.

      The White House says Obama’s golfing group includes three childhood friends from Hawaii who are regular golf companions when the president is on the West Coast.

      Obama is spending the holiday weekend in Southern California without his wife and daughters.

      He is scheduled to return to the White House on Monday evening.

  16. Compare what the Danish Prime Minister said about yesterday’s murders to what Obama said about the murders at the French deli, where the ‘terrorist’ bragged it was about killings Jews:

    “”When you mercilessly fire deadly bullets at innocent people taking part in a debate, when you attack the Jewish community, you attack our democracy,” Thorning-Schmidt said outside the synagogue. “We will do everything possible to protect our Jewish community.””

    Commentators were shocked when Obama described the killings in Paris as “violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shot a bunch of folks in a Deli in Paris.” When pressed on the why they couldn’t admit it was a kosher deli that was target and its Jewish customers, Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed the victims were “killed not because of who they were, but because of where they randomly happened to be.”

    Is Barack Obama anti-Semitic?

      1. A grade schooler could look at the World Map, showing where the maniacs are. They would have a better idea, suggestion of what needs to be done.

  17. Don’t forget on the presidential junkets, besides AF1, Marine One, the presidential helicopter. My son in law is an AF pilot and flew Marine One to CA in the belly of a C17 last week. And of course all the limos and SUV’s…

    1. …and an additional drain on local and state resources to be borne by taxpayers.
      If ever there was an attempt on King Putzie’s life, it wouldn’t be coming from the Muslim radicals…he is their new best friend.

  18. One can only imagine the degenerate party scenes taking place at the home of the gay couple where Dictator Obama and his pals (especially Bobby Titcomb who was arrested for soliciting a male prostitute in Hawaii) are staying at over Valentine Day Weekend. After spending the day loosening up drinking, chooming, and smoking butts while playing in the desert sun at an exclusive golf course, it must be pretty much anything goes at night. To paraphrase that great American, Joe Biden, Dictator Obama is giving a “shout out” to his butt buddies!

    As for the hulking First Entitlement Queen, Moochelle, for someone who is soooo concerned about the ordinary folks, especially the school children of this country, she certainly has an affinity for spending her taxpayer funded vacations in only the most exclusive locations on the planet. No doubt she will be feasting on lavish meals that she so publicly frowns upon for our children. Rumor has it that one of her demands when she stays at the homes of the rich is that the legs of her chair be sawed off so her cavernous maw is at table level so that she can eschew the use of knife and fork and shovel the food directly into her mouth.

    Hard to see how this racist, communist couple will willingly give up the trappings of power, which they so love, in two years. Do not underestimate the capacity for destruction and greed concentrated in these two power mad narcissists. We have not yet seen the worst from Dictator Obama and the first Entitlement Queen.

    1. “…. one of her demands when she stays at the homes of the rich is that the legs of her chair be sawed off so her cavernous maw is at table level so that she can eschew the use of knife and fork and shovel the food directly into her mouth.”

      Roaring with laughter here. Perfect. There’s must be photos of that somewhere. ;+}

  19. The divider of the American pie takes time off. Thankful for the reprieve. A few hours of peace and quiet from the constant noise he makes with his sledge on wedge splitting us up into smaller and smaller groups. His team of attack dogs are busy planning the next spot to hit and split. Which keeps us busy pointing fingers at each other. Instead of going for the force of our cultural divisions. God is correct. There is evil on this planet…And the Shadow Knows!

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        1. Yes…several yesterday and three on this thread. I wouldn’t advise anyone to open these links – who knows what’s behind the curtain Just my $0.02

          1. Egypt bombs targets in Libya after beheading of 21 Christians.
            Egypt renews calls for U.S. led coalition agaist them in Libya. The video threatens Rome.

          2. I agree. It’s just a very odd thing to do. I mean, what do you call the person? “Hey there, Breaking: US Embassy in Afghanistan Bracing For Imminent Complex Attack. How’s it going?”

      1. Girly1, I’m pretty sure those comments are just “track backs”, which is simply when another blog links to one of Keith’s posts. In the old format, the trackbacks used to be listed right below his post and before the comment section. But, since Keith changed to this format, I noticed that one of the changes is how the trackbacks now show up sprinkled through the comment section. That’s just another feature of this new and “improved” version not to like.

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  22. I know many citizens will be angry about these 3 day golf vacation of Mr. President Obama. Well, we can’t control people who will get mad of this news because of the crisis today. We can’t do about it.

  23. Keith, not sure if you saw this or not, but Jennifer Harper quoted this post in her “Inside the Beltway” column in Monday’s edition of The Washington Times. I can confirm it was in the print edition, but not sure about online.

    So…you just got quoted in the newspaper of record for American conservatism. Nice one!

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