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Obama Not Complaining About Global Warming Today

Because it’s still early February, and he went to play golf.

It’s nearly 60 degrees in the Washington DC area today. He’s playing at Joint Base Andrews with three of his usual partners, White House aides Mike Brush, Joe Paulsen, and Marvin Nicholson

It’s Obama’s second time playing this year and the 215th outing of his presidency.

24 thoughts on “Obama Not Complaining About Global Warming Today”

  1. Big surprise there. Must be hard to let ValJar do all the work while all O has to do is read the lies on the prompter, play golf and go on vacations.

    Lets hope the Texas Law suit goes forward and stops the illegal immigration of Mr I should be impeached.

  2. This is what I love about living in a mid-Atlantic states. We always have these surpise and welcomed “warm spells” in the winter. Lucky for the Duffer-in-Chief, eh?

    Meanwhile my niece in Maine posted a FB photo of a snowman with an ax in his head, I’m worried about her (wink, wink).

        1. Obama has many advisers in addition to VJ. Included are one bald former Republican who collects belly button lint as a hobby, the guy who cleans out the garbage cans in back of the White House, a guy he used to know in Hawaii, two former trapeze artists from a circus he went to in Florida, a guy who plays a good game of Fish, his wife’s hairdresser and some guy who wandered into the White House last year while looking for his lost dog and several composite ex-girl friends.

  3. 60 degrees outside:
    Northeastern States – time for shorts and tees.
    Southwestern States – time for huddling under the electric blanket and bulky sweaters.

    We feel for you north-ies, cold, snow up the ying-yang, and yes, cold.
    Three months from now, you’ll be basking in the balmy weather and us south-ies will be moaning that ‘it’s too hot”.

  4. It’s really something else that he just had to play golf today when he’ll be playing in CA all next weekend (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), just like last year’s long Presidents Day weekend. I posted about it last night in the Saturday Open Thread.

    But, then again, he does everything he can to avoid spending time with Mooch and the daughters.

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