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John McCain’s Emotional Tribute to Kayla Mueller

From someone who survived captivity by our enemies to someone who did not.

9 Responses to John McCain’s Emotional Tribute to Kayla Mueller


      If she wanted to help, there are plenty of us-friendly countries to which she could have gone.

      She is another Rachel Corrie, including the anti-israel part.

      • It’s so much more gratifying to go to a foreign place where one is the apple of everyone’s eye for “sacrificing” by coming there, and where a dollar can do a deal of positive change, than it is it is to stay in the United States and work among our poor.

        I pray that this poor young woman didn’t suffer long for her choices; I hope her death was an easy one. And frankly, I hope she is dead and not immured in some muslim family as a third wife or a sex slave, never to see civilization again.

  1. Keith, I could not listen but I appreciate informing us of McCain’s thoughts on the American young lady. I tried find what he stated online, will continue.

  2. I have a daughter Kayla’s age. Why Kayla was there still mystifies me, but we cannot ignore the atrocity that occurred. I may disagree with McCain on some issues, but the man has endured more pain than most of us will ever imagine. His words are moving, his dedication to man and country undeniable.

    May Kayla and all others taken from this world by ISIS rest in peace


    • Agree. McCain drives me nuts 99.9% of the time but you could tell this speech was from the heart – He knows the pain she went through.

      It’s not for us to judge the reason Kayla was there. Her aunt said she was there with eyes wide open, not naive, and she went with her parents blessing and seems also with the encouragement and blessing of her minister, who spoke so glowingly about Kayla’s need to help. I would not have been so understanding if my daughter, or even son, said this was their calling.

  3. Read up on who Kayla Mueller really was, why she was in that particular part of the world and then get back to me about what an angel she was. She was an anti-Israeli activist and a member of a Hamas Organization. She chose to live among the Islamic terrorists whom she fervently supported. McCain is an old fool.