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The Obama Morning News || January 28, 2015

Red States get the deepest cuts under Obama . . . Between the 2009 and 2013 fiscal years, funding for a wide swath of discretionary grant programs, from Head Start preschool education to anti drug initiatives, fell by an average of 40 percent in Republican-leaning states like Texas and Mississippi. By contrast, funding to Democratic-leaning states such as California and politically competitive swing states like Ohio dropped by 25 percent.

“I would suggest these numbers would tell us there is politicization going on,” said John Hudak, an expert on federal spending at the centrist Brookings Institution. Reuters

Obama wins on sanctions, but only gets two months . . . Ten Senate Democrats told President Barack Obama on Tuesday that they would not vote for an Iran sanctions bill until after late March, essentially giving Obama two months to reach a framework deal under which Iran agrees to give up its nuclear weapons program. As a result, it now appears unlikely that the Senate will be in any position to move a sanctions bill until late March. The Blaze

State Deptartment-funded group bankrolls anti-Bibi campaign . . . A U.S. State Department-funded group is financing an Israeli campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has hired former Obama aides to help with its grassroots organizing efforts. Washington Free Beacon

Obama withdraws plan to gut college savings plans . . . A dramatic lobbying effort on Air Force One — led by key leaders in his own party — helped prod President Barack Obama to drop a much ballyhooed plan to tax college savings in an embarrassing retreat from a plan announced just a little more than a week ago. Politico

Michelle uncovered . . . First lady Michelle Obama faced backlash from Twitter users in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for not wearing a head covering during her brief visit there with the president. Washington Times

Good for her. Let them like it.

Obama proposes drilling in Atlantic . . . The Obama administration pitched a plan Tuesday to open up parts of the Atlantic Ocean to drilling for the first time, even as it moved to lock down parts of Alaska indefinitely. Fox News

Administration setting up for another housing fail . . . Republicans criticized the government overseer of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a congressional hearing Tuesday, pushing back against his recent efforts to promote home ownership through the bailed-out mortgage giants. “You’re once again putting people into homes that they can’t afford to keep,” House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling told Mel Watt. Washington Examiner

Jindal warned of Islamic “colonization,” “Invasion” . . . “What’s not acceptable is people that want to come and conquer us. That’s not immigration, by the way, that’s colonization,” he says. “If someone wants to come here and change our fundamental culture and our values. If they want to come here and they want to set up their own culture and values that’s not immigration, that’s really invasion — if you’re honest about it.” Breitbart

Bush talks tough on immigration . . . “A great nation needs to control its border,” Jeb Bush told the audience in San Francisco, “not just at the border, which is hugely important, but also the 40 percent of the people that have come here illegally with a legal visa and overstayed their bounds. We ought to be able to figure out where they are and politely ask them to leave.” Washington Examiner

Money on Rubio . . . In an informal straw poll of some Koch brother conference donors, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida came out ahead of four other would-be GOP presidential candidates who had been invited. Politico

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 28, 2015

  1. “Red States get the deepest cuts under Obama .”
    Raise your hands if you’re surprised!
    “First lady Michelle Obama faced backlash from Twitter users in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for not wearing a head covering during her brief visit there ”
    I prefer she was covered up all the time too, but I wonder if she forced her food rules on them….

  2. “Good for her”? Oh, no, it’s not. She’s not just Shelly from the ‘hood, or Barry’s wife, she’s the FLOTUS and expected to act within protocols set for official visitors to foreign countries.
    We don’t like their laws, we think they are violent barbarians, and their mistreatment of their women is disturbing on every level. However, what we think, what WE believe to be fair and decent, doesn’t make any difference to those in foreign countries.
    What does matter to them is vistors ignoring their laws and customs. WE, citizens of the US, are concerned about foreigners ignoring OUR laws and customs.
    MrsObama should have adhered to the mandate that women cover their hair when in a totally Islamic country.

    • And…………
      Some of the MSM shows MrsO’s displeasure at being ignored during an introduction where MrO was given handshakes by the Saudis. She was only given a ‘nod’ by most of the men, not a handshake.
      Why she would expect Muslim men to touch her, another man’s wife, is unimaginable. They are forbidden to touch such women by their religion and their custom.
      This trip/vacation/junket of the Obamas has shown them to be crude, ignorant of common manners, and lacking a sense of protocol that is mindboggling.
      IMO, of course.

  3. This issue has not received enough attention in the last 24 hours, That is the issue of U.S. State Dept. financing to oust Netanyahu. It states that Jeremy Bird, former field director involved as well.
    Why doesn’t this click of people join up to do something foul to some of our enemies, instead of an ally.

    • Former First Ladies went scarfless on their visits, I’m not sure why such a big deal is being made of Michelle’s choice? If any protocol was breached it was her gum-chomping husband, how rude!!

  4. I am glad that thier tax plan on college savings got pulled. I heard this on Rush the other day. Couldn’t take a note in the car, and forgot to mention it when I got back.

    • Thanks AFVet. Still not able to hear video’s. Working on it.
      I pulled up
      I read that Lynch backed o on his immigration executive actions.
      Well that is just great. I wish someone would have asked her if she is going to be responsible for sickness spreading, or if she is going to pay for them to be taken care of by the govt.
      She said everyone should have the right to work. (Regarding illegals). She acknowledged there’s no civil right in the law for illega’s to get citizenship and employers still have to abide by the nation’s immigration laws.
      She is aware there is an investigation going on, when she was asked about the IRS targeting the Tea Party.
      She said bringing terrrorist to justice, will be the departments’s primary mission.

      • Vitter was just on Fox. He said when Sessions asked if illegals and American citizens have the same rights, or does Americans have better right. She reponsed: They have same standard, right to work.