As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

29 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || February 8, 2015

    • Thanks for the link AFVet.
      My heat still ache’s at the memory of school mates and neighborhood boy’s who made the supreme sacrifice.
      Its been a long time since 1966, but I, as I’m sure many of us haven’t and won’t forget our hero’s, from all the wars.

      • I enlisted when I was 17.
        I turned 18 and 2 weeks later I was in basic training in Texas.

        At that time the draft was still in place and I had seen many of my schoolmates drafted into the Army.
        I wanted to serve in the Air Force.

  1. Cameron’s New Love

    –Excerpt from Daily Mail
    Reggie Love has been recruited to help steer Tories to victory in election.

    President Obama’s former bag carrier and ‘chief of stuff’ has joined David Cameron’s election team and will be tasked with winning the Prime Minister a second term in office.

    Sources have revealed that Mr Love, 33, has teamed up with Jim Messina, the Obama campaign manager in 2012, with the Tories hoping their two latest recruits will help steer the party to victory.

    @ Keith
    After your story last week on “Operatives Tied to Obama Target Arab Vote to Unseat Netanyahu”… is anyone in the press or Washington investigating this further as possible violation of the Logan Act?

    • What in the world will Cameron do after Obama leaves? Obama got him elected the first time with his ‘strategy team’. He owes everything to his master, including allegiance to Reggie!

      Happened to see Reggie on CNN last week (Wolf Blitzer I think it was). What a dim bulb. He didn’t mention his new position in the UK, but when asked what he wanted to do after Obama leaves, he said he wanted to do ‘what Wolf is doing’. More collateral damage from Obama!