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Supposed News Organization Does Promo Video for Obama

Buzzfeed, which is actually a news organization respected within Washington, decided it wanted a cute video of President Obama so badly that it helped him promote the Obamacare website.

The Buzzfeed website, which includes GIFs from the video, baldly admits, “How did we get Obama to use a selfie stick? Oh, because he wants you to go to”

The entire video was posted this afternoon on Buzzfeed’s Facebook page. It’s an outright Obamacare signup promo. Have a look.

I hardly need to make any dignity-of-the-office comments. Obama long ago decided he’d rather everyone think he’s groovy.

I wonder if there’s a word for “like a cousin.” Cousinular? That’s what Obama is. I’ve heard other leaders characterized as grandfatherly, paternal, or avuncular. Obama is like your cousin.

Cousinular. Or perhaps, childish.

29 Responses to Supposed News Organization Does Promo Video for Obama

    • That’s just what I thought.
      ‘My ding a ling’…1970’s song.
      Very odd, disgusting, sick, should not be part of a decent presidents daily functions.

  1. I just got stuck with that still photo. The video would not run.
    This person has to be ____.
    You mentioned groovy. He is the same age as I am. It is so depressing that the P. from my generaton is doing this, and all! Please do not blame on the whole generation.:) We are a great crew, I have the teachings of all my grandparents of the Great Gerneration and my parents.

  2. I just saw it on The Five. UGH.
    What does Yolo mean? I cannot believe he did this. As just stated the maniacs, and all the foreign learders will see this as well.

  3. Bob on the five, said he may be trying to lighten up things a little. That’s the best I can do.He is having a very hard time taking up for what’s his face.

  4. The Ultimate Narcissistc Weapon :) As a PSA: Not allowed in the Smithsonian museums and art galleries. I assume on the WH tours too?

    His supporters are on the defense against the eye rollers, “What, can’t he have fun?”

    I bet they thought Bush looking for WMDs under his desk was “fun” too? /sarc

  5. Not sure what everyone is complaining about
    This is awesome.
    It’s like a trailer for a romantic comedy.

    I hope this is used in the diplomacy used with Iran and Putin and the Chinese.
    Bring the popcorn and skittles.

  6. He made this video a couple of hours after the announcement of Kayla Mueller’s death. He didn’t go golfing this time — he made a selfie !! At least it was a truthful one !!.

      • It’s an awful piece of media claptrap, and everyone in the WH who planned it, authorized it, or participated in any way should be fired immediately. The key to the
        sacrilegious character of this buffoonish effort is that it took many hours to produce, hours that should have been spent in dealing with the continuous catastrophic events in the world, including the death of Kayla Mueller, which happened on the very day the video was produced.

  7. Mentally, President Adolescent has resigned the office, just as Meesh has quit except when free airplane rides are in the offing. They never wanted to be in the WH and now they have no more elections to win and no more need to pretend.