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Obama Schedule || Friday, February 13, 2015

11:20 am || Delivers remarks at the Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection; Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
12:20 pm || Participates in a roundtable with business leaders; Stanford University
4:40 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; private residence, San Francisco 

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29 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, February 13, 2015

  1. It’s interesting that the CEO’s from Facebook, Yahoo and Google have snubbed Obama by declining to attend his summit. Could it be related to Obama’s new plan to regulate the internet or privacy concerns/gov’t spying? Whatever, I’m sure he won’t care. It gives him cover for a free trip to CA for a weekend of golf.

  2. Hmmm. Is LameDuctator Obama staying overnight in San Francisco after the fundraiser among the communists of California? If so, is he staying at a 5 star hotel in San Francisco? Look for a round of golf at one of the courses in the area if he does. It also means that this trip’s real purpose, on the taxpayers dime naturally, was to flee the winter weather back in Washington and to hit the links at a no doubt exclusive golf course. Is Moochie accompanying him? Tomorrow is Valentine’s day after all.

    Ahhhhh. Ain’t life grand when you’re a Dictator!

  3. I took a couple of notes and placed the website address. I got knock off again. Internet cannot sdisplay this page.
    It was regarding Psaki speaking on the Megan Kelly show.

  4. The bigger question of the day: did AF1 make a stop on the way to California to drop Michelle and the girls off at some ski resort? Or let me guess, they took a separate plane. The life of the idle rich on our nickel. Blech.

    • You are correct. I mentioned the Kelly show, because while she was trying to expain a major issue, he was directing someone what to pack for him. The same day he filmed himself having fun in th office, there was major news of an American young woman being killed.

    • NY- even if they travel to the same exclusive resort, they seem to always fly separately.
      Then the dogs get their own ride. (Hopefully their trainers/handlers give them the love & companionship the Wons lack.)

  5. I think Obama is going to Sunnylands…again.

    Walter Annenberg would be spinning in his grave if he knew thata radical leftie was camping out with the choom gang at his prestigous Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage. When he was alive, Sunnylands was known as the White House West – a very exclusive hideaway where Republican presidents met with global leaders to relax, reflect, and WORK. Annenberg’s coterie of friends read like a Who’s Who from Republican presidents to world leaders to royalty.
    Sunnylands was Republican territory. I don’t ever recall DEM presidents visiting Sunnylands. Clinton may have been there once – I’m not sure. But this is Obama’s third trip To Sunnylands since he was re-elected. And the golf course is only nine-holes!

    • And to complete the mystery of Obama’s Annenberg connection, we have this:
      “The grant application was successful and in early 1995 Barack Obama was named chairman of the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Ayers was named co-chair of the Challenge’s operative and strategic body, the Chicago School Reform Collaborative. Ayers and Obama work together for the next five years on raising an additional $60 million in matching money from local foundations and corporations and using the money to intervene in the governance of the Chicago public schools.”

      Small world that Obama character lives in, ain’t it?

      • Thanks for the link, Marcus. I retract my statement about Annenberg spinning in his grave. Looks like he was funding the take-down of the public school system with the help of the radical-in-chief.

        • There’s so much complexity to Obama’s connections and affiliations that makes it very difficult to connect the dots. I worry about the connections Obama has that we don’t yet know about.

  6. I wonder if Tiger will meet Obama in California since neither can play golf anymore.

    I have to think that since there are no more elections for the Obamas and Dems Mooch and the Moochettes are Skiing in the most exclusive resort in the world with their plane load of friends and family. Switzerland? I can’t imagine the French letting the Obama back in France.

    • The first welfare family, the Obamas. Take, take, take, thats all they do, take our money and laugh at all of us behind our backs. They deserve to be kicked out of the White House, bag and baggage, sued for all the money wasted on crackpot projects and luxuries for themselves including Granny?? Can you believe that, Granny lives off the American people too? What gives them the right? And on top of taking our money, they hate us! We are all racists to them! the first Welfare family, the Obamas.