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Video || Guest of Honor Obama Chews Gum in India

It was “one of the most significant honors that India can bestow on any foreign leader,” the announcer for an Indian TV network declared: serving as “chief guest” at India’s Republic Day celebrations.

But for President Obama, the recipient of that honor, it was all only so much chicken curry. He arrived at the ceremony Monday chewing his Nicorette gum, sauntered toward the reviewing stand, sat down, and kept right on chewing away. No doubt millions were startling at the astounding casualness of it all, and perhaps got to wondering how serious our president is and how serious the United States is too.

I don’t think that’s too much of a stretch. Symbolism is important, and it’s taken way more seriously in other societies than ours. I can’t even imagine how it occurred to Obama to appear like this.

Gosh, at least use the Patch.

At some point, he decided to remove it from his mouth, grossing an entire subcontinent of people.

Obama gum India

Here he is at the East Asia Summit in Nusa Dua, on the island of Bali, where he nauseated the people of Indonesia back in 2011.

Barack Obama, Yoshihiko Noda

Such hubris. I wouldn’t even dare to chew gum greeting my father-in-law, let alone another world leader.

And just have a look at this.

38 Responses to Video || Guest of Honor Obama Chews Gum in India

  1. You are seeing his arrogance on display.
    He doesn’t give a damn what anybody else thinks of his behavior.
    This is why the world leaders disrespect him.

    Fundamentally transforming America and the office of the presidency is his goal,…..and he is achieving it,…while laughing at the little people that would assume to oppose him.

    He is attacking this Country on so many fronts it is hard to keep up with it.

    I don’t give a damn if he is black, he is an enemy, and so is the congress that won’t stand up to him.

  2. Again we collectively hang our head in shame and Michelle may have had on long clothes in Saudi but 3 different colors. My friend lived in Saudi and she wore appropriate ‘long clothes’ including a scarf she had a
    beige ‘Saudi outfit’ for wearing in public. Wonder if the Obama’s would
    embrace Michelle having to ride in the back of the bus or eating in a separate part of restauran’s from men? I think she’s only on this trip for the beauty of India and the possibility of serious bling and gifts.

  3. He must have some serious ‘jones’ with nicotine if he can’t go for hours without a smoke or a hit.
    Smokers (still) sit at desks for hours at a time, smoke free, then go outside or whatever to litem’ up.
    Some smokers have been known to go for long plane rides without needing a hit.
    If he truly quit the habit a few years ago, this gum thing is not good. He should be beyond the ‘urge’ by now.
    I don’t care if he smokes, or what he smokes if he does.

  4. You either have class or you don’t. If you are not as smart as you think you are, you do dumb things like this. He is so dumb he does not even know what the proper behavior is, and does not care.

    He needs to watch Downton Abbey instead of the endless ESPN.

    The joke is on the morons that voted for this clown. They believe what they hear on TV.

  5. OT: Meterologist apologized for the weather issue in NE. They did the best they could. I have gone though many hurricane warnings. Some hit, some turned at the last hour or so. The Five are discussing Global warming. I have enough to be worried sick about, than to listen to that. I would have rathered them discuss the gum, instead of O’s climate change agenda.

    • Why we call them Weather Guessers. Because Mother Nature can be so fickle, all it takes is a small shift in so many different variables, and you see what happened in NYC.

      Better safe than sorry.

  6. Which is clueless, and which is chewless? The Indian announcer spoke of a new script: The first US President to defile such a ceremony by chewing his cud. Where did this guy evolve? In a choom wagon?

    Well, at least we’ve settled one issue. He CAN walk and chew gum at the same time!

  7. Actually, I have something nice to say. Loved MO’s coat, a very nice fit, color and flattering on her. I felt bad for her watching Obama leave her in the lurch lagging behind.

    So a protocol concern, and based on personal experience ….. I had been through many receiving lines in my husband’s career, and when he was at NATO. We always went through the line together, he went first, either an aide introduced him or he introduced himself THEN he introduced ME. (Also he knows I would have killed him if he abandoned me at those kind of events).

    We pretty much do the same routine at weddings and funerals now, especially if we’re not well acquainted with the families and friends of the bride, groom or deceased.

    So watch the video again, did you feel bad for Michelle ? I did.

    • Not a chance. She married this ass and has used his position to fleece the taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars without a care in the world.

      On top of that, she’s a miserable wench.

      You couldn’t PAY me to feel sorry for that harpy.

    • No, the only thoughts I had on the situation were that she finally wore something that looked somewhat appropriate for the occasion, and that she actually followed the host country’s protocol by standing back and not expecting to be the center of attention. She acted like a complete ass with her pouting and making faces to indicate how unhappy she was about it all. Could they just pretend even once to behave with some class and dignity? I don’t feel sorry for her at all, and I won’t. Ever.

    • I have more empathy for the children who are starving thanks to her asinine school lunch regulations, but don’t get me started on THAT.

      As for Mouchelle not covering up–recall that this is the same White House that threw the mother of all hissy fits when Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress. They were sticklers for protocol THEN. But when it came to being gracious guests when representing the United States abroad…not so much.

      And no, I’m no fan of the rules in Saudi Arabia, but given that we don’t exactly know which way the place will go now that it’s under new management, discretion would definitely have been the better part of valor.

  8. In Indonesia, chewing gum in public is about as big a sign of disrespect as you can imagine. My son spent a couple of weeks in Indonesia last month on a business trip, and one thing that is made very, very clear by Indonesian officials is that you never, never, never chew gum in public. It’s a MAJOR slap in the face to everyone around you. The other huge sign of disrespect in Indonesia is to deface photos or drawings of the political leaders–drawing mustaches on them etc. Both acts are actually punishable by law. So we can expect Obama to get out his etch-a-sketch to make funny faces of the political leaders. That’s just how he rolls.