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Video || Obama Does Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”

Thought this might be a good one to start your day.

7 thoughts on “Video || Obama Does Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off””

  1. Very nice! Are you sure that didn’t come from the White House film shop?

    In slightly related news, Obama’s favorite Little League team was just stripped of their title for unsealing sealed records, falsifying voter registrations, and taking untraceable foreign donations. (Oh, wait…) Anyway, the kids, who played well, are now the victims of even more “Chicago politics”.

    1. “Chicago politics”, lie, cheat, steal, deny.
      J. Jackson Sr. on television stating that this Saturday a rally to ” reaffirm ” the teams championship will be held at Jackson’s PUSH headquarters. Lie and cheat but still champion’s.

      1. And the Congressional Black Caucus (of Hank “Guam is tipping” Johnson and Sheila (Grammy red carpet) Jackson Lee is telling BiBi not to disrespect their president by intruding –into the issue of whether or not Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth. But they don’t mind Barack repeatedly importing human props for his PROP-a-ganders. Push, indeed…

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