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Live Stream || Obama on Authorization for Use of Military Force Against ISIS

The event has concluded.

26 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama on Authorization for Use of Military Force Against ISIS”

  1. Shep “too lazy to read some real news” Smith on FNC is so excited to go Live to the ‘president’…
    I am switching over to ESPN.
    Let me know what I missed (not much I am betting)

    1. Today as part of 60 nations our men and woman continue to fight against ISIS. Destroying the tanks, vehichles training camps, oil commanders and leaders. Helped to push ISIS back. Seen reports of sinking moral amoung them. This will be difficult mission for some timey. ISIS is going to lose. Degrade and destroy. Strongest as nation when o and Congress work together. This objective will destroy ISIS. Proventing attacks, that try to threaten our Countries as well. Thanks Biden, Hagel, Kerry. The resolution does not call to deploy ground troops. Convinced U.S. should not get dragged into a log war. Same time strikes balance of flexibilty, Not asking military to risk their lives on our behalf. DID I HEAR THAT LAST SENTENCE RIGHT?
      As a nation will ask when, why how to use military force. Will be for 3 years. Congress should revisit at the beginning of the next President term. People’s Rep’s should have that discussion. Crafting it they have listened to Dems and Reps. will work closely days ahead to work with them both. We can show U.S. is united in this mission. We solute our military and pray for their safety.

  2. The thought of turning over complete control of war powers to this madman is unsettling. Once the ink is dry, Congress will have zero control over him. After the debacles in Libya and Iraq, this ignoramus should never be allowed to oversee anything but the latrines.

      1. X2
        Speaking of latrins, it was just mentioned on The Five, that anyone that is against the Keystone Pipeline, should not have an indoor toliet.

      2. Obama couldn’t run a successful cold water concession in the middle of the Sahara Desert. He would screw up the cold water business as he screws up everything else he touches.

    1. Seriously, we need three years against the “JV team”? How much blood would have been spared if incompetent Obama hadn’t created the vacuum that allowed ISIS to take control?

      1. OblameBush had his chance to repel all of these issues if he would have supported the uprising in Iran against the regime there early in his impotency (2009). But no he wouldn’t interfere then and look where we are now. The uprising would have changed everything in Iran (the root of all the evil) but Mr. OblameBush was a community organizer not a world leader.

  3. So here is Obama publicly telling ISIS how long we will engage with them, that we will not take offensive measures, only defensive measures and everything else that ISIS needs to know to succeed in their efforts. And to compound the matter, Obama will likely enforce all the self-defeating Rules Of Engagement he uses to cripple the efforts of our men and women in the field. All of which once again raises the question: who is Obama really working for?

    1. An Army is a collection of armed men obliged to obey one man. Every change in the rules which impairs the principle weakens the army.
      William Tecumseh Sherman

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