As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

White House Dossier Gets a New Look

I finally went and did a redesign.

The architecture beneath the previous design was aging and about to collapse, so I had to do an upgrade. I took the opportunity to give the website a more modern design, which, though it lacks some of the “charm” of the old site, should look a little more professional and be easier to read and use. And it should be fast. The site should especially be better on mobile platforms.

I hope it looks okay to you. Please let me know of any problems and any thoughts, positive or negative. There will be problems. Sooner rather than later. But I hope to get any bugs worked out quickly.

Thanks for your help, and enjoy the new website.


59 Responses to White House Dossier Gets a New Look

      • I appreciate the new site. However the list on the side will be missed. I appreciate that it was deleated, if it is less touble with the site loading. When time allows please note the sites one more time, and I will write them all down.

  1. Intellectually I know change is necessary. But I HATE change. That being said, looks good so far except I like to see the number of comments each post has received on the front page

  2. Keith, I like it. Thanks! I do notice it seems to be faster. As I just mentioned in another thread, I hope my mother isn’t confused when she fires up her iPad in the morning and hits the site, LOL.

    I think I will have to get used to not having the lines between our comments, though.
    Ch-ch-ch-Changes (…. David Bowie……)

    As Sadie noted above, I also noticed the list of blogs missing from the left sidebar. I occasionally used it, but no big deal if it’s not popular.

    My only comment would be that some people might find it a little hard to read the words on that one blue bar up top where it says “Home, About, RedLine”, etc. I can see it just fine, but there isn’t much contrast and it might be difficult for some to see the letters on that darker blue background. Although, after I typed that I moused over the blue bar and realized that when you hover over a word, it highlights it in a grey block.

    Oh, and I tried to bold something in a comment on another post and it didn’t work. Is html disabled now? I might have a hard time getting used to not being able to bold or italicize words.

  3. Okay, I hate to be a pain in the neck….but, is it me or is there not a space between paragraphs? This time I even added an extra line but the paragraphs look a little squished together.

  4. Love it ! Change is fun :)

    Oh and having the comment box at the bottom of the page is handy.

    As for the blogroll on the sidebar, don’t miss it, never used it. Happy to see Amazon back, I use that all the time !

  5. If you are changing the website around perhaps it is time to consider changing the name of the White House Dossier to better reflect the current occupants of the WH. I was thinking White House Doucheier…….not sure if I got the last word spelled correctly or not. I did not take French in high school or college maybe John (Odo) Kerry or James Taylor can advise to the proper spelling. LOL

    Seriously, I like the new look! I would like to see the list of other suggested websites return. I don’t think they have to be front page. Maybe, the could be placed on a separate tab on top or a Misc.Tab that allows you to put items various items that want to share but doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the site.

    Also, I want to see a video of you screaming an obnoxious question at the President while he is walking to Marine or Air Force One? Like Sam Donaldson used to do to President Reagan and Bush………Something like…… Mr. President …Mr President ….This is your 8th vacation this year, How can you justify spending $ 7 million dollars on each trip when real Americans are starving and homeless in the streets??

    My guess is your credentials would ripped right off by Josh…….LOL

    • LMAO! someone, anyone in this current weak-willed, biased, sycophant “WH press corps” ever screaming a REAL QUESTION at Obama…

  6. On my last comment I still got the Error-330 message, was hoping that would go away, maybe it is just my computer ? I don’t have the problem on other wordpress hosted blogs though ?

    Oh well, no biggies, better than moderation :D

  7. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your viewpoints and the community you have on this website.

    My first impression is the new look is great! Best of luck & keep on keeping them honest!!

      • Last night, it took me a few minutes to find where that is now. I used to like it when it was under the title of the post. It made it easy to finish reading all the comments and then just scroll to the top to hit the link for the next post. Now instead of hitting the Home button to get to the top of the page where you could click to get to the next post, you have to scroll to find the very beginning of the comments and the Next Post button to click on. No big deal, I’ll get used to it.

  8. OT: I just heard on Fox that a Congressman from Fl. told Congressman from TX., that Texas was a crazy state.
    The TX. Congressman asked for an apology, the Fl. Congressman said when hell freezes over. They were discussing o crud. Now I am not from TX., but a wonderful neighbor and find that comment an insult to everyone in America.

  9. Love the new look with one exception> I don’t see how to distinguish linkable commenters names, like Denise VB and others who go to their Twitter or blog feeds. In most formats, the name is obviously linkable. Here, one has to put the mouse on the name to see if it is.

  10. I hadn’t checked WHD in a couple of day’s and was unaware of the new look, I LIKE!
    “As of now, I am in control here, in the White House “, oh, if it were only true Mr. K.
    President Koffler, has a nice ring to it, eh?

  11. The comment box is much easier to use on iPhones now. It used to stretch beyond the screen and was difficult to use.

    Also, as Denise noted above, I like the comment box appearing at the end of the comments. It makes it easier to read all the comments and then type your own without having to scroll up to find the comment box. Thanks!