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White House Suggests Combating Deficit with More Spending

No, it’s true. This is not one of my satire pieces. That’s what they did, in a statement released this morning, and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest even flagged the statement for reporters traveling with President Obama in Asia so they didn’t miss it.

The news was that the Congressional Budget Office released a report stating that the deficit had come down a little bit more, to the lowest point of the Obama presidency and to a place that is just below the average for the last 50 years.

Buhhhht . . . the average for the last 50 years is pretty bad and has resulted in our current $18 trillion in debt. The estimate also doesn’t include a bunch of spending and tax cuts that routinely get “extended” by Congress, to the tune of more than $1 trillion over ten years.

And the deficit is set to start rising again in just a couple of years, to heights rivaling the levels of the last recession. And that’s all assuming we don’t have another recession.

The White House acknowledges this, and suggests a fix:

CBO’s longer-term budget and economic projections confirm the need for Congress to act to strengthen our economy for the middle class while putting our debt and deficits on a sustainable trajectory, including by making the investments that will accelerate economic growth and generate good new jobs for our workers to fill.

Investments. Get the joke? Investments are what liberals call spending. That will cure the deficit.

And so I’m headed out right now to Dairy Queen to work on my diet.

28 thoughts on “White House Suggests Combating Deficit with More Spending”

  1. Defund the National Endowment for the Arts,
    Let the millionaire liberals in Hollywood fund it.
    Defund the National Education Association, The IRS,
    and eliminate the ACA and replace it by allowing health insurance companies to compete across state lines.

    Stop taking massive tracts of land from the people by converting them to Federal ‘Wildlife Preserves.’ (ANWAR).

    After reading today’s news, we find that the house and the senate are once again turning into squishes instead of doing what they said they would do to get elected.
    Both congressional ‘leaders’ are exhibiting what many of the people that comment on this thread were afraid of happening after the election.

    So far,…the hope that we had for them to stop Obama has been dashed.

    1. I’m beginning to slide over to the conspiracy side of the aisle and that there is one big file folder in the West Wing with all the NSA goodies on Congress and they either go along or get out of town.
      On the other hand, it could be they’re all just a bunch of greedy, power hungry miscreants who don’t deserve the air they breathe.

      1. It’s getting to the point of the old saying,…..fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
        Now we have two more years of this crap to put up with.
        These lying cheating politicians with the present structure will either die in office or continue to malign the people that they ‘sincerely want to represent’.

        They laugh at us behind the doors of the capitol.
        And they should, because enough people are stupid enough to buy their rhetoric, and that’s all they need to procure another run.

        IMO,….both Boehner and McConnell should not hold the offices that they were able to achieve.
        They don’t deserve them.

          1. I was driving, couldn’t write them down. One other one was abortion. They also mentioned the Alaska issue as well, even though that is a new one shoved in our faces.

          2. You are correct Lee on the abortion issue.
            ANWAR is just another attempt by Obama to stop down the ability for this Country to become energy independent.

  2. If I recall rightly, the O administration has already ‘invested’ billions of dollars into green energy, and green whatsits.
    The return – $0.00 Jobs created – 0.
    Net – Cronies – Billions. Taxpayers – $0.00

  3. OT: in a fashion
    I witnessed something amazing this morning at my local pharmacy: as I was waiting in line, the 40something Black man was arguing with the pharmacy clerk about the cost of his meds.
    He- All this is covered by Obama, why do I have to pay?
    She – This (a box of something) is included in your deductible, and the pills have a co-pay.
    He- Well, deduct them then.
    She- Do you mean you don’t want this xxxxxx?
    He- No! Deduct means you take away, right? Obama pays for everything. I don’t understand ‘co-pay”, I already paid for the insurance.
    She- No, deductable means you must pay for this xxxx until you reach a certain number of dollars spent, then the insurance will cover it. The pills will always have a co-pay.
    He- That’s not right! Obama pays for everything, he said so!
    She- (silence)
    He- Well, I’m paying for this now, but we’ll see….mumble mumble.

    It was amazing at the lack of understanding what Obamacare really is and means. He never called it ‘obamacare’, it was always “Obama”.
    Another wake up event.

  4. Meh, what else do I have to do besides work myself into an early grave. I introduced a young coworker to the term “wage slave.” Some of the younger ones get it.

  5. OT: again
    Saudi Arabia nat’l TV blurred out MrsObama’s face in an official video because she wasn’t wearing a habib. lol.
    I won’t say it, but I can think it…………….lol.

  6. Obama’s entire time in office has been nothing but an extended exercise in satire. He never has and never will take the job seriously; we Ned to get over it because Hillary is up next.

  7. This latest example of Obama-nomics is just another madcap adventure Obama is using to bring the country to its knees. Create more debt to bring down the debt. It’s emblematic of Obama’s entire presidency.

    Make two lists on a apiece of paper: List A has all the actions Obama should have done to create a stronger, more successful country. List B has all the things a president would do to destroy the United States. As we see, Obama has no accomplishments on List A, and List B is full of his insane actions.

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