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Video || De Blasio Employs Bizarre Sign Language Interpreter

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio today used an startlingly overzealous sign language interpreter, who pushed the absurdity envelope to the tearing point while Hizzoner was telling New Yorkers to get ready for the snow. Apparently, this is real signing.

You may of course remember this fellow, who also reached for absurdity – pioneering the field of bogus sign language interpretation – during the memorial service in South Africa for the late Nelson Mandela.

Or you may remember this.

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7 Responses to Video || De Blasio Employs Bizarre Sign Language Interpreter

  1. I’d like to see DeBlasio’s digital delight share a split screen with Al Sharpton every time he’s on camera. They’d make a fine pair.

    Then again, I’d like to see a permanent scroll under Al detailing his past “indiscretions”.

  2. Being raised in W.Pa with all it’s different ethnic groups, I can almost understand the hand movements, the arm waving – everyone waved their hands and arms while speaking.
    Anger – understood
    Sadness – got it
    Watch out buddy – oh yeah

    To sum up – even the deaf like to emphasiize while speaking.

  3. I learned American Sign Language many years ago…and admittedly have forgotten a lot of it, but the signers nowadays use signs that I have never seen anywhere…maybe this is Bronx sign language?

  4. Nothing bizarre about the interpreter! It is bizarre that the reporter is ignorant of ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter. this interpreter is legit! Next time, double check your facts with the deaf people!