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Rand Paul Gets Into It with CNBC Anchor

This is typical, non-objective journalism, although more presumptuous than usual. I gather NBC doesn’t really claim anymore to be objective, but not sure about CNBC. But what I’m really wondering is, where was this kind of interview when Obama was starting his campaign?

Anyway, fun fireworks here. Paul parries nicely.

8 thoughts on “Rand Paul Gets Into It with CNBC Anchor”

  1. I like how Paul stood up to her and didn’t let her get the best of him.
    I like Larry Kudlow too.
    He immediately launched into chastising her for how she ran the interview.

  2. SenPaul, the political gadfly, is getting to be obnoxious in his zeal for certain issues. He might be right, he might have a better idea, but he’s so ‘out there’, so in your face.
    He bests some pretty questioner on a channel that only lefty progressives watch and gains nothing.
    The lefty MSM is going after all potential Repub candidates in a agressively
    off-putting manner. The potential candidates would be better advised to shun these interviews as no liberal viewer’s mind will be changed or influenced.

    1. Which would you rather watch as far as “in your face” politicians ?
      Obama, or Paul.
      He took on a talking head on TV.
      Obama is taking on the congress.

      She was antagonizing him not the other way around.

  3. I am madly in love with Kelly Evans since she was working for the WSJ.
    She’s incredibly bright, and an excellent journalist. Obviously drop dead gorgeous

    But she doesn’t softball.

  4. Whether you like Rand Paul or not, he is no intellectual lightweight. The Anchor clearly had an agenda and Paul cleaned her clock. Awesome.

    Great point by Keith: has ANY reporter asked Obama questions as pointed and persistent as these? Imagine the “ummms” and “ahhhhs” that would be in his 15 minute answers.

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