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Quote of the Day || February 11, 2015

“But that was the only lie we told. Honestly”

– David Axelrod

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

25 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || February 11, 2015”

  1. Oh God. ROTFLMAOPMP!! And forgive me, but everytime Axelrod is mentioned I see him with a medium size turd on his upper lip!! But that’s just me. And for anyone who doesn’t know, the PMP of ROTFLMAOPMP is “Peeing My Pants”!!!!

  2. He knew what Obama was, tries to act innocent all the time. Who knows how many people were destroyed that knew the real Obama, just to get him elected.

    1. I don’t know about that, Island Girl. We have a relative by marriage who knew him very well at Occidental College…and he refuses to talk about him. He is a Repub, also. He just shakes his head when the subject arises. We have come to the conclusion that he has been sworn to secrecy by the powers that be.

      1. Girly1, I do agree with I’m no Dhimmi says. That is scary. I have been trying to figure out if anyone, everyone has been payed off(not your friend) or intimidated one way or another.

        1. It is scary. We have all known about the relationship for years now…and he still remains silent. We can’t even find out i he was a good student or not, lol!

          1. Thanks for sharing. As far as his grades, that leads me to another question. Is there going to be a free pass from now on, for the person we elect in one of the most important jobs in the world? We cannot allow this to continue.

  3. lol. I have a website showing the draft resol. word for word?
    We need that book now. Everyone is sitting on information needs to release it now.

  4. I was watching the update on the Yemen Embassy. To learn that the State Dept was directing the military there on what to do (destroy) their weapons. It was stated on Fox that Centcom is outraged. The military taught never to be without their weapon. I heard a clip from Psaki expects the Houthies to respect our embassy in Yemen. How sweet (sarc)
    Gen Jack Keane (Ret) said this is all about Iran, gaining control of another capital. Houthies will get worse.

    1. This had to have been a decision by an idiot with no experience/intelligence whatsoever. They should have at least been able to keep their personal weapons. All I can think is the waste of $ and that the rebels now have a fresh infusion of weapons and vehicles. Amateur hour at the WH once again.

      1. The millions of dollars we have invested in Yemen, was just mentioned by Katherine Harris on Fox.
        Over 200 Govt. personnel. Our CIA & Diplomats who helped keep things in check now gone.

    2. The Marines may have been actually ordered by the State Department to hand over their weapons to the jihadists, rather than simply “destroy” their weapons. The internet is on fire with the topic, and the State Department is being purposely fuzzy about it. If true, then we know our government is not on our side.

      1. I just responded a little while ago. I must have clicked a different button by mistake, because my comment is not listed. I will try again.
        I had mentioned that the article states they destroyed the weapons. Where did you hear that the weapons were turned over? I heard a report on this early this morning on Fox, than a 1/2 hr. later they said that the weapons were destroyed.

        1. The best report I can find so far is the site referenced just above. It will be intersting to see how the spokespeople for the White House and State Department handle the issue today. More playing with words, I suspect is all we’ll head from them.

          1. It won’t be interesting, it will be the same lies and deception. Obama doesn’t give a damn, he just does his evil and thinks that no one can stop him. Whatever they say about it will be the same bs, they don’t care what anyone thinks. Mafia government.

      2. This President is the first traitor “president”of the United States of America! Why hasn’t he been fired and impeached? And how can the Republicans and the Independents and/or the military do nothing to stop this evil in our White House? Why don’t the Marines fight back and refuse to give up their weapons?? This cannot go on or this will set a precedent for the next arsehole like Clinton if she wins God Forbid.

  5. Speaking of Axelrod, I listened to a long radio interview Hugh Hewitt had with Axelrod yesterday (Axelrod was plugging his new book). Hewitt asked some tough questions, and tried to get some truth out of Axelrod about Obama, the election campaigns, etc etc. Here was my take away after listening to Axelrod: The guy is a snake, a BS’er who will spin, lie, conflate, deliberately intend to deceive, say or do anything to protect Obama and Axelrod’s own “career”. But we knew that already.

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