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The Obama Morning News || February 3, 2015

In 2008, Obama called vaccine evidence “inconclusive” . . . Obama called the science behind vaccinations “indisputable” on Monday, but he was not always such a staunch believer in getting children vaccinated. In 2008, as a senator and presidential candidate, Obama discussed the possible link between vaccines and autism. Politico

Obama handing out work permits to illegals . . . The Center for Immigration Studies released a report Monday that said the Obama administration has operated a “shadow” immigration system for years, one that has handed out millions of work permits to illegal aliens and aliens with unknown legal status. The Blaze

Obama wants $1 billion to spend . . . in Central America . . . The president’s request says the money would be used to help address the causes of illegal immigration from Central America and would focus on helping Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala improve border security, economic and social development and make improvements to law enforcement and judicial systems in those countries. Newsmax

Obama initiatives: The dead and the living . . . A deep dive into the document, proposed Monday, pulls up a smattering of proposals that could well earn bipartisan support — as well as others that are unlikely to be enacted but still have the power to shape debate. Politico

Few would see tax relief . . . Obama calls his tax and spending plan “middle-class economics,” but most middle-income families would see little change in their tax bills. Obama is proposing a total of $1.5 trillion in new taxes over the next decade, mostly on corporations and high-income households. He would use much of that money — nearly $280 billion — to pay for targeted tax breaks for low- and middle-income families. Associated Press

Invasion of the bureaucrats . . . The federal civilian workforce will reach its highest level since the end of the Cold War under the budget President Obama submitted to Congress on Monday, surging by more than 100,000 employees over the next two years as he tries to restock agencies he says have been decimated by GOP-led cuts. Washington Times

Defense nominee would reconsider Afghan withdrawal . . .  Ashton Carter, the president’s nominee to be the next Pentagon chief says he would consider changing the current plans for withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year if security conditions worsen. Associated Press

6 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || February 3, 2015”

  1. In 2008, MrO was still voting ‘present’ on everything.
    Of course, the whole issue that seems to need a politician’s view is asinine.
    Who would ask MrO, GovChristie, or SenPaul for medical advice at all, for any illness. We might as well ask GeorgeClooney for his opinion – he played a doctor on a TV show.

    Work permits for illegals – how nice for them. Where or what are the jobs they need these permits for, and who is hiring them?
    Our government has become so secretive, so shadowy that it is starting to rival the old USSR’s politics.

    Sending our money to any third-world country is the same as pumping cash into the elite’s bank accounts. No poor person will benefit from our money.
    If MrO wants to secure “border security” then send $500 million to AZ and the same to Texas.

    1. Agree. Regarding the money to be shipped off, besides the border issue we have maniacs in the Middle East that issue needs to be dealt with. I read this morning on that UN alarmed over ISIS logo on food-aid. Pictures show the logo of the ISIS group is on it’s food aid in Syria.

    2. Stop making so much sense srdem /sarc.

      I agree with everything you said. However, Rand Paul is an opthalmic surgeon, I might ask him an opinion or two on something medical :)

  2. Work permits for the illegals.
    Another blatant violation of the laws.

    Someone in congress had better get in this guys face and tell him no more.

    This government was designed to move at a glacial speed for a reason, but, Obama needs to be stopped now.

    1. The shadowing of work permits, I would think would be illegal for him to do. As usual another important issue that is not being discussed mentioned, scrolled on the msm.

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