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The Obama Morning News || February 10, 2015

Feds won’t release IRS Tea Party targeting documents . . . The Obama administration is refusing to publicly release more than 500 documents on the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups. Twenty months after the IRS scandal broke, there are still many unanswered questions about who was spearheading the agency’s scrutiny of conservative-leaning organizations. The Hill sought access to government documents that might provide a glimpse of the decision-making through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The Hill asked for 2013 emails and other correspondence between the IRS and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). The request specifically sought emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner and Treasury officials, including Secretary Jack Lew, while the inspector general was working on its explosive May 2013 report that the IRS used “inappropriate criteria” to review the political activities of tax-exempt groups. TIGTA opted not to release any of the 512 documents covered by the request, citing various exemptions in the law. The Hill

Obama border security plan expands immigration . . . Obama’s new border security plan is being expanded to allow illegals in the United States to bring their children, their adult children, their grandchildren and even step-parents into the United States. Obama is opening “a whole new pipeline for legal migration,” said Ann Corcoran, editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch. Once the new program is established, future officials can expand it to include more economic migrants from more poor countries, she told The Daily Caller.

States rise up against federal regulation . . . State legislators around the country have introduced more than 200 bills aiming to nullify regulations and laws coming out of Washington, D.C., as they look to rein in the federal government. The legislative onslaught, which includes bills targeting federal restrictions on firearms, experimental treatments and hemp, reflects growing discord between the states and Washington, state officials say. The Hill

Obama to Netanyahu: Merkel wouldn’t have done this to me . . . “As much as I love Angela, if she was two weeks away from an election, she probably would not have received an invitation to the White House, and I suspect she wouldn’t have asked for one,” Obama said at a Monday press conference after meeting the German leader in Washington. Newsmax

Michelle: Eat right, and the government will leave you alone . . . “If you don’t like the doctor, if you don’t like government, if you don’t like folks messing with your life, the best thing to do is make sure you’re healthy. Because that’s going to increase your odds for making sure that you don’t have to deal with the system.” Washington Times

GOP: administration steering funds toward supporters . . . House Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of letting millions of dollars from recent mortgage-lending settlements go toward politically favored advocacy groups, in turn “shortchanging” the people originally harmed by the financial crisis. Fox News

What? Disarray in a Hillary Clinton campaign? . . . David Brock on Monday abruptly resigned from the board of the super PAC Priorities USA Action, revealing rifts that threaten the big-money juggernaut being built to support Hillary Clinton’s expected presidential campaign. Politico

U.S. embassy met with Israeli anti-Netanyahu group . . . Top officials at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv met in late January with one of the main progressive groups working to tip the upcoming Israeli elections against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and helped facilitate the organization’s visit to the United States this week to learn political organizing techniques. Washington Free Beacon

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  1. Being born in a “poor country” is not a legitimate reason to move to the US. If someone is poor, uneducated/illiterate, and doesn’t speak English, they will be poor, uneducated/illiterate and unemployed here.
    We are not the world’s answer to a good life for the unfortunate, we are offering opportunity to become something better, not to provide life sustaining support to the poor.

    Aww, the IRS isn’t being nice and wants to keep hidden it’s illegal activities surrounding the targeting of the tea party organizations. Not a surprise.

    The WhiteHouse minions are messing with the free elections in Israel hoping to unseat PMNetanyahu in favor of what?
    The WhiteHouse is spreading federal wealth to favored organizations – no surprise there, either.
    MrsObama shows herself to be as stupid, arrogant, and clueless as her husband when it comes to the future of the American public. How dare she!

    1. X2. I took short notes while I was reading. I am speechless again. Once again I would like everyone that states what is going on in this Country is just great, to confirm that they look their children and grandchildren in the eye and say yes this will a great Country. The people with lots of money that stand behind The List, etc. may think that none of it will effect them or their children. Even if it does not, can they say the same thing to their neighbor, former teacher, 3rd and 4th cousins, etc.?

  2. Oh thanks, Michelle, for those profound remarks from your propaganda garden! If I ever manage to get through to the IRS in my attempt to get a hardship exemption from the Obamacare fine (yes, I liked my plan but my plan was cancelled. Then the new Obamacare-compliant plan premium was hiked 79%!) I will be sure to tell the IRS agent that I ate my peas and carrots today.


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