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Rampant Obamaphone Phraud

As many as four out of ten phones are given out fraudulently. And you’re paying for it. Check the subsidy on your phone bill.

People are using their friends’ food stamps to prove they qualify! And who knows if their friends even qualify for food stamps.

That’s what I’m gonna do. Maybe I have some friends on food stamps. It’s hard times in journalist. I WANT MY OBAMAPHONE!

Even the original Obamaphone lady has become disenchanted, it seems.

4 Responses to Rampant Obamaphone Phraud

  1. First of all, the Obamaphone lady is bat crap crazy. But it’s good to see than even a person like that can be turned around to see the truth (doesn’t make her less crazy though). Who knew she was for lower taxes and the 2nd amendment. (But the thought of her owning a gun scares me even more than if she had 10 Obamaphones!)

  2. I still can not listen to the video’s. However I appreciate someone not forgetting about te Free Phone issue.
    I cannot believe people are not expecting Free cable, Free car, Free beer, etc…