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Israeli Newspaper: Obama May Not Meet with Netanyahu Again

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “toast” at the White House following his acceptance of an invitation to address Congress, and President Obama may never meet with him again, according to one of Israel’s leading newspapers.

Writing in the liberal Haaretz, known as “Israel’s New York Times,” diplomatic correspondent Barak Ravid paints a dire portrait of the relationship between Netanyahu and both Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, saying the animus is now deeply personal:

Senior Israeli and American officials say the White House is seething with anger against Netanyahu. Following the trick he concocted with Republican leaders in Congress, Netanyahu is said to be “toast” as far as Obama is concerned. An Israeli official said the strong words he heard American officials use against Netanyahu convinced him that even if 
Netanyahu is elected on March 17 for another term, Obama wouldn’t meet him before he leaves the White House in a little less than two years.

Another man to whom Netanyahu is “toast,” at least temporarily, is Secretary of State John Kerry. In the last two years Kerry was the main defender of Netanyahu’s government in the world and Netanyahu hastened to call him for help every time he was entangled by his government’s policy.

There will, according to the article, be consequences:

The Americans are not expected to cut back defense assistance to Israel, at least not at first. Obama is expected to maintain the security and intelligence coordination as if there is no Netanyahu, and keep his distance from Netanyahu as if there is no security and intelligence coordination.

This could take place when the Palestinians make another bid for statehood in an approach to the UN Security Council after the elections in Israel. An Israeli official believes that if the resolution draft is not radical and Netanyahu is still prime minister, Obama will not veto it.

At the same time, the Americans could stop their assistance to Israel in blocking the Palestinians’ move to bring Israel up on war crimes charges at the International Court of Justice. They might even push the European states to increase their pressure on Israel and impose additional sanctions on West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements.

U.S. officials believe the Netanyahu address was midwifed by Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer, who is now officially persona non gratta, to the point that he will not be able to do his job, according to the piece.

The article is hostile toward Netanyahu, suggesting he has hurt Israel’s cause.

Netanyahu Obama

Writing today in the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens argues that the Obama-Bibi relationship is already in tatters, that it’s Obama’s fault, and the Netanyahu should give the speech:

Not the least of the reasons Mr. Netanyahu must not give in to pressure to cancel his speech is that he could expect to get nothing out of it from the administration, while humiliating Mr. Boehner in the bargain.

Mr. Netanyahu also needs to speak because Congress deserves an unvarnished account of the choice to which Mr. Obama proposes to put Israel: either accede to continued diplomacy with Iran, and therefore its de facto nuclearization; or strike Iran militarily in defiance of the U.S. and Mr. Obama’s concordat with Tehran . . .

Above all, Mr. Netanyahu needs to speak because Israel cannot expect indefinite support from the U.S. if it acts like a fretful and obedient client to a cavalier American patron. The margin of Israel’s security is measured not by anyone’s love but by the respect of friends and enemies alike. By giving this speech, Mr. Netanyahu is demanding that respect. Irritating the president is a small price to pay for doing so.

Indeed, the world and the United States are not being sufficiently alerted to the mortal danger Iran represents. That Netanyahu will speak in defiance of the president will dramatize the seriousness of what’s at stake.

H/T to William Koenig at World Watch Daily for flagging the Haaretz piece for me.

18 thoughts on “Israeli Newspaper: Obama May Not Meet with Netanyahu Again”

  1. Don’t worry, when we get a real leader in the White House, a real man; Israel will once again be a friend of America and America will be blessed once again.
    “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you,and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:2-3

  2. Netanyahu should consider Obama’s disdain for him as a badge of honor.

    Obama’s embrace of Iran is probably a direct result of his chief adviser ValJar.

    1. Burning someone alive is barbaric and so devoid of humanity it is sickening.
      It’s time for the world to unite and defeat these monsters.

  3. At long last Dictator Obama now has an excuse to openly display his rabid anti-Semitism. Lame Ductator Obama wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth. Patently obvious.

  4. This is just the libs in Israel using the speaking controversy in attempt to hurt Netanyahu in the upcoming election. Bibi better not cave! I totally agree with the Bret Stephens excerpt from the WSJ.

  5. As an American, I am horrified at the treatment Netanyahu has received by this President and his staff. They have treated the enemies of this country with more respect.

    Does anyone really think it was an option that Netanyahu was going to meet in the next years? imhope the Israelis understand Obama is not America.

    1. Obummer has always despised Netanyahu and has treated him very poorly. He’s just using this brouhaha over Bibi’s address to Congress as an excuse to completely rebuke him and not have anything to do with Bibi over his last two years.

      1. I wish Netanyahu a long and healthy life. I wish I could say the same for our president. If he never meets with Netanyahu again, Israel is the winner. Netanyahu is spared.

    2. I feel most of the world is coming to understand that 0 is NOT America. He is too blatantly anti USA & Pro mooslem. It is heart wrenching & embarrassing. God Save our USA.

  6. President Adolescent has given us plenty of examples of how he intends to operate during his last two years: like a high school student council president who has just figured out he can “play” the rules to do what he wants.

    There must be some way Congress can undo the damage that Prez Adol has inflicted.

    1. Oh my, even HS student body reps have more credibility & honor.
      …I feel myself falling into the “what if” hole of terror, more & more lately. I am not a WND believer, but 0 scares my thoughts of our future as free Americans; the decimation of our Military leaders, expansion of SWAT teams for most every federal organization. ..EPA wiping out small farms for some hydrology ‘error’, school lunch nutrition deficiencies, small farms held liable for ‘GMO’ contamination of their heirloom crops… It’s a lot of intrusion & invasions that wipe out any former situations of government intrusion in our lives.

  7. Obama would “cut off his nose to spite his face” as the old cliche goes. regardless of how much he despises any certain Israeli leader, Obama should remember that Israel is an important ally for a whole bunch of good reasons.

    frankly, the whole speech thing is a fabrication of the WH. it turns out they WERE notified in advance, so the main reason for their alleged fury isn’t even a real reason.

    let’s face it: our president is anti-Israel, and most probably anti-Semitic, and he just doesn’t seem to care who knows it anymore.

    are there any Jewish Democrats out there with enough cojones to call him out on it?

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  9. If BeBe backs off, he will almost certainly lose the election, it will send a signal of weakness to the jackals in the middle east, President Shortpants will gloat and turn the screws on Israel tighter, and continue to thumb his nose at Congress. Stand your ground BeBe — if someone’s gonna cave, let it be Boehner, not you.

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