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Cartoon of the Day || February 4, 2015


Netanyahu tug of war

I wouldn’t say, as the cartoon does, that President Obama is Israel’s enemy. But to the extent he’s a friend, it’s kind of in the manner of a divorced husband – civil for the sake of the children, sends checks, but is not the least bit affectionate nor particularly concerned how his relationships with other women whom he prefers impact his former wife.

And, I’d say, if Israel survives all this, it will be a sign that, indeed, she has beside her her last remaining reliable ally.

17 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day || February 4, 2015”

  1. Keith that is a very good example, regarding the ex-spouse. I wish that was all it compared to. Most ex’s still have respect for their children’s other parent. He show no type of respect what’s so ever. Like it has been stated before he show more love and devotion to the worst.

    1. I am still in shock about the absolute worst choice (not votes in my opinion) for a president ever. Out of all the honorable people in the USA

  2. In Genesis 12:3 God says that those who bless Israel will in turn be blessed by God. Those who curse Israel, God will curse. Barack Obama by his very dismissive stance toward Israel, puts us all in jeopardy.

  3. Obama and his aide de camp ValJar have one FP goal – detente and alliance with Iran who is committed to the destruction of US and Israel. Of course Obama is Israel’s enemy. Our allies are now countries that hate us –Cuba Iran and soon Nork. All terrorist States.

    And Obama’s allegiance is to the illegals. Without secure borders we are not a sovereign nation. We refuse to impeach or remove him from office. We are agents of our own destruction.

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