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Video || The Obama News Network Falls Apart

NBC turned left and went right off a cliff.

4 Responses to Video || The Obama News Network Falls Apart

  1. There’s a disturbing back-story to these lies and fabrications that we haven’t heard yet.
    Men lie about their bravery, their exploits, whatever to impress someone, usually an attractive woman (or man).

    When a guy lies about some feat or event that is easily disproved, there’s more going on than a ‘fog’ of memory.
    IMO, he needs some therapy to come to realize that he’s just a pretty face news reader and not anyone’s hero.

    • Good article about this on by Dr Keith Ablow. Why does Brian (The Germinator) Williams feel the need to pump up the story when he was pretty courageous just to be in the places he was in the first place?

  2. Obama
    His Administration
    His Liberal Media
    Politicians(too numerous to mention)
    The IRS
    Entitled Liars without guilt.