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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:35 am || Meets with Americans who wrote letters about how they benefitted from the Affordable Care Act; Roosevelt Room
2:10 pm || Holds a Cabinet meeting; Cabinet Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. 11:35 am || Meets with Americans who wrote letters about how they benefitted from the Affordable Care Act; Roosevelt Room

    A week ago my wife had cataract surgery. She was chatting with the young woman at the sign-in desk about the “joys” of Obamacare. This young person is in no danger of being invited to the White House. Seems she used to pay $125 a month for her health insurance with a $1000 deductible. AFTER Obiecare she is paying $350 a month and her deductible is $6300. That’s right, 6 THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. AFFORDABLE Care Act My Ass!!!!!!!

  2. 11:35 am || Meets with Americans who wrote letters about how they benefitted from the Affordable Care Act; Roosevelt Room

    What a load of you know what…

    I lost a plan I liked and can’t find good doctors now

  3. People were layed off from their long jobs. He should be asking them how it feels.
    He should also have American Citizens in room, and have them explain how they fear our future, with him in office.

  4. I’m shocked he found anyone who actually benefited. But as in prior times, they’re probably all frauds. Can’t wait to find out what WH department they work for.

    • Robin, please see my long comment below for an example of someone who has benefited under Obamacare. Considering the vast majority of Obamacare enrollees are receiving subsidies, I’d say they’re probably happy because they did in fact benefit. The problem is that tens of millions more have been harmed by Obamacare and are doing much worse under it. But, Obummer doesn’t care about that.

  5. Seriously? people actually wrote letters on paper, put them in envelopes, stuck a stamp on them and jogged to the mail box to praise the joys of Obamacare – nah, no they didn’t.
    Nobody ‘writes’ letters, they send e-mails or texts today.

  6. Time to stop the tea trolley in its tracks! Either I’m imagining things, or Keith’s website just had a face-lift as I was browsing the comments. Nice job, Keith!

    The Daily Schedule has become such a farce! The flim-flam man gets away with putting on a one-man show that re-enforces his lies…and everyone is expected to drink the kool-aid. It doesn’t take a shrink to diagnose this man’s condition – he is a dangerous, delusional, paranoid schizophrenic!

  7. Hmm, let’s see which woman Obummer will invite to the WH tomorrow to tell her story of how Obamacare has changed her life. As reported last August by Bret Baier in his Fox News Special, “Live Free or Die: Obamacare in New Hampshire”, there are winners and losers in this new Obamacare world:

    There are several people profiled, but let’s look at the first two:

    Marjorie M., a 63 year old retired bookkeeper. She has a chronic condition, and goes to a hospital just a few miles from her house. She’s been seeing her doctors there for fifteen years, so she has a relationship with them and trusts them. She paid $7,000 in premiums annually, with a $2,500 deductible. After Obamacare, an equivalent policy will cost her an extra $3,000 a year in premiums and her deductible will rise. Even worse, she will be forced to go to another hospital and see all new doctors because of Anthem’s “narrow network” under Obamacare. She is using her retirement funds to help pay the premiums until she qualifies for Medicare.

    Then there’s 24 year old Lisa C., a single mother of two. She’s enrolled in Obamacare with a Silver Plan. The cost to her? Just $37/month, with a low co-pay of $10 for office visits, $75 for ER visits, and a mere $150 deductible (which she says is “nothing”, as she laughs). She previously has received housing assistance as well as food stamps, but admits that it was embarrassing for her to ask for that kind of help. Yet, she has NO problem receiving such an extremely generous Obamacare subsidy for her and her children. In fact she thinks it’s so wonderful that she has become a spokesperson of sorts, telling everyone she knows about it, including going on local radio stations to promote Obamacare to other NH residents and to let them know about the generous subsidies. (As noted in the special, over 40,000 NH residents are enrolled in Obamacare, three quarters receiving subsidies).

    The young single mother who gladly accepts the Obamacare subsidy says she loves what she does, but it doesn’t pay much. You see, she’s a child care worker in a business owned by her parents. Well, isn’t that nice. She can do that for the rest of her life while we pay almost all of the freight on her health insurance bill for her and her kids. (No mention of the father of these kids maybe paying his share.) Her parents don’t have to offer health insurance to her as her employer. Nor is there any incentive on their part or hers to ever increase her pay because that would decrease her subsidy. There certainly is no incentive for her to find a higher paying job and/or one that offers health insurance. Why bother when she can stick the taxpayers with the bill?

    Now, is this fair, Mr. Obama? I ask that since you seem to refer to “fairness” almost daily.

    As someone who’s paying almost $1,700 per month to cover my family (with a $5,000 deductible), I can say no, it’s not fair. I resent paying for coverage my family does not need or want, and I highly resent paying for other people’s families.

  8. This guy is nothing but a full 110% liar my medical insurance has gone up 35% in 2 years and yes they are called radical islam you lying muslim lover

  9. Obama wants 4 Trillion Dollars for his budget that comes out to 11Billion a day every day or 78 dollars a day for every working person or 140 million workers this means that every worker will be paying. ($553.09) a week its not a goal that can be dobe seeing how 38% of all working people make less than 400.00 per week gross his plan is to tax tax tax rhis bill is full of BULL

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