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Operatives Tied to Obama Target Arab Vote to Unseat Netanyahu

A stunning new report today in the Washington Free Beacon reveals that a U.S.-based progressive alliance will use operatives who worked on President Obama’s 2012 reelection to drum up votes among Arabs in an effort to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The group, known as Ameinu, “is in contact with experts from Obama’s reelection team, which was involved in ‘similar’ operations,” according to the Beacon.

“We are already in touch with a highly talented combination of knowledgeable Israeli professionals and American experts with experience in similar recent operations, including the Obama presidential campaign,” the group stated in a strategy document obtained by the Beacon. The $3 million initiative is described in the document as “a massive, non-partisan Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign targeting selected demographic and geographic segments of Israeli society.”

From the document:

While voting levels in the ultra- orthodox, settlers and religious-Zionist communities remain high, the voting levels among young secular Israelis, non-wealthy secular Jews and the Arab community are much lower. For example, in the Arab community, voting levels in national elections have dropped to 55%, while in municipal elections, 85% of Arab citizens have voted recently.

Okay, let’s think about what’s going on here. Even as the White House protests that Obama could not possibly meet with Netanyahu when he comes to Washington next month because it might somehow affect the upcoming Israeli election, Obama’s former operatives are trying to use Arabs to get rid of Netanyahu.

Oh, but don’t worry, I’m sure the White House has no contact with any of its former campaign staff.

And what they’re doing is exactly what they did to beat Romney – drilling down with the “base” and making sure they get to the polls. Only in this case the Obama political team is trying to pump up Arab participation in an election in the Jewish state.

The Beacon notes:

The Arab Israeli community in particular is expected to play a larger role than usual in Israel’s March elections. The four major parties that represent Arab Israelis merged in January, a move that could make it easier for the left-leaning Labor Party to form a government.

If Obama is really concerned with not affecting the Israeli election, he should call off his dogs.

40 thoughts on “Operatives Tied to Obama Target Arab Vote to Unseat Netanyahu”

    1. He never sleeps in HIS house. That is in Chicago someplace if we can believe the news reports. He lives IN THE PEOPLES’ HOUSE, and i’m not sure i want it “poxed”. He is a free-loader of the first degree.

      1. Obama sleeps somewhere else… and no one in todays “WH press corps” or “media” has the guts-balls-smarts to ask where the hell Michelle, that wookie flotus, has been lately…

        1. This morning, I posted a couple of links in the thread for Friday’s schedule. As AFVet said, Mooch was in NYC on Thursday pushing her Let’s Move school lunch garbage and lies. I’m willing to bet that after the event she and her pals indulged at some fancy schmancy restaurant before they left the city.

      2. The People’s House will have to be decontaminated, if he ever leaves or is carried out by force. I hope this awakens Jewish voters here, to stop voting for the enemy. Obama is evil and dangerous to the civilized world. I pray the Mossad, can find something on Obama.

        1. Yeah, c’mon MOSSAD — are you going to let this evil coward run Israel now? And not for good, for evil? Do something somebody? He shouldn’t be allowed to phony up the election in Israel or the U.S. like he has been doing.

  1. What a disgrace! I truly need to pray more, will this nightmare ever end out? The White House says it does not want to interfere with Bibi’s election, but sends over campaign operatives to do just this. Dear Lord help us.

  2. This is amazing.
    Obama and his thugs have the audacity to manipulate US elections and then try to influence Israeli elections.

    This should be front page news all across this Country.

  3. After sitting, stunned, yesterday as Obama attacked Christianity at the Prayer Breakfast, I am convinced that there is no level to which these progressives will not stoop.
    Troubled waters for the next two years for sure.
    Netanyahu makes Obama look so small in the eyes of the world.

    1. Anne,….he is getting slammed all across the internet for his statements during the Prayer Breakfast.
      Problem is, he doesn’t care.
      In his mind he is invincible and is immune to any criticism.

      1. Problem is, Obama is getting slammed on the internet…
        ~I dont see the “media”, even FoxNews making a big deal about his anti-christian statements from the so-called “prayer breakfast”.

        1. Fox covered it quite a bit. But, I heard that ABC, CBS, and NBC all chose not to report on his controversial remarks at the prayer breakfast. They’ve been covering his ass since 2007, so it’s no surprise.

          1. NBC, etc., doesn’t cover the criminal acts because they have families employed at the White House for this specific reason to suppress the truth. We are like in Hitlers Germany with no truthful news stations.

      2. Thanks for mentioning that. Have not been able to search as much due to my computer.
        I looked at the eyes of several newspeople on Fox this morning, and I could see that they were upset by his comments.

      3. He is a sick pothead that feels nothing, drug addled filled with anger from pot and whatever else he drinks or takes. He should be impeached, not fit to be “president”.

  4. He did the same thing for the dark horse, David Cameron, in the UK. Cameron will forever be beholden to Obama.

    In light of the horrific murder of the Jordanian pilot, I doubt that fObama’s dirty politics in Israel will have any effect on the election. Netanyahu has been sounding the alarm about these savages from Day One.

    ***We can’t discount voter fraud, unfortunately. This is how we ended up with the monster in the WH – TWICE!

  5. After six-plus years of evidence, I ask respectfully: Why is this stunning, Keith?

    It may prove illuminating to read up on Hilary’s acts to destroy Qaddafi. Or the current findings of the Citizens Commission On Benghazi.

    Here’s something really stunning; U.S. Army Lt Scott Bennett [Psyops] discovers that CIA accounts at Union Bank Of Switzerland are funding terrorism, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda. He reports this up the rank. No action. He reports to Congress. No action. Au contraire – he gets thrown into prison on bogus charges.

    One of his many interviews:

    His website:

  6. More like a pack of rabid wolves sicced upon the unsuspecting Israeli citizens. What right does King Crap have to involve himself in Israeli elections?
    He is becoming more of an embarrassment to America each and every day.

    1. Here’s an idea.
      Maybe the Jordanians will trade their King Abdulla for our king Crap.
      On second thought, I doubt it.
      King Abdulla, graduate of Sandhurst Military Academy, served in British Army, then returned home to eventually become Commander of Jordan’s Special Forces. Obama? Well we know his résumé, except for what’s sealed.

  7. Susan Rice said earlier, Yes a lot going on still. May be more dangerous. Not a existential situation. Not to be compared to WWII or Cold War.

  8. F him and the high horse he rode in on.

    There is nothing he won’t do to get control, power, revenge, just like Hitler. And just like Hitler he wants Israel destroyed. Someone has to stop this low class evil trouble-maker. He is not interested in protecting this nation, he is only interested in sadistic power grabs. This miserable evil excuse for a human being should be jailed and executed for treason.

  9. So, in other words, Obama’s scum-sucking subversives want to use Israeli-Arab freedom to work against Israel from the inside. This type of underhanded strategy is like injecting cancer into a healthy body.

    I hope it backfires on them.

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