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White House: Global Warming a Greater Threat than Terrorism

Even as America’s Islamist enemies multiply in the Middle East, the White House today left little doubt that President Obama views global warming as a greater threat than terrorism, refusing to say this wasn’t the case and asserting that more people are affected by changes in the weather than by terror.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest would not deny that Obama’s comment to Vox that the media overstate the threat of terrorism – and give too little attention to things like global warming and epidemics – meant that Obama views these issues as a greater concern than terrorism. What’s more, Earnest said that “many more people have to face the impact” of climate change and epidemic disease.

“There are many more people on an annual basis who have to confront the impact – the direct impact on their lives – of climate change or on the spread of disease than on terrorism,” Earnest said. “When you’re talking about the direct daily impact of these kinds of challenges on the daily lives of Americans . . .  more people are directly affected by those things than by terrorism.”

Earnest went on to describe the threat from terrorism as greatly diminished from what it was previously. “The threat from terror that is faced by the American people in the United States is much different than it has been before,” Earnest said, arguing that terrorists no longer had “the time and the space” for plotting and organizing assaults that they did when al Qaeda operated freely in Afghanistan and launched the 9/11 attacks. “Terrorists organizations no longer have that same capacity,” he said.

But that doesn’t make much sense because they have their own state now, right? Al Qaeda were merely guests of the Taliban.

Earnest sought to defend another statement Obama made during the Vox interviews, saying that when Obama remarked that terrorists “randomly” shot people “in a deli” in Paris, he meant that the people were not specifically chosen by name. Asked if they were not at least targeted by religion, Earnest replied, absurdly, that “there were people other than just Jews who were in that deli.” But he then acknowledged that there was no doubt the deli was attacked because it was a Jewish deli.

That is, it wasn’t random.

19 thoughts on “White House: Global Warming a Greater Threat than Terrorism”

  1. The real JV team continues to blather on and do nothing. Obama said today that the killers responsible for the death of Kayla Mueller would be “brought to justice.” Nothing but chest pounding hubris from that limp wristed twit.

  2. Nothing is making sense from the WH anymore. I don’t understand how global warming can be more threatening than an “organization” of people who behead and burn people alive in the name of their religion.

    1. O enjoys sticking forks in USA’s eye these days. Bonehead is a wimp in the corner covering his eyes when he is not caving into O like he did in the recent budget. o knows current r leadership ain’t gonna do nothing so he’s a sticking away thug style goading r’s. G.W. formulas never worked. The GWarmers lied for the govt $. The office of the prez will never be the same again.

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  4. The entire Obama administration sounds like the patients in the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. There is a world wide jihadist uprising happening right before our very eyes. In Indonesia, the US, Canada, South America, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, North Africa, all over the MidEast, the jihadist are killing everyone in sight, including other Muslims. And our biggest problem is the man-made global warming hoax? The MSM is over- reporting this world wide jihadist slaughter? It’s exactly the opposite–they are, if anything–under-reporting this madness.

  5. No offense…
    But I would luv to see a “9/11” or even worse event strike against the USA in the next few months just to show what a clueless, anti-American a##hole that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is…

        1. Its going to happen anyway, whether we wish it or not. The enemy is here. Yesterday in Chicago a Muslim woman was charged with giving financial and material aid to ISIS. Here’s the good part, she works in a “secured” cargo area at O’Hare airport.

  6. Someone needs to tell Josh that the terrorist event that took place in 2001 happened on September 11th not on the 1st. What an idiot…..,,,

    Has anyone ever considered that the Obama may have been speaking of his own administration when he spoke of the JV team?

    I mean we need to get representatives from all 57 states and vote on this……..I bet the representatives from those 7 states are racist because they have never said even hello to the President.

    I hope Congress does not give the President war authority to go after ISIS. He is not capable.

  7. Coop, Marcus, Beckwith;
    Ya’ beat me to it,I am of the same opinion.
    AZGranny, “organization”, I guess the WH means sorta like the Elk’s.

  8. Coming soon: “Obama Air”, aka draconian carbon taxes. After he was re-elected, Al Gore told Obama to screw the public and just by bypass Congress and do it! I predict stormy weather for the next two years.

  9. My guess would be his stock investment in fake climate change is dropping so he has to talk it up to keep the cash pouring in to his political buddies pockets. Billions spent and nothing to show.

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