As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama-Merkel Press Conference

The event has concluded.

5 Responses to Live Stream || Obama-Merkel Press Conference

  1. MrsMerkel brings to mind the late Golda Meir and Indira Ghandi: women leaders with the weight of the evil world on their shoulders, but with the strength and fortitude to take it in stride.
    MrsClinton would not be in the same league, nor would she inspire confidence they way that those women did (and do).

  2. He’s worried about glo-bull warming and coal-fired energy with the German leader? Is he that dense and clueless about the conditions in central Europe that he doesn’t know that coal is a big deal there.

    ot: does the Pres show a swelling and bruise on his left chin? or is it a trick of lighting. He looks even worse today than he did in last night’s video.

  3. Interesting contrast: Merkel–Supports the interests of the people of Germany, defends her country against all enemies, and fights to establish a strong economy in her country. Obama–Ignores the interests of the people of the United States, opens the country’s borders to all enemies and blows up the economy of the United States.