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The Obama Morning News || February 11, 2015

FCC Commissioner sites “enormous” White House pressure . . . Republican Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Ajit Pai voiced his concern Tuesday about President Obama’s proposal “to regulate the internet.” Pai cited concerns ranging from the proposal causing heavy-handed FCC regulations on the internet to the plan being a “gift to trial lawyers.” Daily Caller

White House seeks compromise on ISIS war powers . . . The White House will ask Congress to approve military action against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that bans “enduring offensive ground operations.” GOP lawmakers had balked at earlier language considered by a Senate panel in December that banned ground troops in combat operations with some exceptions, such as self-defense and rescue missions. The Hill

Bush tries to deal with his Common Core problem . . .  “I am for creating real restrictions on the federal government’s role in this so you can alleviate people’s fears that you’re going to have some kind of control by the federal government of content, of curriculum, or even standards. I’m against all that.” Time

Bush PAC tech guru resigns over offensive tweets . . . A new aide to Jeb Bush’s political action committee has resigned after it was revealed he made comments many deemed offensive about women and gay men. The Hill

Bill would allow Congress to veto Obama regs . . . A bill that would gut federal agencies’ ability to impose sweeping regulations could save government workers a great deal of time and money if implemented — more than 11 million hours of paperwork and $27 billion each year — according to an advocacy group. Fox News

Groups backed by Cuba continue to wage terror . . . U.S. officials are considering removing Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism, even as Cuban allies continue to launch military attacks and trade for weapons. Washington Free Beacon

5 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || February 11, 2015”

  1. I just heard the Yemen embassy will be closed as security deteriorates.
    All the regulations, caveats, time limit have been noted in the draft.
    I would rather hear “Let’s go get them”, Ready Go!, We will procede with this to keep our Country safe!,
    No one will change our wonderful Country! I hope everyone get’s my point. I may not be a good title person, but to me those sound better than this tip toe crud. The enemy is also reading this draft.

  2. Regarding Common Core, Bush tried to assure everyone regarding the issue itself. I would like Bush to stand in front of a chalkboard, while on camera. He can than show American citizens how a simple grammer school math problem under the Common Core standard. People would be very surprised.

  3. Well, if the FCC votes for that, its not right. Pressure? You mean the Mafia government is threatening the FCC now? And trash talk about Staples today? Every day something else. The guy is starved for any kind of attention, bad or good, doesn’t matter.

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