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Did Obama Trade a Terrorist for Two Americans?

Please tell me we are not trading terrorists for hostages. Please. Just leave it in the comment section. I don’t care if it’s not true, just tell me we’re not doing this.


According to a story in the Daily Beast, the United States in July 2014 was offered up two Americans imprisoned in Qatar, Matthew and Grace Huang, in exchange for an al Qaeda operative, Ali Saleh al-Marri. The proposed deal occurred just after the White House had traded five very bad guys for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. Which apparently gave the Qataris an idea.

U.S. officials of course deny any deal was made. It’s just that, the Huangs were released in December, and al-Marri was sprung last week. Early.

From the Beast:

Before he was released from a U.S. maximum-security prison last week, a confessed al Qaeda sleeper agent was offered up in a potential prisoner swap that would have freed two Americans held abroad.

The Daily Beast has learned that the proposal was floated in July 2014 to the then-U.S. ambassador in Qatar by an individual acting on behalf of that country’s attorney general. According to two individuals with direct knowledge of the case, the proposition was made shortly after the Obama administration traded five Taliban fighters for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Those fighters were also sent to Qatar, where they’re to remain under government watch until later this year.

The proposed swap involving the al Qaeda agent, Ali Saleh Al-Marri, raises troubling questions about whether the Bergdahl trade opened a kind of Pandora’s box, signaling to foreign governments that they can pressure the United States to make concessions on terrorism by trading American prisoners abroad for dangerous extremists held in the United States.

“I believe we must examine the administration’s decision in the case of Al-Marri and determine if his release is connected to negotiations of any kind,” Rep. Duncan Hunter, a frequent critic of the Obama administration’s hostage negotiations, wrote Thursday in a letter to Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), the House Armed Services Committee chairman . . .

Al-Marri was given a “good conduct release” from the “supermax” facility in Florence, Colorado, on Jan. 16, after serving 87 percent of his 100-month sentence . . . 

Administration officials characterized Al-Marri’s release as routine. But Al-Marri was no ordinary prisoner. At one time, he was the only so-called enemy combatant being held on U.S. soil, a status that treated him more like solider in a war than an ordinary criminal. Al-Marri’s release—timely or otherwise — has led to criticism that the Obama administration is repatriating a dangerous man who could help plan more attacks.

Of course it couldn’t happen. I mean, it’s not like we’re in a rush to release terrorists.

Wait a second.

23 Responses to Did Obama Trade a Terrorist for Two Americans?

  1. The US is not trading terrorists for hostages and President Obama isn’t getting down on his knees to appease America’s enemies.

  2. Well, Daily Beast is Obama friendly …. and …

    There’s that Bergdahl trade for FIVE terrorists….and….

    Obama could care less how many American lives he puts in danger as long as it benefits HIM.

    Just my $.02 :)

  3. So what if they’re trading Americans for terrorists; who’s going to do anything about it?
    The Repubs- don’t make me laugh.
    Which of the MSM is going to have an expose? pfft.
    Our betters know better than you and I, and then – it’s none of our business what they do.

  4. After breaking the law by not giving Congress the required heads up on the Bergdahl trade, Obama is now engaged in active (and unlawful) circumvention of required oversight by loosening linkage of his deals.

    Let in immigrants. Let out terrorists.

    Break the law. It’s what Obama does.

    • A guest on Fox tonight states that Bergdahl has already been charged with desertion by the Army some time ago. The WH is fighting like wolverines to keep it secret so they don’t have to admit swapping Muslim killers for a total dud of a soldier.

  5. C’mon Obama would do anything to empty the prison and give it to Cuba! He also would like to get rid of the Syrian president. For what? so the terrorists can set it on fire and terrorists can rule Syria after that? Like Obama helped get rid of the Egyptian President and helped the Muslim Brotherhood get in? Fortunately, Egypt got rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, but Obama and Clinton didn’t. We need a President who loves America as we have always had until now.

    • That President will NEVER be Obama as his entire life, from his parents, to his grandparents to the mentors around him, it has been a cabal of anti-American leftwingers and communists that hold the view America is the bad one.
      Matters not what continent he dropped onto at birth, the bottom line is he is no more American in nation and world view than Castro or the mullah’s in Iran.

  6. O/T I just read that Obama will not be attending the Tuesday celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. He’ll be spending four hours with the new King (?) in Saudi Arabia. Maybe setting up a pre-need hostage situation format?

  7. About the weather — I wish no one bad weather or the effects of bad weather.

    But it appears this storm will not be quite so “historic” — although a lot of taxpayer money and bureaucrat resources have been spent preparing for the “historic” — including virtually locking down NYC with curfew etc.

    It is the perfect reaction — it is what we have become. We don’t deal with weather as weather or preparation as preparation — not in this era of the Greek column President. Nope.

    It either doesn’t exist or it is beyond scale —