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Saturday Open Thread || February 14, 2015

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      1. Are you suggesting that shrimp treadmills are not a terrific idea [sarc]. The next time the feds want another agency or hire more useless porn-watching employees..tell’em to get the money from one of their asinine projects.

          1. “Heck Im qualified to Secretary of that agency -LOL” – Langley Spook

            Maybe you are, but remember that Bill Clinton has held his, uh, this post during and since his Presidency, and he’s said to be “stiff” competition still despite his advanced age…

  1. Is it me… or does that Pentagon spokesman VADM Kirby look like a child-molester…? He gives me a creepy/slimy vibe everytime he speaks for the Obama regime.

  2. Maniac closing in on base staffed by Marines. Gen Keane we need to retake town. He don’t have confidence in it.
    The fall of Yemen was a fall of surprise according to WH. Gen Keane said that was an over statement. We have just changed a pro US Govt. to a pro Iran Govt. When we close an embassy. Our screen is blank now in Yemen. He would advise o to get a stategy. We won’t defeat with this admin.

    1. “We won’t defeat with this admin.” – Lee

      Where did you get the idea that Dear Leader is INTERESTED in their defeat? He needs to concentrate on the REAL enemy; those dirty, crusading Christains riding their high horses o’ertop loving Muslims everwhere…

        1. If it weren’t ACTUAL Christians he were speaking to at a prayer breakfast, the appropriate respose back TO Obama would have concluded with “…AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!”.

          That would be a nice symmetry of sorts…

          1. OR: Someone could have stood up and said you need to ride out of here on your High horse. That is the problem in a nutshell. If you don’t have one ask Putin if you can borrow his.

          1. In my opinion, that word “high horse” was used because Darrell Waltrip used it twice in his keynote address…which apparently nobody but me listened to… I think President Obama heard the word and thought it would be a thought provoking word (I’m trying to be nice) to point out past sins…

  3. Since it’s open thread day, I thought I’d point out an interesting juxtapostion of news stories that I saw on a local station yesterday.

    The lead story that got several minutes of sympathetic news time was the one concerning this nut job who reportedly killed three people over a parking space. This is a heinous crime and murder – of ANYONE – should ALWAYS be punished with the death penalty, BUT these were Muslims and the murderer was – well, an athiest, but we’ll lump him with the Christians anyway since we all look alike to our President; so, let’s just jump to conclusions about religious murder and hate crimes and get the feds a’goin on it. Apparently your motivation is more important than your crime in the brave new world of 2015. Anyway, they made it VERY clear the victims were Muslims, showed heart rending pictures of these lovely young people in full regalia, and then spent another five minutes letting CAIR representatives bloviate on the perdify of the United States in allowing people to say mean things to Muslims while a local protesting crowd held signs about “hate speech” and “hate crimes” (which may well be true, but neither of which has yet been established as the proximate cause at this time). The theme was, in so many words, “Muslim lives matter”. And so they do – just as ALL lives matter.

    Here’s the interesting part. Fast-forward towards the end of the newscast. The local station has this habit of running lesser news stories on a crawl at the bottom of the screen at such times, just to make it look less like the infotainment that it is. Among these fast-moving, not elaborated stories was that 18 Shi’ite Muslims (at LEAST 18. This story ups it to 19) had been killed during worship in an attack on a mosque in Pakistan by the (newly not-terrorist Obama Administration negotiating buddies) Taliban, using everything from suicide bomb vests to grenades – all over religious differences BETWEEN Muslims. This was presented in very small type, with no apparent sense of irony.

    No vigils. No protests from local Muslims over our government’s permissive Afganistan policies. No backing down on negotiatings with the Taliban. Three year and out still applies.

    Apparently, Muslim lives matter only if it’s non-Muslims doing the killing. Althogh, since these were Shi’ites that were killed and Sunnis doing the killing, this probably doesn’t bother our Sunni Prezzy and his media cadres TOO much…

    1. Yeah… once they turn it into a “cause” then any means justifies the action. Unfortunately, the cause is the political cause.

      The hypocrisy is astounding. From the classic “where is NOW, now?” to which-ever-cause-lives matter, but abortion is readily available.

      And BTW, you realize in their eyes you are a horrible and hateful person for suggesting the death penalty is a viable option for a cold blooded killer? It is becoming impossible to deal with these freaks.

      1. Or a “White Hispanic”, viz. the Zimmerman case. We have to make the crime fit the cause célèbre, no matter how we have to bend the facts to stuff that square peg in a round hole. Ask Darren Wilson how that works.

        With that in mind, despite this guy being an avowed atheist, I’m quite sure the blame will be laid on the Crusades or Zionist somehow.

        Let’s see,
        Zimmerman = White Hispanic
        Hicks = Christian Republican

        I threw “republican” in there because, awkwardly, this guy’s a raving lefty; so, in liberal topsy-turvy land, they will make this either that he was a closet Bushie, or that his mind was damaged by ALL THE HATE ON TALK RADIO. Either way, blame->us, love->murderers.

        Check out our Prezzy kneeling the United States to yet another Muslim leader over this;

        “After Liberal Atheist Murders Three Muslim Students who were Members of Anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood front Group, President of Turkey Demands Obama Condemn Shooter for Committing Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes… and Obama Listens”

        OOPSIE! Sorry, it kinda let it out that at least ONE of the victims didn’t have THAT much of a problem with the same sort of “hate speech” that CAIR is currently denouncing…

        “Editor’s note: We obviously don’t support the taking of any life but we also don’t support the lionization of the dead.
        While many of the obituaries of Dean Bhakarat have focused on his alleged charitable endeavors, we thought we’d give you a deeper dive.
        The official motive of the shooting of three Muslim-Americans in North Carolina was a dispute over a parking spot but the left-wing and Arab media are calling the killings a hate crime.
        We really have no idea what actually happened between the suspect and the three Muslim-Americans.
        It’s equally possible that Deah Barakat’s hatred of whites could have provoked the incident as Craig Stephen Hicks avowed dislike of religion. One of the Chapel Hill shooting victim’s tweets reveal anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-Israel, and anti-Zionist views.
        Deah Barakat tweeted over 8,000 times. Some of them are about sports. Many of them are hateful. ”

        Doesn’t justify this. It’s still a heinous crime and this man should get the death penalty. For killing HUMAN BEINGS, period. It does suggest that there’s a certain amount of animosity coming from the other side of the fence, though. And, generally speaking, talking smack to a borderline psychotic probably isn’t the best way live a long and productive life…

        Maybe THOSE folks should get up off’n that high horse that Obama apparently redistributed from the Christians to them, and clean their OWN house a little. The world would be MUCH better for it.

      1. No, she isn’t with him this weekend. Put your mouse over that pic and it says it’s from last June. I remember she went with him out there last year on Fathers Day weekend. They stayed at the home of their gay designer (the one who did the hideous redecoration of the Oval Office). There were rumors the O’s were interested in buying his house. Obummer had checked it out when he was there last February, and then he and Mooch stayed there in June. Also, I think one of the reasons they went there last June, (besides golf), was to deliver Malia out there for the summer because she was doing her “internship” on the set of the Steven Spielberg produced TV show that Halle Berry was in.

        Keith’s post from last June:

        Also, so far this is the only confirmation I’ve seen that Moochelle is supposed to be in Aspen again this weekend for the fourth year in a row:

      2. Interesting tidbit in that Desert Sun article. They mention all of O’s previous trips to Sunnylands. Since June 2013, he’s gone out there every June and every February. So, I guess he will be out there again this June.

  4. Apologies in advance for the long post but I’m a little more than just irritated this morning as everywhere I look, the cancer that is today’s Democrat party is destroying this nation and its cousin, the Republican party establishment is going right along with it.

    The New York Times and Washington Post must be really scared of Scott Walker. The pathetic hit pieces on him not finishing college and the fake evolution brew ha ha shows the left still has new lows in which to go.
    Gail Collins jumped on the bandwagon today and John McCormack over at the Weekly Standard nails her on it. (Unfortunately, the idiots that read Collins won’t ever know that she lied.

    And of course there’s the whole media narrative that if the Republicans don’t cave to Dems “clean DHS bill” demand it is they (and not the filibustering Dems) closing down the government.
    Pathetic misrepresentation of truth? Yes BUT exactly why Boehner and McConnell are the two worst leaders for this time. If Repubs had communicators and articulators in those positions even the left wing media couldn’t spin it.
    With the news coming out that the IRS will be giving Earned Income Tax credits (OUR money) to illegals who file under Obama’s amnesty action, AND the danger of millions using “motor voter” to get on voter registration rolls, the Republicans have all the ammunition they need for one simple message:
    “The Democrat party of today, hijacked by the 7% far left of the American people today, would rather give rights and tax dollars to illegal aliens than protect the rights of legal citizens and protect the American homeland from terrorists. Any reporting to the contrary is a flat out lie and we will call it out as such. We were sent here to STOP this domestic destruction of American and we will do everything within our power to do so. If Harry Reid and Barack Obama choose to shut down the Department of Homeland Security to protect illegals instead of America that is their choice. And the consequences of their choice is on their heads, not ours. Period. Full Stop.”

    1. I feel that Scott Walker is essentially bullet proof at this point.
      They have already thrown everything they have at him and he’s still there.
      To the libs that are trying to destroy him at this point, I say stick it.

    2. Unfortunately, the Republicans suck and will never do that. we are so screwed. I am beginning to lose hope that we can ever undo the damage that’s being done over these long and terrible eight years.

    3. Geoff, well said! I’m beyond words and getting angrier with every passing day. Unfortunately, if I could find the right words, they would fall on the left deaf ears of Franken and Klobuchar.

  5. As far as that Cyber Security Summit in CA yesterday, I missed this news from earlier in the week:–more-flash-than-substance-140934326.html?.tsrc=applewf

    “The summit comes after the White House announced the formation of a new intelligence agency Tuesday. The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center or CTIIC is a new agency designed to integrate and share vast amounts of intelligence among several Federal Cyber Centers.”

    Just what we need, another federal agency.

  6. Mark Knoller’s tweets:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller · 30 minutes ago

    Air Force One has landed in Palm Springs where its 68° headed to 86°. It’s 31° in DC.

    Mark Knoller @markknoller · 21 minutes ago

    Sunny and warm as Pres Obama steps off AF-1 in Palm Springs for the weekend. His 4th visit as pres.

      1. ’cause she’s his beard?

        He clearly enjoys and prefers spending his free time with the Choom Gang over his wife and kids. He spent the majority of his days with his pals over his two week Christmas break in Hawaii, and now he has to spend a long weekend with them just six weeks after the last saw them.

        This is the third year in a row that he has spent Presidents Day weekend golfing with his pals (in 2013, after being safely re-elected he went to Florida, then CA in 2014 and 2015).

        Mooch, however, has spent every Presidents Day weekend away with the Moochettes and all their friends every single year since 2009. First Vail, the Aspen.

    1. It has also been said that they keep the WH hot enough to grow orchids,…80 degrees.

      I have also wondered what kind of light bulbs they use in the federal buildings.
      Are they incandescent or fluorescent ?

      Now that the peons are being restricted from buying the bulbs that we want.

  7. Questions regarding our embassy closure in Yemen:
    The evacuation “plane from Oman:” Was the plane one of ours or one from the Omani Military…or a commercial plane from the Oman Airlines?
    Why were the Marines ordered to destroy their weapons before boarding the plane?
    Are the remainder of our embassies in this region officially “on alert?”
    Why do representatives from the State Department always reply in angry words when questions like these are asked? (I know the answer to that one.)

    1. Aileen I did not note the where the plane came from. However it was not one of ours. On Fox they had stated that Centcom was outragged, that Marines are taught never to be without their weapon.

    2. The stories don’t add up as to why the Marines had to destroy their weapons. First, we were told it was a commercial flight so weapons weren’t allowed. But then we find out it was a chartered flight and the military take their weapons on those flights all the time.

      And why did they leave the keys in the ignition of the vehicles left behind? Couldn’t they have arranged to leave the keys elsewhere so they’d be safe from the rebels?

  8. I’m still trying to get used to the new layout. Shouldn’t the column on the right be narrower so that the comments would be easier to read? Some comments (about the 4th response) nest with one or two words per line on my screen.

      1. Scroll to the bottom and try switching to full site view instead of mobile site view. I use iphone and the site was not usable before that switch.

    1. I know a fellow blogger that had the same problem and the same complaint.
      His threads would extend to the point of one word per line.
      It is wordpress and their format for this particular version.

      He switched it over to a more ‘user friendly’ format.

    2. I’m having a hard time with it too. I tried, I really tried, but I hate it. The replies get way too small to read and it’s annoying as hell. Plus, I keep getting the same old error messages, and new issues as well. Sometimes after I click to submit my post, the page comes back all messed up with all the comments showing, and then Keith’s post and all the comments showing up again as I scroll down the page. Weird. And, sometimes the comment box moves from the top to the bottom.

      I preferred the old format, to be honest. I don’t see what the gain was with this new format. Same old error messages, and new problems added in. With the old format, the comments nested much better. Plus I think it was MUCH easier to follow the conversation when there was a line between comments. That way, all replies to someone’s comment were within the lines and clearly were a part of that conversation. I liked that a whole lot better than this.

      With the nesting problem we have now, sometimes I don’t reply to a second or third reply and I just reply to the first comment so it doesn’t shift too far right and end up in a tiny column.

      Okay, I’m done complaining.

      (But, secretly hoping and wishing for the old format to return.)

          1. Denise, I mentioned this down below somewhere. When the box gets too small to type in just click on the dots in the lower right corner. Click and drag and you can enlarge the box however you want (longer and wider).

      1. Same problem here. Something about Word Press and Header. Since I am completely in the dark, will try to ignore it. That, and posters who assume different identities from time to time.

          1. Wish I could name names. but I am only referring to one poster, in particular. If I am correct, he/she has actually posted comments in the past and replied to his/her own posts with his/her pseudonym. Pretty funny.

          2. If the box is really narrow and hard to type in, click on the dotted lines in the lower left corner of the box. Click and drag it out and you can change the size of the box.

            That still doesn’t solve the problem of our replies showing up in narrow columns that are difficult to read, though!

          3. OK!!!!! Now I can SEE my typos!!! I’m not too upset about the “one word per line though. That workss well with my attention span these days!

          4. Wasn’t there someone a year or two ago that posted they’d assume a new identity when they had finished with their current one? I wish I could remember their name…

          5. Count me among the posters who thinks the old format was better. This “new and improved” format is awful. Seriously, I would prefer Disqus. Does Keith have a personal issue with Disqus?

            As for the missing posters, I for one don’t miss a certain person at all.

  9. According to Mark Knoller’s tweets, OLoser stepped off Air Force One at 10:02 am PT and by 10:35 he was headed right to the golf course:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Sunny and warm as Pres Obama steps off AF-1 in Palm Springs for the weekend. His 4th visit as pres.
    10:02 AM – 14 Feb 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    From the airport, Pres Obama heads to the golf course at the Sunnylands Annenberg Estate. He’s played there 5 times on previous visits.
    10:35 AM – 14 Feb 2015

    1. Annenberg only has nine holes. Last year, he and the choom gang took off for a day of golf at an exclusive private club. I’m sure the members were pleased to see him. /s/

      1. Yeah, Saturday they played golf at Sunnylands. Then on Sunday, they went to the private course on the estate of the Oracle guy. Then, on Monday they played Sunnylands again before returning to DC:

        “On Saturday, Obama played at the Sunnylands estate, built by the late billionaire Walter Annenberg, which features a nine-hole course that is played like 18 holes. The following day he golfed at billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s 19-hole Porcupine Creek. On Presidents’ Day, Obama hit the links at Sunnylands once again.”

      1. Giggle. I am spending more time pulling the site up again, or pressing the arrow back, once the screen comes up: INTERNET CANNOT DISPLAY THIS PAGE. Another thing that has happened 2 times today, the screen just goes away….
        Yes I know it sounds like some science fiction movie whe watch as kids. Boo!

          1. I got knocked off 3 times while I was trying to type that comment. I was speaking of the FCC. The American Citizens are not giving it a second thought.

    1. My comment is in moderation, probably because I included too many links.

      Check the top headline on Drudge:


      1 dead in Denmark in attack on artist who drew Mohammed

      Other Drudge headlines:

      Shots Fired at Copenhagen Cafe During Debate on Islam, Free Speech…

      One dead, three wounded…

      Suspect on loose…


    RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. (AP) — President Barack Obama is spending the holiday weekend working on his golf game in Southern California.

    Obama arrived in the desert resort area of Palm Springs on Saturday morning after a short flight from San Francisco.

    Following an airport welcome from Mayor Steve Pougnet, Obama went straight to the golf course on the grounds of the Sunnylands retreat in nearby Rancho Mirage.

    He was playing the nine-hole course with Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme, childhood friends from Hawaii who flew in to meet the president. Marty Nesbitt, one of Obama’s friends from Chicago, rounded out the foursome, the White House said.

    The president had no public events scheduled during his weekend getaway from the White House. He was expected to spend most of his daylight hours swinging golf clubs in the desert heat, as he has done on visits to the area in each of the past two years.

    Obama is becoming a regular at Sunnylands.

    Saturday’s visit was his fourth to the sprawling estate once owned by the late publishing tycoon Walter Annenberg since 2013, when Obama invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to the retreat for two days of talks.

    The timing of Obama’s golf vacation couldn’t have been better. Obama stepped off of Air Force One into 80-degree, blue-sky weather as the District of Columbia region endured a Valentine’s Day blast of bitter cold air, powerful winds and snow.

    Obama traveled to Southern California without his wife, Michelle, or their daughters, Malia and Sasha.

    At the end of Saturday’s weekly address, Obama wished his wife a happy Valentine’s Day, and she tweeted a similar message to him later in the day. There was no word from the White House on how the first lady was spending the weekend.

    Obama has been in California since Thursday. On Friday, he addressed a White House summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection at Stanford University. He also courted Democratic Party donors in San Francisco and joined friends and senior aides for a restaurant dinner.

    Obama is scheduled to return to Washington on Monday — Presidents Day, a federal holiday.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, Obama will participate in the second White House summit in as many weeks — this one dedicated to countering violent extremism. He also plans a quick trip back home to Chicago on Thursday to dedicate a national monument followed by an address Friday at the Democratic National Committee’s annual winter meeting in Washington.

  11. Leon Panetta is now claiming that the worst problem we face is…CONGRESS! They won’t even give Obama the War Powers authority! What he isn’t saying is that Obama doesn’t need Congress…except when he has cold feet.

  12. Canadian police arrested 3 suspect’s who were planning a attack in a mmall intending to kill as many people as possible. Canadian authorities acted on a tip.
    The 3rd suspect lived in a Chicago suburb and was arrested after arriving in Canada to participate.
    Amish or Muslim? Hmmm.

    1. This happened in Halifax, about 45 minutes from where I live. There isn’t much news yet as the matter is still under investigation. A fourth suspect killed himself in his parent’s house when the RCMP showed up. The plan was, to shoot up the largest shopping centre in Halifax.

      1. Thanks for that info INDhimmi.
        Heard report only once yesterday, then nothing. Apology for getting back to you. Seems your pretty close to the action, stay safe.

  13. Second shooting in Copenhagen tonight:

    Shots fired near Copenhagen synagogue
    Breaking news

    Several people have been injured after shots were fired near a synagogue in Copenhagen, Danish police say.

    One person was reportedly hit in the head, and two police officers had arm and leg injuries. The attacker is believed to have fled.

    It is not clear whether the shooting is connected to an earlier attack on a cafe in the city.

    There, a gunman killed one person and injured three at a free speech debate attended by a Swedish cartoonist.


    Hmm, just like Paris last month. First target cartoonists, then Jews. But, I expect Obummer, Earnest, and Psaki to tell us that just becasue there was a shooting outside a synagogue doesn’t mean Jews were being targeted. It was just some “random shooting”, right?

  14. I have a headache and I’m dizzy from trying to read all these narrow columns today. Any chance of changing it back? Because I just cannot see how this new version is an improvement in any way.

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