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Job Growth Strong in January

According to Bloomberg:

Employers in the U.S. added more jobs than forecast in January, capping the biggest three-month gain in 17 years, and workers’ earnings jumped. The 257,000 advance in payrolls last month followed a 329,000 gain in December that was bigger than previously reported, figures from the Labor Department showed Friday in Washington. The median forecast in a Bloomberg survey of economists called for a 228,000 increase. But the unemployment rate climbed to 5.7 percent as the improving job market lured more Americans into the labor force.​

Nevertheless, economic growth was only 2.6 percent last quarter and may not be much better during the current quarter, so it’s unclear whether the pace of job creation can be maintained.

Other data point to continuing struggles in the labor market.

The labor force participation rates remain at historic lows. And the U-6 rate, which includes the unemployed, underemployed and those who are not looking but who want a job, remains at about 11 percent.

But the report today is good news for those who are seeking a job.

7 thoughts on “Job Growth Strong in January”

  1. Brian Williams must be reporting this numbers because in my own life and friends, I don’t see this boom of hiring. More people just simply stop looking for full time work. So many millennials are unemployed. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors and bad math.

  2. They are discussing this now on Fox. They showed a clip of Jim Clifton (Gallup) said jobs losest it has been since the recession. We lost 13 million full time jobs, have not replaced them. The Art Laffer talking now stated we would need 10 million new jobs to restore middle class. He said were a little better than last month, and the mth. before, but no where near what they should be.

  3. Full-time job creation in relation to the population is the lowest ever recorded.

    The GOP has been talking about reversing Obama’s 30 hr. work-week scam back to it’s original glory – the 40 hr. work-week. What’s taking them so long? We need to return to stability in this country!

  4. Month after Month, Year after Year, this regime publishes patently false job and unemployment numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

    This country has been mired in a deep Recession/Depression since Dictator Obama and his band of democrat communist comrades have been in power.

    It will not get better until this tyrant is out of power.

    Lies, lies, and more damn lies is all you get from this communist regime.

  5. Excellent comments, everyone. I knew WHD readers were smart enough to question the bogus claims that the “recovery” is going great and so many new jobs are being created. We live in the real world and we see what’s going on in our communities and families.

    A couple of issues to consider: apparently the BLS left out of the report the 18,000 plus jobs lost in the energy sector in January:

    Also, yet again the so-called job creation is occurring in low paying, part-time and temporary work in the retail and hospitality sectors (it’s been referred to as “the waiter and bartender recovery”):

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