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The Obama Morning News || February 6, 2015

How Obama wants to be the new Reagan . . . As the administration sees it — the president now has an opportunity to recast the way that liberal economic policies are thought of for a generation. “Because the economy did well under Reagan — even though some of the work was done before Reagan got there — we believed in this country for a long time that it was less government, less taxes is good for economic growth,” Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said recently. “And we have been battling that conception, and Democrats were forced to play on that field for a very long time. “We want to change the field,” Pfeiffer said. Yahoo News

Graham to Obama: The religions are not the same . . . Evangelist Franklin Graham said there was a difference between Jesus Christ who “taught peace “ and did “not take life” versus Mohammed, who “was a warrior and killed many innocent people” and that “true followers of Christ emulate Christ – true followers of Mohammed emulate Mohammed.” CNS News

IRS seizing bank accounts . . . The Internal Revenue Service seized hundreds of millions of dollars from thousands of bank accounts over the past decade, often without proof of any criminal wrongdoing, according to a report released by the Institute for Justice this week. Washington Free Beacon

Reporters think Obama is spying on them . . . In a survey of investigative reporters that makes Richard Nixon’s enemies list look like child’s play, nearly seven in 10 said they believe that the Obama administration has spied on their phone calls, emails and online searches. Washington Examiner

Obama wants to dismantle watchdog protections . . . A recently created rule intended to block the Justice Department from thwarting the efforts of its own internal watchdog would be killed off under President Obama’s budget proposal. Washington Examiner

Obama turned down Jordan’s request for drones . . . The Obama administration this year turned down a request from Jordan for Predator spy drones that would help it locate targets in the war against the Islamic State. Washington Times

6 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || February 6, 2015”

    1. The refusal to name the visitors was eerie and strange. How they were chosen for this meeting is not yet known, and the description of the attendees as “Muslim leaders” was never defined.

      The people at the meeting were not adverse to allowing they were there, and some even said what was discussed
      Why the secrecy, what are they all hidig?

  1. MrO wants to be the new Reagan? lol.
    Good economy? lol.
    No drones for Jordan? lol.
    oh boy.
    PresReagan had the grit to demand the Russkies “..tear down that wall”.
    The only ‘good’ economy is enjoyed by those who dip in the Federal Tax Grab Bag, and the propped up stock market.
    Why help arm Jordan, a warrior against the common enemy, when MrO can arm ‘moderate’ Islamists who hate us.

    There is a feeling of confusion, illusion, and downright insanity coming from the WhiteHOuse and it’s minons. What are they doing, why do they say such idiotic things that everyone know isn’t true?

  2. OT: Just turned on the news. Fox reports: ISIS claims American hostage killed in Jordan airstrike.
    Shep made the point This is beyond the timing of all reason, due to the fact that this news happened after two days of airstrikes and marching in Jordan. On top of that they have not mentioned the American hostage in any of their foul tapes.

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