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Video || Michelle Surprises Guests in the White House

Well this is kind of cute. I mean, I don’t expect you to watch all 28 minutes, but I thought you might want to have a look.

It’s one of the nice things Mrs. Obama does – occasionally surprising guests by making herself part of the White House tour. In this case, they were being brought into the newly redecorated White House Old Family Dining Room, which is open to the public for the first time.

Mrs. Obama invited former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager to join her, which was a classy thing to do. Jenna looks great, doesn’t she? Interesting how many people recognize her and seem glad to see her.

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  1. Jenna Bush Hager does look good.

    Is there anyone here that tend to agree with me that this is out of character for the Obama’s ?

    This is a conundrum to me.

    1. I’m still stewing over Shelia Jackson Lee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz being “caught” on the Grammys red carpet. They’re using the excuse “music industry research”, yet the media isn’t digging into that? Ugh.

  2. “one of the nice things she does”? What?
    It’s probably a secret, but most Americans don’t want the FLOTUS to do anything, other than look nice, be polite and show up for offical events.
    We DON’T want the FL to interfere in our private lives, to change the way things are, or to tell us that we’re too fat, don’t know how to raise children and don’t exercise enough.

  3. The next two years are going to be crucial to the Obama administration.

    Regulations that will be designed to mute the capitalism that he disdains.

    Continued stonewalling on documents that the congress needs to pursue investigations into the IRS, F&F, and Benghazi.

    We elected the current congress to put the brakes on this.
    If they fail to do so, it is not our fault,…..but it is our fault if we allow them get away with it.

  4. It would have been a better moment for The Mooch if she hadn’t demanded a $donation to the Democrat party before untying the group and releasing them from that dark room in the basement of the WH. I think that ruined the occasion. ;+}

  5. Thanks Keith. Ten seconds was enough for me. This orchestrated stunt appears to be a huge step toward damage control, imo. This is the first time in six years that she ever greeted WHITE people, exclusively! Her aides probably thought she had lost her mind when she ordered them to find her some Caucasians…

    Was Jenna doing a segment for the TODAY show? Or was she an invited guest. Too bad the ‘surly sisters’ weren’t there to get some pointers from the adorable Jenna.

  6. we are all so bitter, but yes it was a great thing to do and i hope she does it often. Though I had to laugh Michelle kept saying Jenna but didn’t quite spit out BUSH! lol. Thanks Keith!

  7. Did our First Entitlement Queen take up a collection so Dictator Obama has cigarette money? Cash only, no checks or credit cards.

    What a world class phony.

  8. Give me a break. Moochelle only invited Jenna to surprise the tourists with her because Mooch wanted yet another segment on the Today Show!

    Michelle Obama unveils ‘bold’ redo of family dining room with Jenna Bush Hager

    TODAY contributing correspondent, and former first daughter, Jenna Bush Hager is back at the White House for an interview with Michelle Obama.

    “The first lady has invited me back to take a look at a very bold, modern redo she’s done of the Old Family Dining Room,” Jenna said in a preview of an interview and tour that will air Wednesday on TODAY.


    Jenna helped the first lady unveil the renovated dining room late Tuesday morning when they surprised visitors taking the White House public tour. The refurbished room was paid for by a donation from the White House Historical Association.

    More photos here:

    I don’t particularly care for the new modern art, and the new rug is hideous. I wonder if they used that same designer Mooch used to renovate the Oval Office a few years back, (complete with that tacky horrible looking block of a coffee table, boring beige couches, and some fugly African knickknacks).

    Honestly, I think the old dining room looked better before this completely unnecessary reno.

    1. The old dining room was sunny and inviting. The redo seems a bit sterile with a titch of personality from a funeral parlor. I don’t care for the modern art either.

      1. Of course, I preferred Jackie’s taste in design, she was excellent at it. I believe she started the WH Historical Preservation group that’s “supposed” to keep the WH from turning into a Studio 54.

  9. I read that link on the WH’s site. Apparently, Mooch is a fan on modern abstract art and she wanted to make leave her mark on the WH:

    Today, the First Lady unveils the room’s new, modern face.

    The Old Family Dining Room has been refurbished to serve a showcase of modern art and design — changes that have been funded as a special donation from the White House Historical Association. The room features a new gray wall color, new gilded medal and glass wall sconces, and new red draperies influenced by the less-formal ones that Mrs. Kennedy installed in 1963. A pictorial weaving — Black, White, and Gray by Anni Albers — has been adapted for a wool rug for the room. The Philadelphia bookcase on the south wall of the room has been filled with 20th-century American tableware. The tea service from the 1939 World’s Fair has been placed on the sideboard.

    Four works of American abstract art — a favorite of the First Family’s — have also been donated to the permanent White House collection to be placed in the dining room. Those works include:

    North Wall: Resurrection by Alma Thomas (1891-1978)
    West Wall: Early Bloomer [Anagram (a Pun)] by Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008)
    South Wall: Study for Homage to the Square: Asking by Josef Albers (1888-1976)
    South Wall:Homage to the Square by Josef Albers (1888-1976)

    And, here’s the main goal – Mooch wanted to make sure she installed the first piece of art by an African American woman. Note the $290,000 cost. No future FLOTUS would ever dare to change that one out:

    The small Old Family Dining Room, just off the State Dining Room, has been refurbished by Michelle Obama in the first major project that will leave her mark on the interiors of the historic building.

    Using modern art and design, the first lady has made a bold statement in a room that has been used for private events, including presidential working lunches and special gatherings such as Seders. While retaining many of the Kennedy-era antiques and the glittering 1780 crystal chandelier, the artworks added to the room are contemporary, including original pieces by Robert Rauschenberg, Josef Albers and Anni Albers. One of the most significant additions is a 1966 painting by Alma Thomas, a force in the Washington Color School and the first African-American woman whose art is included in the White House permanent collection.

    The room, now a part of the official public tour, “has a more streamlined, cleaner look now,” said William Allman, White House curator. “It’s more like what you would expect at an art gallery.”

    Allman said the first lady and the Committee for the Preservation of the White House, which reviews preservation and conservation work at the executive mansion, were comfortable in creating a different style in the room.

    The new burgundy window treatments, four gilded bronze sconces, a repainting of the room from yellow to gray, and other refurbishments were paid by the White House Historical Association. One of the major costs was the purchase of Thomas’s piece, “Resurrection,” from a New York gallery last year for $290,000. According to the White House, no public funds were used for the project, which was five years in the making.

    “This is a terrific reflection of what the Obamas are doing in the White House. It is very respectful of the past yet embraces today,” said Margaret Russell, editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest. “The punch of art is just extraordinary. It’s elegant, fresh and full of life.”

    Abstract art has always been a favorite of the Obamas. Two paintings by the 20th century modernist Josef Albers — are featured across from a large mirror acquired during a 1902 restoration of the White House by the Roosevelt administration. According to the White House Historical Association, the dining room was probably the space used by newly elected Teddy Roosevelt to host African American educator Booker T. Washington at a landmark 1901 “family dinner” that triggered race-oriented protests.

  10. I’m such a cynic, no way that was a surprise, why chance having a group of “tea party folks” wander through at that moment. You do have to go through TSA type security to get anywhere inside the WH, so we know they were safe. But surprised? I don’t think so. Of course the cameras were all in position and ready too :)

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