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Obama Schedule || Monday, February 9, 2015

10:25 am || Meets wtih German Chancellor Merkel
11:40 am || Holds a press conference with Merkel; East Room
12:45 pm || Holds a working lunch with Merkel; Cabinet Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama-Merkel press conference at 11:40 am

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  1. With everything going on in the world, President Adolescent Doofus has one thing, and one thing only, on his mind this week. It’s Presidents Day next Monday, which means he gets to spend a long weekend golfing with the Choom Gang in CA! There’s a DNC event first, but prior to that he’s attending a Cyber Security event so the trip can be considered official business and therefore on the taxpayers’ dime. All of this has conveniently been scheduled to land him in CA for the long weekend so he and his pals can golf while Mooch and kids and huge entourage of friends and staffers hit Aspen yet again. It’s fun being King and Queen!

    It’s only a three day “work” week, if that:

    Schedule for the Week of February 9, 2015

    On Monday, the President will host Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House. The President and Chancellor Merkel will have a meeting in the Oval Office followed by a joint press conference and a working lunch. The two leaders will discuss a range of issues including Ukraine, Russia, counterterrorism, ISIL, Afghanistan, and Iran. They will also cover economic growth, international trade, climate change and Germany’s plans for hosting the G-7 Summit in June.

    On Tuesday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

    On Wednesday, the President will make remarks on the progress made to date, and the next steps in our response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

    On Thursday, the President will travel to San Francisco, CA where the he will remain overnight.

    On Friday, while in California, the President will travel to Palo Alto to deliver remarks at the Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University, to help shape public and private sector efforts to protect American consumers and companies from growing threats to consumers and commercial networks. The Summit will bring together major stakeholders on cybersecurity and consumer financial protection issues – including senior leaders from the White House and across the federal government; CEOs from a wide range of industries including the financial services industry, technology and communications companies; computer security companies and the retail industry; as well as law enforcement officials, consumer advocates, technical experts, and students.

    Following the President’s remarks, the President will host a roundtable discussion with business leaders. In the evening, the President will deliver remarks at a DNC event.

    On Saturday, the President will depart San Francisco and travel to Palm Springs, California where he will remain overnight. Further details about the President’s travel to California will be made available in the coming days.

    • Wow, President’s day. I can only imagine how thrilled Obuttplug was when he heard there was a National Holiday just for him!! (If THIS doesn’t get me Mod Jail I be VERY surprised. Although this IS the AGE of 50 shades of Grey)!!

    • Here’s Keith’s post from February 2014, the first time Obummer spent Presidents Day weekend golfing in CA with the Choom Gang from Hawaii:

      As if he didn’t spend enough time with his buddies just six weeks ago when he played golf with them nearly every day while on his annual “family trip” to Hawaii over the holidays.

      Also, remember how last year he scheduled a trip out to CA to “make remarks on the drought” and then proceeded to spend three days playing golf on desert golf courses that suck up millions of gallons of water a day:

      Not that he’s a hypocrite or anything (/sarc):

      “It can’t just be a matter of there’s going to be less and less water so I’m going to grab more and more of a shrinking share of water,” Obama said Friday in Los Banos. “Instead what we have to do is all come together and figure out how we all are going to make sure that agricultural needs, urban needs, industrial needs, environmental and conservation concerns are all addressed.”

      Republicans were quick to pounce on Obama’s water-intensive golf weekend. “We have seen this brand of hypocrisy from President Obama before — this time it seems his soap box doubles as a tee box,” said RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski. A White House official declined to comment on the record for this story.

  2. By the way, Keith – the title of this post says “Live Stream” instead of “Obama Schedule”.

    You scared me for a second there. I thought something big happened and there was a Sunday evening press conference. Hmm, I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

      • He had to meet with her to make himself look like he’s in on that meeting between Merkel, French guy and Putin in case they get a good result from the meeting. The best is that ISIS said they are coming to the White House to cut off his head and Obama blames the Christians who havesn’t done anything in 1000 years! And he said that right after the pilot was burned alive. Just ridiculous viscious rhetoric against America and its people, same old, same old pitiful.

      • Merkel has a doctorate in Physical Chemistry, and if memory serves, she’s got a patent or two in that field. She’s probably the smartest, no nonsense person in the room, where ever that room is. She must look at the buffoonish Obama and ask herself, “What has happened to America?”

    • Obummer just wants to make it look like he’s involved in case the other leaders are actually successful this week:

      Mrs Merkel’s status as Europe’s go-to leader will be on display when US President Barack Obama hosts her at the White House on Monday. Two days later, she is set to be in Minsk, Belarus, for four-way talks with French President Francois Hollande, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

      The biggest risk for Mrs Merkel is if either crisis spiralled out of control. At that point, she would have failed to address “German concern about stability,” Dr Hamilton said.

      The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France agreed to meet in Belarus on Wednesday to try to broker a peace deal for Ukraine amid escalating violence there and signs of cracks in the trans-Atlantic consensus on confronting Vladimir Putin.

      The four leaders held a call on Sunday, two days after Mrs Merkel and Mr Hollande travelled to Moscow for talks with Mr Putin that produced no breakthrough in the nearly year-long conflict that has claimed more than 5000 lives.

      After the call, Mr Poroshenko said progress had been made and he was hopeful the meeting in Minsk would lead to a “swift and unconditional ceasefire” in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists have stepped up a military offensive in recent weeks, seizing new territory.

  3. UnFreakingBelievable! I often say that I am sick and tired of Obummer being so pervasive all these years. He has to be anywhere and everywhere you look. The most recent example being his pre-game interview on Super Bowl Sunday, which he just has to do every year. He’s like the evil dictator the people can’t get away from.

    Moochelle is the same. Remember how she inserted herself into the Academy Awards show a couple of years ago? Also, in case you didn’t know, Mooch summons various entertainment reporters from the different entertainment shows, (Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Extra, Access Hollywood), to her dumb events at the White House and other places on an almost weekly basis so she can get coverage on those shows.

    Well, look how Obummer inserted himself into the Grammy Awards tonight (not that I watched; I just saw this link on Drudge):

    Grammys: President Obama Delivers Domestic Violence PSA During Ceremony (Video)

    The Grammy Awards paused the celebration to deliver a strong message from President Obama about violence against women and girls, calling on artists to use their power to change public attitudes.

    “It’s not OK, and it has to stop,” Obama said in a video that played at the Staples Center about halfway through the 57th annual Grammy ceremony on Sunday. He cited the disturbing statistics showing that one out of every five women have been victims of rape or attempted rape, and one out of every four women have dealt with some form of domestic violence.

    “Artists have a unique unique power to change minds and attitudes, to get us thinking and talking about what matters,” Obama said. “All of us in our own lives have the power to set an example.”

    Obama urged the assembled superstars at the Grammys to sign an anti-violence pledge at, “and ask your fans to do it too.”

    Hey, he forgot to remind them that there’s only one more week to sign up for ObummerCare! No big deal, because there will be an extension.

  4. Whatever must MrsMerkel think when she sits in front of a playboy-type, non-serious supposed world leader? While she and other EU leaders are wrestling with their own national concerns, they must deal with the threats from Russia and the Islamic radicals – all of whom mean harm to peaceful countries, MrObama is planning his next golf outing or some such fooishness.
    Jordan’s King is fighting a war that was caused by MrO’s foolish wish that the ME was better off without our presence, while the President of the US is dilly-dallying with events and things that mean nothing.

    Love to be a fly on the wall during that luncheon.

  5. OT: But This Just In. Kerry refuses to rule out possible run for Prez in 2016.

    What? How? Why? Does this pompous version of Biden REALLY think anyone would actually vote for him? Even after the Swiftboat thing was proved false? Oh, wait. It WASN’T proved false. The media just tried to ignore it. And the “I threw SOMEBODY ELSE’S medals over the White House Fence” caper. And the “I voted for it before I voted against it because I am just SO DAMN much more clever than all of you” ploy, and the “My Running mate was a sleazy, ambulance chaser who cheated on his dying wife? Who knew?” Fiasco. Couple this resume’ with all the foreign policy successes he’s had, oh wait a minute, there haven’t BEEN any!! Unless you count his repeated attempts to get the Israelis to let the Palestinians wipe them off the face of the earth as successes.

    Please, somebody just make him go away?????

    • Ha, I saw the Kerry headline at Drudge, but sometimes I just can’t bring myself to click. The blood pressure can only take so much aggravation, you know.

      I sincerely wish I could go to sleep and not wake up until Friday, January 20, 2017.

    • Kerry, Clinton, Warren… No matter who runs,they’re all accomplished liars. Brian Williams could be their running mate. Can you imagine the whoppers they could tell?

      I read tonight that Williams claims to have a piece of the helicopter that crashed during the Bin Laden raid and that Obama has the other piece. I thought the chopper wasn’t recovered but what do I know…

      • Now that Brian Williams has shown he can lie, embellish and spin a mighty fine fairy tale, he may be drafted to become the Democrat nominee in 2016. Of course, Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren is no slouch when it comes to making up self aggrandizing stories, so it may be a tough choice for Democrats. It’s hard to beat Obama as a Olympic level liar, but that doesn’t mean the D’s can’t try.

  6. OT: Did anyone see the viedo on Fox a moment ago about Holder’s interview? The reporter asked him to quack like a duck.
    Prior to that she mentioned that people call him a duck, Quack for justice underneath.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  7. Merkel will brief o on Monday about state of negotiations.
    She spent the weekend desperately trying to negotiate with Putin. In a four way phone call yesteday. German & Russian leaders, French Pres. Hollande, & his Ukranian couterpart, Petro Poroshenko will meet on Wednesday in Belarusian capital, Minsk on Wednesday.

  8. Great comments, all.
    I don’t watch awards shows. I watched silently 0’s intrusion & he does appear ill in several ways.
    Regarding Merkel et al, they probably meet & all agree meetings are more productive & intelligent without 0 ego-ing things up.