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Obama “Keep Your Insurance” Estimate Off by 10 million

Under Obamacare, 10 million people will lose their employer-provided insurance by 2021 – or one out of sixteen workers – a number that is ten times the original estimate, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The CBO also estimates that 31 million people will remain uninsured despite a price tag of $2 trillion, begging the question, was there not a better way to do this than socializing the U.S. health system?

22 thoughts on “Obama “Keep Your Insurance” Estimate Off by 10 million”

  1. Better way? Absolutely. Start by getting the government out of the health care business. Continue by getting the government out of the retirement plan business. Go a step further and get all the self-serving, “elected leaders” out of the business of Americans. Start with Barack Obama.

      1. How about the back-room deals and parliamentary games that led to its passing? How about the whole, “Hey, we hear you… we’re going to back off on this for a while, and focus on the economy” only to come back two weeks later and ram this crap sandwich down our throats literally in the middle of the night? Everything about this farcical legislation intended to solve a problem which didn’t exist has sucked every step of the way.

      2. AND no one brings this up Lee!
        Such BS! Some scummy govt person once said all Americans deserved health insurance like our elected representatives/senators have.
        That didn’t turn out so well for US the voters…

  2. Of course there were, and still are, better ways to share healthcare with our fellow Americans, but healthcare and health insurance are two different things.
    Had Congress tweaked some regulations that would have changed the matrix of profit vs healthcare, or just put into effect a few regulations that would have evened out the plane for all, we wouldn’t be in this miserable abyss of a nightmarish law that no one completely understands.

    Whether the reason for passing such a terrible law was just honest concern for the health of Americans, or some evil, devious means of controlling the public (and our wallets), the law is unworkable, doesn’t accomplish what it’s mission was puported to be, and is still disliked by a majority of Americans.

    1. One more thing:
      The Dems obviously thought that all of America would cheer the passing of the ACA, and be in love with Dems – forever.
      When the opposite happened, when it was revealed that most Americans hated this law, despised the lawmakers who touted and passed it, and it still is an onerous burden laid right on the whole Dem party, they must have been stunned. When MrO made claims that people needed to have this law explained to them, or inferred that we’re all too dumb to understand what’s good for us, it just was another example of the divide between the elected and the electers.
      The public wanted their jobs back, a stable economy and what the Dems delivered with the ACA was more lay-offs, and a shakier future.
      There is no way to ‘fix’ the ACA, it must be repealed.

      1. The democrats do not care at all what the American people want. They want us to be socialists/communists and thats it. They are not the democrat party of old, they are now anti-American and should be in jail for their crimes against America and its people. It will take a civil war to stop them and return America to us. Obamacare is the prime example of socialism. And its built on lies and deception. They give out figures like 9 million people signed up. But did these 9 million pay? Did these nine million really sign up or did they just call the 800 number inquiring about Obamacreepcare, and when they called just for info, I bet they are saying they joined when they didn’t really. Very dangerous, these people are just politicians out for power.

    2. Oh, no way are ‘they’ concerned for the health of Americans. If they were they would allow choice, as we now have with auto insurance.
      Having worked in the health ins business for 17 years, I’ve seen the more govt involvement the $hi++IER the choice & care. It’s all about control and manipulation. If you depend on the govt for services you will submit to their will, eat what they approve, exercise or else & be followed in your every move. Fascists et all.

      1. And this example: a cancer striken child was kicked off the parents’ health ins. When the mom asked the 0care people for an emergency acceptance she was told only if you are pregnant AND in labor, or if you’re illegal can you get an emergency enrollment.

  3. Aw, 10 million, 10 shmillion. What differnce, at this point, does it make? As long as Sandra Fluke (rhymes with, well, you know) gets her birth control I’m a happy camper. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m still waiting for the “$2500 per family annual savings in premiums” Obama promised me. Another Obama lie that the media has forgotten about.

    The man is a duplicitous despot.

    1. That figure has flipped in the opposite direction for me…I’m self-employed and am now paying just about $2500 more each year. Barry can go straight to hell.

  5. If I got the correct number of zeroes in there, that $2 trillion divided by 31 million comes out to over SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND bucks per uninsured.
    Our only hope at this point is that sometime in the future technology advances to time machine invention and the poor slobs having to live under the oppression and debt that Obama ushered in come back and save us AND their future before it’s allowed to begin.

  6. Obama’s rationale for ObamaCare was to insure the 30 million without insurance.

    After Obama upset the entire healthcare insurance world and spending $2 trillion, there will now 32 million uninsured.

    Everything Obama touches turns to Shiite!

  7. Come on Keith. Everyone knows Obamacare was never about health care costs or health but the first step in implementing total government control over our health. Socialist proposals are always about redistributing the wealth of the worker to government to grow government to have more control over the people.

  8. They totally ruined health care for millions that were insured to provide insurance for those that weren’t. Why didn’t they just pay toward the uninsured and leave everyone else alone? Health insurance was not really their goal. They wanted total takeover of the health care system. Obama lied and health care died.

  9. Anybody calculated their “shared responsibility payment” for not having coverage last year? I hear that’s what the IRS is calling the fee/penalty for not having coverage now. And didn’t they say when Roberts caved on this that the fee would only come from your refund, and if you didn’t get a refund, you wouldn’t have to pay it? Surprise!

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