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White House Concealing Names of Muslims Who Met with Obama

A day after the event, the White House is still refusing to release the names of Muslim leaders who met with President Obama at the White to discuss a variety of topics, including the response to Muslim extremism.

The White House may be hiding the names because meetings with Muslim leaders are often followed by articles describing ties some might have to Muslim extremists. It’s also possible that some of the leaders were concerned about a backlash from extremists were it revealed they were meeting with the White House. This, of course, is another commonly citied problem – the lack of Muslim leaders speaking out against terrorism.

Fox News reporter Ed Henry said White House officials had told reporters the names wouldn’t be released because these were “private citizens,” which is a joke because the White House releases the names of private citizens who meet with the president all the time.

“I’ll see if I can do that for you,” Earnest said to Henry about the list of names. “Well, one thing we do know is that the names will be included in the waves records that are released, (but) let me see if I can get them released sooner.”

The “waves records,” which include the names of all visitors to the White House, aren’t released for months – when everyone will have forgotten about the meeting. They’re difficult to wade through and often don’t indicate precisely whom visitors met with.

Earnest even had the chutzpah to say the White House had been “transparent” in that it was said “the meeting was taking place.”

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  1. RE: Earnest even had the chutzpah to say the White House had been “transparent” in that it was said “the meeting was taking place.”

    I don’t understand why everyone says Obie isn’t transparent. I’ve been able to see right through him from day one!

    1. Thanks for the link – so what’s the big deal here? The paper lists a lot of the participants at the meeting and the sky hasn’t fallen, nor has a terrorist attack happened.
      The omg comment – a Muslim judge – are they serious? Creeping Sharia law is on it’s way.

    2. “The Muslim-American leaders at the meeting said they were told they should not talk afterward to the news media about what Obama said during the discussion.”

      This statement is incendiary in of itself! I can just visualize the glee in Valjar’s eyes as she issued the order to remain silent. It’s ‘them’ against ‘us’.

    3. thanks for the link, Sarah! I feel stupid because I live in SE Michigan and I should’ve seen this story myself.

      we are truly living in Opposite World:

      -when actual real Jews are being brutalized and murdered, Obama wants to talk about the Islamophobia that still hasn’t happened, despite 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, and everything in between.

      -when the actual real leader of an allied country wants to come to the US, Obama has a hissy fit of major proportions, but the Muslims Brotherhood is welcome to hang out at the WH, and closed-doors meetings with off-the-record remarks about Muslim affirmative action are just fine.

      -when radical Muslims are the cause of 90% of the terrorist activity in the world, Obama wants to talk about-the Crusades?

      I rest my case.

  2. Oh please,the constant anger from smoking pot most of his life has driven this so-called “president” insane. Everyday his miserable treason and poison rears its ugly head.

    1. lizzy, smoking pot doesn’t make a person angry, quite the reverse. Nor does it make one insane. A lifetime of snorting coke, however, would definitely have adverse effects, such as disorientation, apathy,
      irritability and mood disturbances,
      increased frequency of risky behavior, delirium, psychosis and severe depression.

      Barry was groomed from birth to believe he is special, and to hate the United States and everything for which it stands. He acts the way he does because he is a narcissistic sociopath, not because he smoked pot.

  3. “The White House may be hiding the names because meetings with Muslim leaders are often followed by articles describing ties some might have to Muslim extremists. ” – Mr. Koffler

    This DOES present a problem for him, since it’s probably quite difficult to find a “muslim leader” that DOESN’T have ties to an extremist. This is especially challenging, considering that a “good” Muslim would pretty much by definition HAVE to be an “extremist”…

    “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies and others besides, whom ye may not know (8:60)”

    Plenty more where THAT came from, BTW…

    Again, though, just remember that this whole “well, YOU guys and the Crusades” thing is just an outgrowth of the whole concept of “reparations”… you know, where someone who looked a little like you but was in no way related to you was mean once to someone who looked a little like him but was also in no way actually related; so, since there is a vauge similarity in play, well, we will punish YOU for THAT guy’s sins. “Chickens coming home to roost” and all that.

    This just ups the ante, with Obama basically saying “Let me be perfectly clear; you guys have been “privileged” all this time and still are just because of acccidents of birth, so it’s time the Muslims got some payback – and I’m just the President to let them have it!”

    I don’t doubt the fact that he was and, IMHO still is, a Sunni Muslim also plays into this. He’s part of the Ummah. Ummah is a concept that transcends borders, rulers, and nations in favor of service to Islam, and every member is expected to do all they can to advance its rule to the fullest extent possible. Obama is in a great postion to do just that, even with nothng more than inaction abroad and by sowing disuninon domestically – both great skills of his.

    Add to that the fact that he’s been (rather unconvincingly, in my view) living the taqiyya of supposed “Christianity” for so long, and because of his inferiority complex for not being an Arab Muslim, he probably feeeds he needs to go the extra mile to prove what a good Muslim he really is to the rest of the Ummah.

    And now, no nasty elections to hold him back.

    Meanwhile, Iran gets a bomb, ISIS gets free reign to burn, pilliage, rape, and murder when and as they will, and terrorist everywhere won’t even get challenged without their accusuer being called out as some kind of racist. And all because no one would dare challenge this piece of work for fear of being called racist. What a wonderful thing his elections was! If we somehow manage to survives his misrule, though, perhaps the next election should turn more on, you know, qualifications and policies and stuff, and not so much on a visible physical characteristic…

    Don’t worry about radical Muslims meeting secretly with the President. It is far more of a concern that we have a secret radical Muslim who IS president.

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