As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || January 27, 2015

Obamacare to cost $2 trillion over next decade . . . President Obama’s healthcare law will spend about $2 trillion over the next decade on expanding insurance coverage but still leave 31 million Americans uninsured, according to an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office released on Monday. Washington Free Beacon

Deficits set to soar right back up . . . Barack Obama is ready to turn the page on the $1 trillion deficits that once defined his presidency. That’s easy for him to say — he’ll no longer be in office when everything blows up. Daily Caller

Obama approval at 18-month high . . . President Barack Obama’s approval rating is as high as it’s been since mid-2013, reaching 50 percent on Monday according to Gallup. This comes as Republicans have backed down from several immigration campaign promises as they seek to “govern” rather than follow through on what they said they were going to do. Breitbart

McDonough nabbed trying to steal oil boom credit . . . One of the more shameless lies repeatedly repeated by this administration is the suggestion that it is somehow responsible for the growth in U.S. oil production and lower gasoline prices. White House Dossier

WH Drone landing shows unresolved security issue . . . The intrusion by a recreational drone early Monday onto the White House lawn exposed a security gap at the compound that the Secret Service has spent years studying but has so far been unable to fix, according to several officials familiar with the concern. Washington Post

Clinton gives top campaign role to husband of CNN VP . . . Hillary Clinton plans to improve her relationship with the press for 2016, and her choice of Tom Nides as a top campaign official could be a good start. He is married to a top executive of CNN. Washington Free Beacon

GOP may ease path for Obama Supreme Court nominees . . .  A Republican proposal to abolish filibusters on Supreme Court nominees is gaining steam in the Senate, a move that would make it much easier for the White House to fill high court vacancies just as President Obama appears likely to get another appointment. Washington Examiner

Sarah Palin isn’t really running for president . . . She says she’s interested in running for president, but Sarah Palin is not backing that interest up with action. Washington Examiner

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 27, 2015

  1. OT: somewhat
    Is being the President what MrsClinton really wants, or is MrClinton’s mania to be back in the spotlight, to sit in the WhiteHouse again, the driving reason for her being a candidate.
    We already know she’s not in the best of health, we assume that as a senior she, too, has aches and pains, and she looks and acts tired.
    Most of her adult life she has been propping up her husband’s political aspirations, being in the public eye, always on guard against the slipped-tongue remark, and never ever at ease.
    PresReagan was of the same age group as MrsClinton is now, but the job, the tragic events, and the pressure eventually ground him down so that he was nothing more than a speech giver, not a leader.

    Being POTUS in the 21st century is a new game with new enemies, new troubles and requires someone who isn’t standing with one foot on a banana peel and the other – well we all know where.

    • I think that possibly it is a driving desire to take this Country to Her knees by continuing the sadistic policies of one BHO.
      He has already set the stage for another liberal Saul Alinsky admirer to finish the job.
      Her age and physical condition are beside the point, it is her progressive ideology that scares the hell out of me.

    • When I finally got around to reading Hillary’s post-FLOTUS memoir, Living History, it left me feeling that she was more accomplished and a better First Lady than MO. Presidential material ? Nah, nothing there.

      Just to compare, she was not Sarah Palin, not by a long shot. SP climbed the politicial ladder to be the change she wanted to see, from business owner, PTA President, City Council, Mayor, then Governor … she always put the people first by actions, Hillary makes you think she did with…..words.

      What has Hillary done since she left her SoS position ? She just flies around the country accumulating personal wealth ? I see no “servant’s heart” with her.

      • The “accumulating wealth” game is what Billy and Hilly have always been about. That’s the whole purpose of their “Clinton Foundation”. They both love political power, but they REALLY like cash in the bank.

        Someday, some talented investigative reporters will dive deeply into the shenanigans of both the Clinton Foundation and the so-called Children’s Defense Fund (which Hillary is/was deeply involved with). What they find there will pop their eyes out of their heads. But, no, the MSM is much more interested in what’s in Sarah Palin’s trashcans. Miserable frauds.

  2. As noted in the Obamacare article in Keith’s list and in the Daily Mail, ObamaCare is even more disastrous, financially and in actual healthcare delivery, than we thought it would be. The data about this catastrophe is overwhelming. Yet, the Progressives and the trained seals in ObamaWorld, and much of the Congress absolutely refuse to deal effectively with this disaster.

  3. Approval. I cannot understand how his approval rating as risen. I cannot understand what Congress is up to. Not hearing from many of them at all.