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Departure of Top Aides Could Grow Jarrett’s Power Further

President Obama will lose two of his most senior aides over the next few months, departures that could further augment the power of the person who is already the paramount Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

The departure of Obama senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer next month would leave Jarrett as the last remaining White House official who has been part of Obama’s inner circle since the start. Pfeiffer served as communications director early in the administration and has long been viewed by White House observers as a man who had the trust of the president and his other aides.

Also departing is the current communications director, Jeniffer Palmieri, though she won’t leave until the spring. Palmieri, a veteran of the Bill Clinton White House, is expected to join Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

19 thoughts on “Departure of Top Aides Could Grow Jarrett’s Power Further”

  1. I don’t really see how much power she could get. Her twitter handle is already vj44. In many ways, she’s already the 44th POTUS.

  2. Great. Our country is being run by a woman who has never faced the electorate. Jefferson must be spinning in his grave.

    On the up side (and OT) I love the new look of the site, Keith. Take a bow.

    1. Think about it Denise,…she probably has the skinny on him and his history.
      Keeping her close in is his protection.
      He doesn’t dare throw her under the bus.

      Somebody mention Iran ?

    2. It scares me too! I’m feeling very unsettled after Obama’s remarks this morning and his meeting with the Muslim leaders yesterday. Scary times for sure.

  3. Newsmax has an article about the meeting with the muslim leaders and one of the people who attended the meeting, Hoda Elshishtawy, asked Obama to put more muslims in high government positions.

    Also Brietbart has the video posted on his website of the young pilot being murdered by fire.

  4. Just gearing up for her own presidential election or at least a run at the vice presidency. Maybe next time she can make that “parade” in Paris against terrorism.

    1. screw “election”… ValJar wants to be ‘appointed’ (some “national security emergency” where she “has” to take power…)

  5. OT: I just listened to Mr. Hikind (D) on Cavuto. He was fire up. A video was shown of Pelosi stating that the Reps may be to busy to attend Netanyahu’s speech. “This is not a boycott” she said. Mr. Hikind said this is not something for anyone to play around with. This is no way to treat him. He noted we speak a certain way to Iran. He said O “Don’t like Netanyahu”. He said the situation is getting out of control in the Middle East, and there is a lack of leadership from the U.S.

  6. as long as Obama and ValJar are making all the decisions and not listening to anyone else, it doesn’t matter who stays and who goes.

    btw, isn’t it SO coincidental that Jarrett was born in Iran…and now suddenly we’re BFFs with Iran and hating on Israel?

  7. So, one of the aides is joining Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Oh God, that murdering fat idiot who always say stupid things to the press is really running? She can’t even talk right and lies about being shot at and said it was the video, Benghazi, right in front of the dead Ambassador and other men’s coffins at athe airport? she wants to be president? We had enough of an insane president evil president, do we want another one? Vote no for her. That old hag and her “husband” in name only,who was impeached in the White House when he was president have to get even for that? by running the fat pig wife?

  8. V.J. makes the hair on my neck raise. I watched her carefully as her goofy little presidential puppet spoke about the death of the Jordanian pilot like he was giving us a math lesson. What I saw from V.J. was pride, satisfaction and a not so subtle effort to not break out giggling. She is so proud of her darling Muslim terrorists. She is OBVIOUSLY a Hamas (or other terrorist organization) plant and Pres. Puppet has his instructions. “Do NOT call them terrorist Islamists”.

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