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White House Aligns with Christie on Vaccines

The White House today offered up an opinion on measles vaccinations that appears all but identical to that of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, suggesting that laws and mandates should not be created to force people to get the vaccine.

Under repeated questioning, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today refused to say President Obama endorses laws to require vaccinations, saying instead that people should be guided by “common sense” and get vaccinated.

That, in essence, is Christie’s position, for which he has been pilloried. Speaking in England Monday, Christie said he had vaccinated his own children, but added, “I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. So that’s the balance that the government has to decide.”

Obama’s position too would ultimately leave the choice to parents.

Obama christie

Asked by Fred Lucas of The Blaze how Obama’s position differed from Christie’s, Earnest didn’t directly address the question.

Earnest’s comments actually put Obama closer to the libertarian camp than conservative Ben Carson, a physician who seemed to concur with forced vaccinations by stating that while he strongly believes in individual rights, “we should not allow those diseases to return by foregoing safe immunization programs, for philosophical, religious or other reasons when we have the means to eradicate them.”

Obama is against forced vaccinations even though Earnest noted that failure to vaccinate a child can endanger others who for various reasons are unable to get vaccinations and could be subject to exposure to the disease from the unvaccinated.

Earnest’s resort to the “common sense” argument makes little sense. It is precisely to prevent people from hurting each other when they fail to exert common sense that we enact laws to protect society.

Driving down the Interstate at 90 miles per hour makes little common sense. Robbing a 7-11 also doesn’t show common sense. People do these things all the time. That doesn’t mean we should legalize these dumb ideas in the hope people will come to their senses and stop doing it.

The White House position is also similar – though not nearly identical – to that of Sen. Rand Paul, who also doesn’t support forced vaccinations. But, while he too said his own children were vaccinated, he went further than Christie and the White House in saying the measles vaccine can cause mental disorders.

16 thoughts on “White House Aligns with Christie on Vaccines”

  1. Doesn’t matter what 0bama thinks. Vaccinations and such are mandated by the state.

    What the hell is going on? There used to be a book of the month club – now it’s the disease of the month club. Next up – a measles czar?

  2. What happened to schools requiring vaccinations ? It’s the rare case of a child getting a waiving due to health issues, but that’s why we vaccinate.

    Christie just lost about 99% of the conservative support aligning with Obama on something so stupid …and dangerous.

  3. So, personal choice for vaccines is okay, but not for school lunch choices, health care, etc, etc? This is a first for the Obama administration.

  4. Rand Paul is being excoriated in the press for daring to disagree that vaccines are a 100-percent good thing that should be forced upon all parents in all situations. Paul is correct that the medical research is at best mixed. It’s hard to argue that many (not all) vaccines have been effective. The vanishingly small rates of polio, MMR, etc. since the 1950s speak to that truth. On the other hand, we seem to be bombarded recently with vaccines proposing to solve problems that are not widespread (Gardasil) or which are not demonstrably effective (influenza). At the same time, there is a fair amount of evidence that injecting ourselves with aluminum and some of the other ingredients common in vaccines is not a great idea and in fact carries frequent and serious side effects.

    It’s a little like climate change. The science is NOT completely settled, and in a free land parents certainly should certainly have a say in whether their child is exposed to the risk in order to derive the benefit. For myself, I vaccinated my kids in the days before Hep C, Chicken Pox, Gardasil and Flu shots became popular. We never got any of those, and I would be resistant to getting them now. I don’t get flu shots, though I have in the past, because the years I have had the worst flus have been the years I got the shots. Ridiculous. Why take the risk?

    So I guess for the second or third time in my life I agree with Obama’s words (as well as Christie and most of what Paul says) in voting for freedom and choice. We will see if Obama’s actions in the matter match his words.

    1. We are also being bombarded with the influx of illegals from other countries that have NOT been vaccinated.
      This Country was essentially measles free in 2000.

    1. Basically the same layout as the old one Spook, although Keith streamlined it a bit.

      Stories are at the top of the threads and the comments follow on.

  5. This a.m. on MoJoe, Zeke Emanuel was adamant about mandatory vaccinations. He said there was absolutely no connection between vacs and autism. Not vaccinating is a national health problem and should be dealt with accordingly.

    Obama, the post turtle, is incapable of being decisive. Christie is a carbon copy of Obama in more ways than one. He should switch parties and run as a DEM.

    1. I still do not understand how some children are allowed to go to pre-school on up.
      The first thing requested when you enroll your child is the records. Is there a new process when enrolling in school?

  6. From what I have read, it’s not just the autism issue for many people but the heavy metals that are in the vaccinations. I don’t know what heavy metals they may be, but some people have a difficult time removing heavy metals from their bodies.

    However, I believe the benefits certainly outweigh any risks.

  7. Schools,mass transit,hospitals,cruise ships,shopping malls,churches,airports/airplanes,etc.Everyone is at risk for potential pandemics..get vaccinated or stay home.

    1. I asked earlier about vacinations in school. I just found out some people can get their kids excused from the vacination due to religion and other things.

  8. I’m forced to drink the floride in the water supply, yet I can’t get a good piece of pink slime with my beef anymore. What is this world coming to?

    I think we should be more concerned with the diseases the illegal immigrant population is bringing in to the country by stopping their entry.

  9. I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent. This shouldn’t be a political issue. The science is clear. The question is whether individuals (or rather the parents of those individuals) should have the freedom to put at risk people with compromised immune systems including cancer patients, people with RA & Crohn’s, newborns, the elderly, etc. What about the rights of those individuals? Are they subordinate to the rights of a parent that wants to forego immunization. Given the sentiment on this issue, I doubt it will be long before we see a manslaughter case brought by the parents of a child undergoing chemo that was infected with measles and died because some “libertarian” parents chose not to inoculate their own children.

  10. My concern is the number of vaccines now – 21 before age 6 and 6 more before age 18 – a total of 27 vaccines. Some of them are done more than once, but 21 on a baby or small child? That is quite an assault on a child’s system.

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