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The Bibisitter

An Israeli campaign commercial. Thought you might get a kick out of it. The references to Buji and Tzipi are to Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni, Netanyahu’s opponents, who would rotate as prime minister if their alliance won.

12 Responses to The Bibisitter

  1. Oh, that’s good. I’ll vote for “Bibi-sitter” any day.
    BTW, how do PMs rotate governing? Is it by the day, the hour, the week or is it by the issue?
    Tzipi: the baby’s nappy needs changed
    Buje: I’m on formula duty, so you do it
    Tzipe: uh, where did Bibi leave the clean nappies?

    • even/odd just like water sprinkler restrictions during the summer months

      or maybe they’ll be good cop/bad cop in dealing with things

      or when someone asks them, it’ll be go ask your mother or go ask your father

      round and round the decisions go, where they stop, nobody knows

  2. The reference to Yitzhak (Buji) Herzog ..”he’ll give away the carpets” was a play on words in Hebrew on carpets and territories-they sound alike.
    It was a very clever ad.

  3. That warmed my heart! I loved that last line

    Peace. But not unconditionally!

    (You’re my first stop each morning and I’ve been remiss in not complimenting the new site, Keith. Must have taken a lot of work, it’s very nice!)