As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

The event has concluded.

15 Responses to Live Stream || Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

  1. NASCAR commentator, Darrell Waltrip – keynote speaker?!? Didn’t waste any time getting political:

    “I’m not a brain surgeon, and I’m not running for office.”

    Barry just can’t help himself! He is constantly seeking revenge..even at a Prayer breakfast!

    • Absolutely right. As Megyn Kelly said, her certainly didn’t hesitate to have the cameras in for his meeting with the Dreamers. He seemed to disregard their privacy rights.

      Everything this president does is all about politics…or himself.

  2. Did Dictator Obama bring his prayer rug to the breakfast and demand that pork not be served.

    Each and every day Dictator Obama reveals more and more of his true self to all that care to see. Totalitarian, America hating, racist, anti-Semite, radical Islamic terrorist supporter. In short the most deadly and mortal enemy our Country has ever faced in its’ history.

    • I just heard on Fox that he mentioned our high horse, and than went in to crusaders of the past. Did anyone hear the full comment about the Death Cult?

  3. I do not understand why the NATIONAL Prayer breakfast isn’t about praying for our nation and having OUR religious leaders why invite Sudanese leaders who are committing some of the worst genocide in the world?