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White House Not Sure Biden Will Attend Netanyahu Speech

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today indicated it was uncertain whether Vice President Biden would attend next month’s speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress, saying, in effect, that it would depend on whether Biden can work it into his schedule.

“The vice president’s schedule for that week has not yet been set,” Earnest said near the beginning of the briefing. But Earnest later seemed to contradict himself, noting that other factors, such as whether Biden’s attendance could be perceived as affecting the upcoming Israeli election, will come into play.

The White House claims concern about affecting the election, which occurs two weeks after Netanyahu’s March 3, speech, is the reason why President Obama refuses to meet with Netanyahu while he is in the country.

Nevertheless, Earnest seemed to indicate Biden’s appearance was likely – though he didn’t specifically say so – noting that it is Biden’s “ceremonial role” as “president of the Senate” to attend speeches to Congress, and that he had only missed one, when he was out of the country.

But Earnest’s response seemed an attempt by the White House to mutedly express what is said to be its extraordinary anger at what Earnest said was a “breach of protocol” in which the Congress circumvented the White House and invited an foreign leader to address it, and the foreign leader accepted.

Earnest dodged a question about whether President Obama wants Biden to go, saying it was dependent on Biden’s schedule. And he refused to counsel lawmakers to attend, saying, “Individual members of Congress ought to decide for themselves” whether to go to the speech.

An article in Politico today indicated that Biden and many Democrats might not attend the speech.

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31 thoughts on “White House Not Sure Biden Will Attend Netanyahu Speech”

  1. It takes a F#%@ing month to set up the “VP” “schedule”?…Its a big event, set it up. You are the g#d damn Vice President of the USA…just say you are going. Period.

    1. Biden most likely will be giving some “important” speech at a nobody-cares local chamber of commerce event somewhere in Kansas etc.

  2. “…extraordinary anger…” – Mr. Koffler

    There is nothing extrodanary about The Angry Caliph’s anger when he feels he’s been slighted. Annoited as Messiah, never having to run a campaign prior to the Presidency by dint of disqualifying everyone who dares question him, raised and kept in an echo chamber where ne’er is heard a discouraging word…it’s not really surprising that he behaves as though any challenge to him is a challenge to the perfect word of G*d, and should therefore be treated as such.

    Liberalism in general is just an anger industry now. Anger keeps them from having to debate, you know, facts and merit and other things that wouldn’t be on their side. In the liberal church, gainsaying the Exaulted Poobah in the White House is tatamount to sin, and sin has no rights. Look at who’s burning the books and censoring speech these days; who’s getting folks fired and even recommending imprisonment for contrary opionons or for daring question this President. Hint; it’s not coming from the right.

    He is no doubt genuinely angry, though. He’s demonstrated a level of narcasissm that is pathological in its function, complete with delusions of grandeur en suite. At core, however, Obama came in as, and has ALWAYS been angry – but it’s self-loathing. He’s angry that his White mother keeps him from being “Black” enough; that his origins and need for taqiyya keep him from being Sunni Muslim enough; that his physique keeps him from being manly enough (playing basketball with the pros?); and that he really, really is not up to the task he was set to by forces much larger than himself. His anger finds an outlet on Mr. Netanyahu particuarly, however, because Bibi is everything a world leader SHOULD be, and makes such a contrast to The Won that he truly demonstrates that our Emperor lacks clothing just by exisiting.

    Angry? Sure. But he’s like the guy who has a bad day at work, so he goes home, kicks the dog, and beats the wife to try to prove what a powerful man he is. Unfortunatley, we’re his chosen target for his international rage…

  3. President Adolescent is angry — he’s the only one who can work the rules, everyone else has to be considerate and not surprise him with demonstrations of independent authority.

  4. As stated: “Ceremorial Role” as President of the Senate, to attend speeches to Congress. He has only missed one, and he was out of the Country at the time. He should have come out himself ASAP, and said he will be there! What is o going to do if he don’t, slap his face?
    I just saw a clip of President of Jordan at a table, surronded by military, and other officials. They were weighing in on whether to send troops to Syria. Same hour I heard on Fox, that o is deploying all assetts to find the American woman is has been held hostage since 8-13. I would have appreciated hearing that back in 8-13.
    I also just heard in the last hour that Saudi Arabia backed out of fighting ISIS. Turkey is a member but not participating in military campaign.

    1. Screw that…if these socialist-“democrats” skip this I really want to see how their sycophants in the “MSM” will spin why/how the “democrats” skipped out on PM Netanyahu & the State of Israel.

    2. I get that Biden staying away would be an intentional insult. But let’s be real here. Biden staying away from my speech would be like a Sexually Transmitted Disease staying away from my Johnson. A GOOD thing!!! Go Bibi!!!

    3. “If Biden wants to be taken seriously for 2016”. How could that EVER happen?? Obama is a malevolent narcissist, a LOT less intelligent than he’s made out to be, but he DOES have a functioning brain. Biden, not so much!! And don’t blame it on the failed hair plugs. I’m old enough to remember that he has always been stoopid!!

      1. My comment was directed at “proof”, butt who would know?

        Keith, the “new and improved” site looks good, but still acts exactly the same.

  5. Pelosi apparently announced she was going to go. so that’s one.

    I personally find the level of outrage from the WH a little frightening. I mean, WTF? it is out of all proportion to the alleged slight, which turns out not to have been much of a slight, since contrary to what the MSM has been saying, BOEHNER HAD TOLD OBAMA ABOUT THE INVITE IN ADVANCE.

    so why does Obama despise Netanyahu so much? gee, I just can’t imagine. what could it be, what could it be…

    1. The WH is outraged because they know that Bibi is going to tell Congress the truth about the ISIS/Iran/jihadist problem. Those words will make the Obama administration look like lying fools. Bibi will tell it like it is, in a very convincing manner. If Boehner had invited Bibi to just go to Disneyland with him, there wouldn’t have been a sound from Obama’s peanut gallery.

  6. Let me see if I got this right. The law breaking,Constitution violating, rogue regime bitch’s about a “breach of protocol”
    Give me a break.

  7. Dang, I’m in Mod Jail. I think it’s ’cause I referenced my Johnson. It wasn’t nasty. You just have to wait and see if Keith let’s my Johnson go!!

  8. Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran to parents who were members of the Iranian Communist Party is the real power in the White House and will do everything she can to disparage and ridicule Netanyahu so people won’t take his message seriously. Let’s see if Joe has the backbone to stand up to the witch…

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