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Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 3, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

13 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 3, 2015”

  1. I han’t heard burned alive. I heard on FOX brutally murdered. Burned alive is a whole new level of physical and mental torture by these ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! Islam may be peaceful by many, but as someone that has lived in both Indonesia and Malaysia, the Muslims at best tolerate Christians and western values. It was obvious while living there that we are truly regarded as infidels.

    1. I haven’t seen the video but from what I’ve heard,….he was covered with a flammable liquid and using a trail of the liquid, like a fuse, they set him on fire.

  2. Obummer is so lame!! On Fox, he was all set to have his little photo op with the people lined up behind him so he could tell us how wonderful Obamacare has been for them. But, poor Obummer had to first answer a question about ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot.

    On Outnumbered, Andrea Tantarros rippied his brief statement apart. First, he referred to ISIS as an “organization”, as if he’s referring to the AARP. Andrea said he could have used a harsher term for ISIS, rather than “this organization”.

    Then, Andrea took issue with the fact that he said, “we think” we’re going to double the efforts in the global war on terror. We think? We might?

    Finally, she couldn’t believe how Obummer referred to “whatever ideology they’re operating under.” Andrea said, “whatever ideology? Does the president not know what ideology it is that compels them to burn human beings alive and behead them?” He called it a “bankrupt ideaogy”.

    As they noted on Fox, this horrible news just came in and Obummer wasn’t prepared and he can’t talk on the fly. He seemed so detached and dispassionate about this horrific news. You could tel he was bothered by having another distraction from his BS photo op with the domestic issue of the day.

  3. Oh dear God. Catherine Herridge, who has watched all the ISIS beheading videos, has viewed the entire 22 minute video and just described it on Fox. She’s clearly shaken and horrified.

    Compare that to the POS’ lame, cold, detached statement.

  4. ISIS an ‘Organization’? Obama’s definition, a bankrupt ideology?
    WTF !!!
    There is nothing between Obama’s two huge
    ears except denial.
    I am surprised he isn’t jetting to Hawaii to play golf.

      1. Pentagon Nothing will change because of video.
        It’s not agile as it was once was.
        Oil no longer main means of $.
        This has potential to backfire on ISIS.
        Just listen to military man speak of Fox. I am so upset, I can’t recall his name.

  5. Is it me…? or does Rear Admiral Kirby the Pentagon spokesman/dope look like a child molester with that creepy hair lip…?

    I am just saying…

    1. Just listened to Shep’s accounting of the burning of the Jordanian pilot. OMG. May his soul rest in peace. His poor family. God have mercy on them all. ISIS barbarics. The pilot was a Muslim but chose to fight against ISIS, or as our president “whats his name” refers to them, ISIL.

      1. I did as well. I just heard the comment o made earlier, They are vicious & barbaric. Whatever ideology they are operating, It is bandrupt. Now, if I may ask, Does everyone feel better with that comment? Does everyone hear feel he knows they are hurting terribly money wise and that will fix all?

  6. Edward “Skip” Gnehm George (former Ambassador)Washington University said this will not change Jordan from fighting terrorist. They are dedicated to fighting terrorist. They are a small Country, and cannot do this alone. I just heard him make comment on Fox.

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