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Biden to Skip Netanyahu Speech

Vice President Joe Biden will not attend Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to Congress, Politico is reporting.

The stated reason is that Biden will be out of the country. Whether the White House arranged a trip to avoid having to send Biden is not clear. I wouldn’t put it beyond them. The White House claims planning has been underway for some time.

It’s not clear yet where he’s going.

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        1. 2. From a double barrel shotgun. So you don’t have any ammo left if the bad guys decide to ignore the warning shots. That way you won’t be in danger of hurting them!!

    1. Assuming that the Dems are going to boycott an address by a foreign leader, then it would behoove the Repubs to invite citizens from their states and districts to fill the empty seats.

      A boycott of this magnitude is a dangerous and asinine statement to make as the Middle East is boiling with warfare. If we can’t show support, in the least, for the only real friend we have there, then a catastrophe awaits.

  1. They did not show up in Paris, and they are not going to show for Netanyahu.
    Shame! I read this morning on Weasel Zippers regarding CBS possibly not showing up.

  2. Biden is probably seething about being placed in this position. I’m sure he’s totally pissed off at Dermer and Bibi, but this is a real blow to the gut (hardly a finger in the eye). And it’s not where Biden — wants to be. I’m ordering extra popcorn for this one.

  3. If they don’t show up do they still get paid? If I don’t show up for work I get docked. Can’t we start paying them by the hour? Shame on all of them for behaving like little spoiled brats.

    1. I call the WH the frat house. Run by twenty year old drunk frat boys. Well, they actually report to Vajar. 0’s in the man cave smoking fat ones, watching sports (he’s quite a jock) and he does like to read…Hollywood rags. That’s where he hangs if he’s not jetting off in AF1,
      which should be past it’s shelf life. He will be given that as a parting gift when his term is up. That is, unless he decides to stay longer;)

  4. After Friday’s Prayer Breakfast ranting and raving, there is no doubt as to where Obama’s loyalty lies. Christians have been added to his ‘hate list’. It’s the Jews and Christians v. the Islamists in the WH. Biden caved!

    1. All doubt about Obama’s loyalty was removed after his Prayer Breakfast insult in my mind also G1.
      Like Bruce Jenner, Obama’s really coming out.

  5. Ha, as if this is a surprise. When Josh Earnest was BS’ing the other day claiming that he didn’t know whether Biden would attend because his schedule wasn’t firmed up yet, I totally called it. I said then that I bet they will quickly book Biden on some trip out of the country.

    So, Orrin Hatch will be in Biden’s seat:

    Biden’s absence doesn’t mean there will be an empty chair behind Netanyahu during the speech: As president pro tempore, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) will get his seat next to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who arranged the speech. That will put only Republicans in photos of Netanyahu delivering an address that Democrats already say is more about partisan politics than anything else.

    Totally planned by this sleazy White House.

  6. By the way, Biden is going to Iowa next week:

    Joe Biden, the vice president and an underdog for the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, is scheduled to be back in Iowa next week.

    Biden will speak in Des Moines on Thursday, sources familiar with preparations for his trip told The Des Moines Register. His office later confirmed that he will deliver remarks at Drake University and do a roundtable at Des Moines Area Community College on college affordability.

    The news comes in the wake of the release this past weekend of a new Iowa Poll that shows Biden trails both Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in the horse race for most popular presidential pick among likely Democratic caucusgoers.

    Biden’s timing suggests he wants to keep his name in circulation as presidential material – any time top-shelf politicians make a trip here it reinforces the notion that they harbor aspirations for the top job.


    In September, Biden made headlines for chasing Clinton here just three days after she made her Iowa comeback after a seven-year absence; she spoke before an audience of 10,000 and a horde of media at the Harkin Steak Fry.

    Biden’s event Thursday, like the one in September, will be an official White House trip to talk about the Obama administration’s economic policies. Biden remarks in September, with the Iowa Capitol in the background, had the air of a campaign stump speech, as he called for raising the minimum wage and making life better for the middle class.

    Biden, 72, was here more recently, in late October, to campaign in Davenport for two Iowa Democrats who were running for federal office, Dave Loebsack, who was re-elected to Congress, and Bruce Braley, who lost his bid for U.S. Senate.

    This will be Biden’s fourth post-2012 trip here. He spoke at the 2013 Harkin Steak Fry, and he did a private event with invited guests at Des Moines’ ballpark, Principal Park, beforehand.

    Biden has a network of connections in Iowa after running for president here in both 1987 and 2007, then campaigning extensively with President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

    1. I’m sure Obama wouldn’t even have to tell the black lawmakers to skip the speech. They would have done so on their own. Their dislike of the Jews and Israel has always been on display.

    1. Excellent point. As soon as I read your post I was treated to a mental slide-show of Biden making goofy faces and gestures behind Mr Netanyahu’s back. Damn you!!! The images just won’t stop!!!! And it’s WAY to early for my Dirty Martini.

      1. I just remembered the VP debate between Biden and Ryan–the one where Biden was doing that maniacal laughing thing all the way through?

        yeah. it’s probably fine he won’t be at Bibi’s speech.

  7. Off subject, but was wondering if “The Blaze” could be left off the blog roll, please? Beck went insane a few years ago when he decided to attempt to become the next Walt Disney and also said he hated politics and would be going in a different direction…philosophy and making movies. Thanks so much!

    1. if we’re voting, Keith, I would vote for leaving Beck right where he is. you may call him crazy, Kiwigreen, but he’s been right about just about everything he predicted would happen.

    2. it doesn’t matter how many spineless Democrats decide not to show up. Bibi’s speech will be seen by millions of people online and his message will get out.

      and in 2016, when Iran reaches the nuclear threshold and everyone (even the Dems) understand what a threat they are, clips showing a half-empty Congress with all the Democrats missing will make a great commercial for the GOP.

  8. Not to go to Netanyahu’s speech is typically evil of Obama and now Biden. These two losers think they can spit on the Jews? I hope the Mossad gets after you two disgusting POS. Obama and Biden and the rest of the commie party should be run out of town on the high horses they rode in with. We are ashamed of them, manipulating the Israeli election? how dare they? they have turned their backs on Netanyahu and Israel for absolutely no reason except what is in OBAMA’S SICK MIND. He is consumed with hate and envy. Get the F out of Washington – treason! Obama and Biden guilty of treason for turning their backs on America, Netanyahu and Israel.

  9. Our great American culture is being greatly tested. Will it, can it survive and come out the other end of this dark, divisive war waging against us all? I think we will, with scars, and wounds we will heal. The forces of evil will not destroy us completely. A remnant will survive and move once again to higher ground. It will challenge us for sure. The calling is to love our neighbor as our self. Watch out for one another, do good, and above all cling to honesty…Knowing the “wedge driver” hides his motives, but his words, and deeds are exposed daily on the big screen. Peace my friends

    1. Well stated. The pendulum swings back and forth. It seems it keeps swinging in one direction. I just listened to part of Kerry’s speech. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing coming out of anyone’s mouth seems to bring comfort to me.

  10. How embarrassing for Biden. He has to scamper off to another locale so WH can act indignant that “breach of diplomatic protocol” prevented his hearing the speech of a foreign head of state.

    Michelle seems to be completely over this Presidency — she shows up to be snubbed by the lovely muslims who President Adolescent is having such a love affair with and spends tax money on trips for the eldest Princess Obama to view colleges.

    I wonder if Biden is as tired of this game.

    President Adolescent’s entourage reminds me of those surrounding Tsar Nicolas II in Russia.

          1. And sometimes I can’t really take credit for my comments. I just ask myself, “WWBS”? (What Would Biden Say?) Then I try to make it less stupid!

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