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Obama Suggests Israel Wants War with Iran

President Obama today suggested Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes a peace deal over Iran’s nuclear weapons program is not possible, indicating Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress was an attempt to undermine negotiations for a nuclear agreement by drumming up support for legislation that would authorize new sanctions against Iran.

Obama spoke during a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

The prime minister and I have a very real difference around Iran – Iran sanctions. I have been very clear . . . that it does not make sense to sour the negotiations a month or two before they are about to be completed. We should play that out. If, in fact, we can get a deal, then we should embrace that. If we can’t get a deal, then we’ll have to make a set of decisions and, as I’ve said to Congress, I’ll be the first to work with them to apply even stronger measures against Iran.

“But what’s the rush?” Obama asked with respect to sanctions. And then, his tone became caustic:

Unless your view is that, it’s not possible to get a deal with Iran, and it shouldn’t even be tested. And that I cannot agree with, because as the president of the United States, I’m looking at what the options are if we don’t get a diplomatic resolution. And those options are narrow, and they’re not attractive. And from the perspective of U.S. interests, and I believe from the perspective of Israel’s interests – although, I can’t speak, obviously, for the Israeli government – it is far better if we can get a diplomatic solution.

Obama is right to feel concerned about the options facing him should negotiations fail. But given the existential threat posed by Iranian nuclear weapons not just to Israel, but to the United States; the determination of Iran to get a nuclear weapon; the closeness of Iran to that goal, and the short “breakout” period it would have under any deal; its constant deceptions over the years; and the inability of the United States to reliably detect cheating, a verifiable agreement with Iran that will safeguard our country does not seem possible. At least not at this point, some six years after Obama – “whats the rush?” – embarked on this goal.

24 thoughts on “Obama Suggests Israel Wants War with Iran”

    1. A cream pie? After Obama has shown Israel his ass? And the American people?
      Obama needs a furious butt whippin’ is what he needs.
      You would have thought the elections of 2010 and 2014 would have instilled a little humility and self-reflection in this Craptastic CinC, but no.

  1. Muslim scholar Afif A. Tabateh wrote in his book ‘The Spirit of Islam’ in 1988 that:

    ‘Lying is not always bad, to be sure; there are times when telling a lie is more profitable and better for the general welfare, and for the settlement of conciliation among people, than telling the truth.’

    According to one of the daughters of Mohammed (570-633AD), Allah condones lying for reconciliztion among muslims, to enemies in war to gain an advantage, and with wives to resolve disputes.

    Can anyone, Dems in Congress or any allies the USA has left in the World, TRUST what bho thinks, says, or does? jb

    1. You are describing Military Science. This is what you would do to through off your enemy and the U.S is the master of it. What does a muslim scholar have any fcuking thing to do with it dummy?

  2. But the Iranians have already shown that the only deal for them is to have nuclear weapons. They have said as much. They have demonstrated as much.
    We also know Barry, after observing you for the last 6 years, talk about your red lines, your “deals,” your “like your doctor, keep your doctor,” bullcrap, that you are incapable of making any kind of deal that benefits America or Israel.

  3. “I’m looking at what the options are if we don’t get a diplomatic resolution. And those options are narrow, and they’re not attractive. And from the perspective of U.S. interests, and I believe from the perspective of Israel’s interests – although, I can’t speak, obviously, for the Israeli government – it is far better if we can get a diplomatic solution.”

    So he just told Iran (again) that he’s not willing to pay the price of forcing Iran to behave, and that any agreement is better than no agreement.

    They are laughing in Tehran at this fool of a president who thinks he’s so smart and sophisticated but who continues to prove he hasn’t a clue to the Middle-Eastern mindset. Power rules. Compassion is weakness. “Reset buttons” are laughable. And Obama is going to get us a nuclear Iran.

    1. Why? Why would anyone want to allow Iran to have any type of access?
      This man negotiating with Iran,is the same person in his recent release interview, stated U.S. is the largest Country in the world.
      This is the same man who said, that’s all people watch: Overplaying threat.
      Col. Ralph Peters just stated on Fox o has a distate for the media. The treat is growin larger by the day. Also Putin making hash out of post WWII.
      Another embarrassment,The issue of Merkel and Hollande flying to France to discuss issue of Ukraine and o plays golf. o is more worried about Global Warming and people in NE getting slammed still with snow.

    2. It’s another example of Obama’s two-point international strategy: 1. Telegraph your intentions and goals to your enemy and, 2. Demonize Israel.

  4. OT: What is this issue that Samsung can listen to you though your TV? The federal dept. can get that info without a warrant.
    They can still hear, even if your TV is off, because they can turn it on.
    Samsung said they take privacy serious, and have means to secure your personal information.

  5. Wonder how much Valjar has had to do with these decisions on Iran…her background is scary and should forbid her to influence how we treat or negotiate with Iran.

    1. Of course, she is the one making the decisions, 0 just parrots what she instructs. He is too muddled (stoned) to ever have anything close to a coherent thought.

  6. OT Did anyone read the Editorial in the NYT about Scott Walker, who they already hate, and called him Mr. Scott! An editorial, for real, and they don’t even have his name right!

  7. It is now apparent to all but the willful blind that the legacy of the Democrat party has been unleashing on the world the greatest threat in history. Jimmy Carter was instrumental in the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He turned on the Shah who was a reliable pro American ruler, pulled American support for him, and allowed the Mullahs to take over Iran. In fact he even praised Khomeini as a man of peace and moderation. Now Obama is enabling Iran to become a nuclear power in the deluded belief that he can turn them into our friend. The net result is the most powerful and destructive weapons in history will be in the hands of the most fanatical group of people since the Nazis.

    1. It was actually Eisenhower who overthrew our democratically elected government and initiated the mistrust of the U.S by Iranians where extremism was channelled through a unifying force (the shia religion). So you war mongers can all go Fcuk yourselves. Give peace a chance after fcuking up the world so much in the latter half of the 20th century. Undue your evil you ignorant American.

  8. a war between israel and iran is a must happen,whether you like it or not.this war was prophesised in the bible in the book of Ezekiel 38.iran in the bible is referred to as persia.iran together with other nations like russia,egypt,lebanon,ethiopia etc will gather to destroy that very time when the war is just to begin s when the Man of Sorrows the Messiah will appear to protect israel.note,this will be after the 7 years of tribulation during the second coming of the Messiah.But this time when the Messiah is coming like a thief in the night,let us prepare right because the Lord has already send His mighty servant promised in Malachi 4:5,Elijah the prophet who is now busy preparing the way for the coming of the Messiah.for more please visit

  9. what’s the rush? WHAT’S THE RUSH? why doesn’t Obama save us all a lot of time and just come out and SAY he hates Israel–or, as it’s sometimes known, “those random folks in the desert”?

  10. ——– Obama claimed that stopping Islamist Iran form getting NUK is related to the Arab–Israel conflict: Wikileaks disclosed that :
    ****** the Arab leaders requested USA to stop Islamist Iran, the traditional regional historical superpower Arabs geopolitical enemy by any means******
    Every decent worldwide will agree that if a world leader delivered a speech in the British parliament before Chambering surrender Czechoslovakia to the NAZI and managed to change the faulty agreement could changed the world history for better.

    President Obama diverts away the discussion from the crucial problem relevant to the entire world to irrelevant points, such as protocol.

    President Obama, leading the mighty USA, faulty ME political experiments are dangerous for the entire world.
    The next 2 USA presidents will have a hard work to fix his faulty experiments.

    Like in Hans Christians Anderson story- Netanyahu plays the role of the small child crying:
    “”The king is naked””.
    (And the King ( Obama) wants to stop the child cry, before the people will recognize that indeed – the kink is naked.)

    Imagine how will be living in a world where terrorists are protected by a Islamist Iran with almost ready NUK power!!
    Shai terrorists supported by Islamist Iran attcked in Yemen- Argentina- Lebanon-Bulgaria-Iraq- India- Syria- Thailand- Egypt- Uruguay- Gulf states- USA and Saud Arabia.
    Islamist Iran ambitions are defined in 2 stages:

    Stage 1:
    Reestablishing the ancient Persian empire over the Fertile Crescent by using the SHIA in all the countries (including the territories of Islamist Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and some of the Gulf states)
    Islamist Iran proxy forces and Islamist Iran revolutionary guard are taking part in all the conflicts in those areas.
    (NAZI stage 1 was to control all the territories with German speaking people)

    Stage 2: Imposing worldwide the Shia version of Islamism:
    (NAZI stage 2 was to try to impose their ideology worldwide by force)

    **:”This century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government and the downfall of all others”**
    Constitution of Islamist Republic of Iran
    *****:””the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America””.
    Said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, supreme leader
    *********USA foreign affairs report about Islamist Iran:
    Few samples- many more in the testimony
    –*”Iran leaders view terrorism as an impotent foreign policy to export -the Islamsit Iran ideals”
    –For more than 20 years provides financial, material,logistic and training to terror organizations worldwide , listed 41 countries.
    —:” Islamsit Iran is the single most significant threat to stability and prosperity”.
    —-* Documents seized from Islamist Iran unveiled the strategy in South and North
    America- saying that Muslim population will be used to penetrate Islamsit ideology in the Americas.
    ************** Wikileaks disclosed that the Arab leaders requested USA to stop Islamist Iran, the traditional regional historical superpower Arabs geopolitical enemy by any means.
    Obama claimed that stopping Islamist Iran form getting NUK is related to the Arab–Israel conflict.

    Now, imagine a world where terror organizations currently active in 41 countries are protected by Islamist Iran NUKS!!!!
    The people will live in the NAZI era before Czechoslovakia agreement and NAZI era post Czechoslovakia agreement.

    Is president Obama the modern time Chamberlin?

  11. President Obama is either purposely, or ignorantly ignoring the facts. Our intelligence community has provided him information that proves Iran is seeking The bomb. Maybe, he believes we should allow Iran to be a nuclear state because then they would show more control? In my opinion, that would be extremely dangerous. We have to pay the devil his dues–either we stop Iran now, at a certain cost, or we stop them later–after they use their bomb(s). If we stop them now, it will be less costly that if we attack them after they do some terrible thing–like kill tens of thousands or, (hundreds of thousands) of Americans, or Israelis. In that instance our military response will be over-the-top, destroying Muslim targets and population centers all over the Arab, Pakistani, and Afghan world, inclusive of Mecca and Medina.

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