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Live Stream || White House Briefing – January 30, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. O/T and from the world of “Ya can’t make this stuff up”, while in India, the 0bamas spoke to government leaders about the problem of childhood obesity – – in INDIA! It must have come across as mocking, methinks. India, where a large percentage of children under 5 are underweight. I wonder if the Indian PM brought that to their attention? Probably not…

  2. Listened for awhile. When Josh the Earnest One gets into his “Republicans are just campaigning”, “Haven’t seen any new ideas for the Republicans”, “Obama wants to work with Republicans”, I just Cannot take it anymore. This guy is yet another Government spokesperson with absolutely no gravitas, no depth, no sincerity, no intellectual honesty.

    • “Republicans are just campaigning”

      “Haven’t seen any new ideas for the Republicans”

      He has a lot of nerve saying that after how Obummer was making a campaign speech at the Dems’ little pep rally in Phildelphia yesterday. As this article indicates, the Dems appear to have nothing to run on in 2016 but the same old tired class warfare bullcrap:

      • Good article,, like an x-ray into the D’s nightmares. I was listening to Larry Sabato’s analysis of the upcoming 2016 election. He played out a few possible scenarios, including one in which the D’s have no way of winning the presidency. I can’t remember the set up and all the numbers (open convention, which blue states are going red, etc), but he was convincing. The key for R’s , of course, is getting the right candidate.

        • I think I saw that same interview today. It was on Fox, but I forget on which show. I was sort of half listening, but I do remember the part where Sabato said that it’s very unusual for a party to get a third time in the WH. Yes, is does happen (most recently, George HW Bush after President Reagan), but not that often. So, he thinks that’s one reason why the Republicans start out with an advantage in 2016.

  3. OT – every year, same old bullcrap. Obummer just HAS to be on TV right before the Super Bowl:

    President Barack Obama will speak exclusively with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie on Super Bowl Sunday. The pair will sit down at the White House for a live interview that’ll air during NBC’s pre-game show.

    Savannah will conduct an additional taped interview with the president that’ll air Monday, February 2, on TODAY.

  4. OT: State Dept refuses to call Taliban killing of 3 Americans in Kabul Airport a “Terrorist Attack”.
    Chuck Shumer: Republicans hate illegal immigrants more than Islamic State Jihadists.
    O has already caved on 80% if the demands in Nuke talks.
    Those are just three things on
    By the way God Bless the Americans that were killed. and God Bless their families. This did not make much news today.